2018 Adult Coed Softball Tournament

The tournament will be played on Monday, September 24, Tuesday, September 25 and Thursday, September 27 and will be single elimination. There will be an one hour time limit for all games except the championship game. Run rules (20 after 3, 15 after 4, 10 after 5) still apply for all games.


Please pay close attention to times and fields as they are a little different from regular season. The higher seeded team will be the home team for all games.


Monday, September 24

Game 1

7 PM-Biloxi #1

#8 Seed vs #9 Seed


Game 2

7 PM-Biloxi #2 

#7 Seed vs #10 Seed-901 Hitters


Game 3

815 PM-Biloxi #1

#5 Seed-Wasted Talent vs #12 Seed-Bat Attitudes


Game 4

815 PM-Biloxi #2

#6 Seed vs #11 Seed-Maniax



Tuesday, September 25

Game 5

7 PM-Biloxi #1

#1 Seed vs Winner of Game 1


Game 6

7 PM-Biloxi #2

#2 Seed vs Winner of Game 2


Game 7

815 PM-Biloxi #1

#4 Seed-Trinity Homes vs Winner of Game 3


Game 8

815 PM-Biloxi #2

#3 Seed vs Winner of Game 4



Thursday, September 27


Game 9

630 PM-Biloxi #1

Winner of Game 5 vs Winner of Game 7


Game 10

735 PM-Biloxi #1

Winner of Game 6 vs Winner of Game 8



Game 11

845 PM-Biloxi #1

Winner of Game 9 vs Winner of Game 10



Weather Line

The weather line number is 873-5779. We will not update it until 3 pm on game days for outdoor sports. We will update it ASAP for volleyball. Please do not call the main office. They won't have an answer for you on whether the games will be played or not.  You can check our Facebook page as well at Millington, TN-Municipal Government 


Please take a minute to check out the sponsors tab to your left. Without the help of all of these sponsors, we would not be able to offer baseball, softball and t-ball to the youth of Millington. Please stop by their business and tell them how much you appreciate their support of youth sports in Millington.

SPEND LOCAL!!! It benefits all of us!!!

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