August 13, 2018

The playoffs have begun.  Good luck, everyone! 


The playoffs have reached their exciting conclusion.  The #3 seed Phoenix have reached the finals without a playoff loss. The red hot #5 seed Bombers have torn up the 2nd chance bracket after a forfeit loss poked the bear.  Phoenix has earned the right to choose if are home or away on Tuesday, 8/14.  If Bombers are victorious, the visiting team from Tuesday will play host for the return game on Wednesday, 8/15.


PSA:  Please remind your teams that the anti-collision rule at home plate has changed for 2018.  Please see the updated section 10.1 in the rules for details and reach out to the commissioners if you have any questions.  


Someone from the winning team should email Bill Treichel with the result of each game or if you have any rescheduling requests.