2017 Modesto Broncos Information

Modesto Broncos have been established and going strong since 1977. We are celebrating our 40th year serving the Modesto Community. 


Sign ups have completed at Boomers but........we will be holding sign ups at Mountain Mikes Pizza on the corner of Floyd and Roselle on the following Wednesdays for both Football and Cheer!!

June 28th- 6-7 pm

July 12th- 6-7 pm

July 19th- 6-7 pm

July 26th- 6-7 pm

We will continue to take sign-ups up until first day of practice and during 1st week of conditioning. Keep in mind if you sign up during 1st week of practice, coaches and teams are on the field and the process will be greatly hindered due to availability of personnel working with the kids. Get signed up NOW!!

Please bring a copy of the childs birth certificate and a minimum of $100 deposit is required with the remaining $100 needed before 1st day of practice.

We too will be requiring a $50 refundable volunteer deposit. Once 4 hours of volunteer time is completed you will be handed back the deposit.

Physicals too are needed prior to first day of practice. You can either get these done by your family physician or a local community chiropractor. You can use the following

Affordable Chiropractic- 209-571-3453

MIchael Taylor Chiropractic- 209=521-1122

Saenz Chiropractic- 209-526-1284

No specific form is needed, just a note or form that states your child is cleared to play tackle football.


Practice starts Monday July 31st at Modesto Christian High School from 6-8 pm, Monday through Friday. This will be conditioning week, shorts, cleats, t-shirt. Please bring plenty of water.

Equipment will be issued at Modesto Christian on Saturday, Aug. 5th starting as follows:

Varsity- 10 am

JV- 11 am

Peewee- 12 noon

Rookie- 1 pm

All monies must be turned in by that time or equipment will be bagged and tagged until payment is made NO EXCEPTIONS.

There will be two weeks in pads and then the Round Robin Tournament on Aug. 19th in which the Modesto Broncos will be hosting at Modesto Christian. More info will be handed out prior to that date.

Games are every Saturday, 5 home games at Modesto Christian and 5 away games at various venues.

Home game times are

1st Home game- Rookies- 2 pm, PW- 4 pm, JV- 6 pm, Varsity-8 pm

All other home games will be Rookie- 1 pm, PW- 3 pm, JV- 5 pm, Var- 7 pm 


Future Hall of Fame cornerback from the Oakland Raiders, Lester Hayes, will be entering his 15th year coaching withe the Varsity staff. Lester has been instrumental in helping the Varsity Broncos reach 8 Super Bowls in the last 10 years. HIs work with our defense , specifically our cornerbacks have established records that won't be broken again. In 2012 the Varsity allowed only 36 Points in a 10 game season. Broncos Varsity were first Cen-Cal Varsity team to not allow a single point through 2 rounds of playoffs and the Super Bowl. We are thrilled to have him on board and look forward to another great season. 

Have Questions??? Here are some answers....

Is it tackle?
Yes, Cen-Cal/Modesto Broncos is a full contact football league.

What league are you in?
Modesto Broncos are part of Cen-Cal Junior Football. It is a derivitive of the old CCC. We have teams in Manteca, Oakdale, Turlock, Ceres, Merced, Livingston, Atwater, Los Banos. Most of the teams in our league feed their perspective high school programs. We are a smaller league but extremely competitive.

How much is it and how can we pay?
It is $200, you may place a $100 deposit to hold a position, and pay the rest by July 15th.. Your monies cover all practice equipment and game equipment including a game jersey which your child keeps. Your child will be issued top quality equipment which includes, helmet, shoulder pads, practice pants, game pants, game socks, girdle, thigh and knee pads and mouth piece. You only need to buy a pair of cleats and practice jersey which you can get at Valley Sporting goods or Big 5 or Sports Authority. Discounts are given to multiple child families with first child cost $200, second child $175 and third child $150.

If I sign up and change our mind, how do refunds work?

Once you pay the $100, those monies are not refundable. If you pay the entire amount and decide not to play prior to the first day of practice, you will only receive $100 back of the entire amount. There are no exceptions, if you decide to quit, pull your child, after equipment is issued, you will not receive a refund whatsoever.

 What will we need and when?
Upon signing up, you will need to bring a COPY of his/her birth-certificate, and you will be required to fill out a registration card. At that time you can pay your $100 deposit. Prior to the first clinic on June29th, you will be required to obtain a physical, which you can get at your family doctor, Affordable Chiropractic, or other area Chiropractics or wellness centers. Prior to July 15th you will be required to pay off the remaining balance of your tuition as well as submit a current copy of your childs report card. This ONLY applies to JV and Varsity aged kids. We also have a mandatory $50 refundable volunteer deposit. Once you volunteer for 4 Hours, you will be refunded back that $50 . Preferably a check, but we will take cash or money order. We hold on to it and hand it back once your hours are complete.

Is there fundraising?
 Yes, we are doing out annual Mountain Mikes Pizza cards. 5 Cards per player at $20 each.

Do you accept Leisure Bucks?
We at this time are not accepting leisure bucks. We had in the past but due to funding issues with the city, we opted out of the program.

What are the age limits?
Ages are determined by the age of the child ON August 1st. 7-8 years old play Rookie, 9-10 play Pee-Wee, 11-12 play J.V. and 13-14 play Varsity.

