• Slivers 13 - Buzzards 12, Scrubbees 19 - RTS 9
  • Hurricane 25 - Danby’s 12
  • Fisher 16 - SouthPaw 4
  • SouthPaw 10 - Paint Pasteur Farm 10
  • In-Dex 8 - ENH 8


  Image result for funny baseball logosThis is the 37th Year For Munster Leisure Lobball League 

Opening Day Results

Well the 2019 Munster Lobball Season finally got underway on a cold May evening.  Before this years recap, special thanks to Pauly a.k.a skip, for once again organizing the Pineapple league.  Great to see so many players out for a few throws and swings after a long winter.

After being delayed one week due to flooding around the greater Ottawa area, Slivers narrowly edged the Buzzards 13 - 12 in the league opener.  Slivers have taken their team colours to a new level with tie-dyed white shirts.  Not only do they stand out even more on the field, but some refuse to get off the field even when they fly out to right field.....eh Dan???  What was that, almost cost your team the win....but then again when you get on so few times I can see why you won't get off first when your out, lol. 

The middle game saw two old time rivals RTS and Scrubbees duke it out in an old fashion slug fest.  The Scrubbees continued where they left off in the playoffs last year, by slugging 4 HR's during the game.  RTS looked a little discombobulated as Connor was attending a concert, and Janet was know where to be found, leaving Rob in charge of organizing the team.  Ironically, ENH players started funnelling their way to the stands, to once again heckle Scrubbee players or so we thought (more to come). In the end the Scrubbees power prevailed with a 19 - 9 win.

In the final game, it became apparent why ENH players were in the stand on a -3c night....it was because earlier in the day ENH management put an objection into the commissioners office about Trevor Woods retiring early this spring, only to sign a three year contract with the Hurricanes just prior to the start of the season.  According to ENH executives, they still own Trevor's rights, and said Hurricane President and CEO illegally got Trevor drunk and made him watch an NHL playoff game, calling the Hurricanes a bunch of jerks.  Munster lobball officials are still looking into this matter...not about Trevor, but how the Hurricanes can still be playing hockey this late in the year.  Quickly however, it became apparent that Trevor had sadly let himself go over the winter, and a once all-star shortstop (in his own mind) was now bumped to second base.  After the first two innings Trevor had made several easy catching errors, and ENH withdrew their objection after heckling him....finally leaving the park wishing Corey all the best with the overpriced contract.  Oh ya the Hurricanes beat Danby's 25 - 12.  Vegas has Tom as first coach to be fired in 2019, with Joey being placed as interim head coach. 

On a somewhat warmer sunny Sunday, we saw the love of leisure lobball at it's finest with two ties.  First SouthPaw and Paint Pasture Farms tied 10 - 10.  This ensures both teams at least one point this year in the standings....kidding.  Both teams shuffled about 25% of their roster this year with new players so we will have to see how this plays out. 

In the second game, Fisher Tree showed their early muscle by beating a tired SouthPaw team 16 - 4.  Lets hope Fisher can stay united as one this year with no in-house disputes....Vegas has them as the team to watch this year, full of potential but never seem to quite put it all together.  Will this finally be the year we have a playoff champion wear pink shirts?  It hasn't been done since OFS did it in 2009. 

In the final game, again more love was seen with ENH and In-Dex playing to an 8 - 8 draw....they say ties are like kissing your sister.   ENH a perennial regular season championship team, were saved by T.C. big hit in the 7th inning driving home last years hold out G.C....seems each year ENH has players who hold out for one reason or the other....maybe it's time Big Sexy takes over that team as captain, as current players have been rumoured to be discontent with managements lineup each week.  Remember Big Sexy was in charge in the old days when the Buzzards were unbeatable in the early 2000's.....just saying.

There is no ball this weekend, due to the May long weekend.  See everyone on the field in a few weeks. 

2019 Regular Season Schedule

The 2019 lobball regular season schedule has been updated, with the following notes:

Week of July 5 - 7; times might change as apparently the City of Ottawa gave the diamond to the Richmond / Munster minor ball for a year end tournament on Friday July 5th.  Games on the 5th will be 1 hour 15 min in length.  The late game will get bumped to Sunday at 9 p.m., however if this changes I'll advise all teams accordingly.

Week of May 5:  Due to the City of Ottawa ban on using ball diamonds because of flooding, all games previously scheduled for May 5th have now been rescheduled.  Please see the "Schedules" section of the web site for more up to date info per team.

New For 2019

After the captains meeting, it was voted to add a third game to the Friday night time slot, so games will be 6:30 - 8, 8 - 9:30, 9:30 - 11 pm.  It was also voted to eliminate the Sunday 3 pm time start.  So the first game will start now at 4:30 on Sundays.


Upcoming Games
Friday, May 24, 2019
ENH @ Slivers Carpentry
Slivers Carpentry @ Paint Pastures Farm
Fisher Tree Services @ In-Dex Construction
Sunday, May 26, 2019
Subway Scrubbees @ Danby's Bar & Grill
RTS @ Buzzards
SouthPaw @ Hurricane Electric
SouthPaw @ RTS
Friday, June 7, 2019
Paint Pastures Farm @ Danby's Bar & Grill
Subway Scrubbees @ SouthPaw
Buzzards @ ENH
Sunday, June 9, 2019
Fisher Tree Services @ RTS
Hurricane Electric @ In-Dex Construction
Slivers Carpentry @ In-Dex Construction
Hurricane Electric @ Fisher Tree Services
Friday, June 14, 2019
ENH @ SouthPaw
In-Dex Construction @ Danby's Bar & Grill
Slivers Carpentry @ Subway Scrubbees
Sunday, June 16, 2019
Hurricane Electric @ RTS
Fisher Tree Services @ Buzzards
Buzzards @ Paint Pastures Farm
Friday, June 21, 2019
Hurricane Electric @ SouthPaw
ENH @ Fisher Tree Services
In-Dex Construction @ Paint Pastures Farm
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