• ENH wins Regular Season for 2nd straight year
  • Scrubbees win Playoff championship in dramatic fashion


  Image result for funny baseball logosThis is the 36th Year For Munster Leisure Lobball League 

Scrubbees Win Playoff Championship

After a thrilling victory over ENH again this year in the playoffs, Scrubbees jump for joy with their first playoff championship since 2011.  Congratulations to all the Scrubbee players on a hard, well fought playoff run this year.  The road to success was not an easy one, as they knocked off Slivers on Thursday, ENH on Friday, Fisher & Buzzards on Saturday, lost in extra innings on Sunday to ENH, before winning the final game vs. ENH on Sunday evening.  Although usually the team some like to cheer against, the tides turned as the playoff run continued and in the end I think, some were actually cheering for the Scrubs.  Could it be ENH has now taken on that role?  Anyway it was two hard fought, well played games by both teams who have huge respect for one another when the dust settles, GREAT SEASON SCRUB'S!!! Clink Clink.


ENH Wins Regular Season For The 2nd Year In A Row

Congratulations to ENH on another regular season victory.  This is back to back regular season wins for ENH.

Special Thank You's

Well another season has come and gone, and now the kids are back to school, yikes where did the time go.  With that said, I would personally like to thank some special people who help make this league the success it is and has been for over 36 years.  Without volunteers, this league and certainly playoff tournament would not be the fun and excitement it is.  Thanks to in no particular order, Rob Brydges for providing us with a trailer to store the gear in for the tournament, as well as providing us with a safety net all year for the pitchers.  To J.M. for quickly grabbing us another net when the first one broke after game #2 of the tournament.....all the pitchers thank you, lol.  To Ben Huber for raking the diamond since Wednesday night to gain volunteer hours for school, great job Benny!  To Lori Alma for keeping everyone up to date with scores on Facebook.  All the captains who do a great job organizing their teams all year, so everyone can simply just come out and playball.  To Bob Easy who I found out is not only an umpire but quite the dancer, thanks Bob for 20 more umpired games this year, as well thanks for feeding us all playoffs with the great BBQ food.  Thanks to Jeff Gayton for providing us with great music all weekend.  To the kids who drove all the drunk people home at 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning on the golf cart, now there's a story I can't wait to hear you tell your teachers on the first day back to school when they ask what did you do this summer, lol.  Thanks to all our sponsors who help offset the cost at signup by paying for the t-shirt cost.  To Tom Southin for playing again for every team this year, multiple times.  To Mike Exley for helping umpire Wednesday night.  Finally thanks to Trevor Woods and Jay Huber for helping with diamond set-up, truly appreciated.  If I missed anyone, please except my apologies as you can see it takes a lot of people to pull this off year after year. 

Have a great fall ball season, and I look forward to seeing everyone in the spring at signups.

Commish Out!!