Do Rookies keep score?
We believe that the Rookie level is an introductory level and we do not keep score during the regular season. This gives coaches and players the opportunity to focus on instructing and teaching the fundamentals of football. When the regular season ends, ALL teams make playoffs and then score is kept. There is a Rookie Super Bowl.

When does season start?
Season starts officially July 31st. 

Where do we practice?
We practice at Modesto Christian High School,5755 Sisk Rd., Monday through Friday from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. After first game, we practice Mon-Wed 6:00-8:00 pm, Thursday 5:30-6:30 and NO practices on Friday.

Where are games and when?
ALL games are on Saturdays. Home games are at Modesto Christian, typically Rookies at 1:30, Pee-Wee at 3, JV at 5 and Varsity at 7. Away game times will be determined by the hosting team. If the field at the away game does not have lights then a day game will be scheduled, if there are lights then afternoon games are scheduled.

Do we travel alot?
No, half the games are home games in Modesto, and all other games will be with organizations off the 99 freeway with the furthest south is Los Banos and furthest north is Manteca.

Do you have mandatory playing rules?
NO, we do not have a mandatory playing rule. All coaches make their best effort to play all the kids but it's based upon ability, effort , attendence and skill. It's important to remember that practice is the opportunity to show the coaches you are capable of performing in a game time situation.

Do you have weight limits?
Football is a contact sport and we believe that supporting weight limits is the safest way to regulate injuries to young players. Weight limits are as follows, Rookies 110 lbs, Pee-Wee 125 lbs, JV 145 lbs, and Varsity 220 pounds. Varsity players weighing between 200 and 220 will be designated X-Men. 8th graders MUST play varsity regardless of weight or age.

Can you play for the Broncos if we live far away?
We do not have boundaries. We have kids from Riverbank, Waterford, Ceres, and Salida who come to play for us.

How is the coaching?
Modesto Broncos have some of the best quality youth coaches in the valley. Between the Head coaches at all levels there is over 55 years of combined youth experience with multiple Super Bowls, Friendship Bowls, Huff Bowl and State Championship appearences and wins. We have coaches who have coached at the High School level as well as other otherganizations as well. ALL coaches attend an annual clinic and are Live Scanned by the Dept of Justice.

Our emphasis as coaches is not to focus on winning but teaching the proper fundamentals of football, team-work and sportsmanship along with citizenship. We believe if the game is taught well, and players adhere to the core values of effort, team work and continues improvement that winning takes care of itself. We take pride in our organization, our team-mates, and our community and strive to represent them all with class and dignity.

I hope this helps answer your questions you may have. We look forward to the opportunity to work with your children in 2017. If you have any additional questions or concerns you can email

Modesto Broncos and Cen-Cal Youth Football

This week the flyers and ad for Sign-ups for Football and Cheer showcased in the sports section of the Modesto Bee. We've received many phone calls with various questions,,,so to sum things up,,if your asking Why the Modesto Broncos and Cen-Cal Football?

1. SAFETY- We put safety first above anything else. A safe, secure environment is first and formost to provide the best experience possible for our players. We are pure youth football, we do not have 9th graders, and we do not have "older lighters", kids play against kids their own age and weight. Other leagues do NOT have weight limits at ANY level. We at the Broncos and Cen-Cal support weight limits for safety purposes. Weight is a critical factor when safety is involved, the collisions that occur and impacts that happen will greatly increase injuries when weight limits are removed.

1. Established in the community- The Modesto Broncos are going on their 33rd year in existence. Year after year we maintain a strong following and have a long history of success serving the Modesto Community. Most other teams in Modesto have been start up teams within the last 12 years.

2.No Boundaries- Unlike other leagues, the Modesto Broncos and Cen-Cal football do not have boundaries. We feel that parents should have a choice of where they want their children to participate regardless of where they live.

3. Coaching- ALL coaches are USA Football sponsored, and background checks conducted. The Modesto Broncos have an abundance of coaches who have been coaching for an extensive amount of time. Between all 4 head coaches at each level there is over 50 years of combined coaching experience. With an emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork, and citizenship, we strive to develop character and instill values that will be utilized outside of football and help the youth of our community become future role models within Modesto.

4. Cost- Through relationships with various companies we are able to keep our costs down and NOT pass them on to those siging up year after year with the Broncos. We are able to purchase the highest quality equipment available for the lowest possible price without compromising quality or safety. Your child will be suited up with the best equipment possible. Other leagues and teams are charging in upwards of over $200 plus collecting $200 volunteer fee from parents for a total of over $400, while in the past 10 years we have only increased our costs by $45.

5. Financially secure- The Modesto Broncos have a process in place to which we remain financially stable and secure in order to provide your child with the best possible experience. We are registered with the state of California as Non-Profit and are co-sponsored and endorsed by the City of Modesto. We remain secure with our agreements with vendors, practice facilities and game facilities. Our continued working relationship with Modesto Christian provides the Broncos with a long-term, secure location for the members of the Broncos to congregate on Saturdays and enjoy an atmosphere of youth football and Cheer at a first class facility. Unlike another league in Modesto, we are pure non-profit. All board and coaching positions are strictly volunteer. Board members or coaches are not compensated for their time. Your tuition that you pay goes towards the children.

6. Competetiveness- The Modesto Broncos Football and Cheer remain consistantly at the forefront of successful competitiveness with the Central Valley. Football is always in the top of the standings and competing to participate in the Super Bowl. In the past 10 years there have been over 9 appearances in the Super Bowl and a Varsity State Championship win this past year. Cheer has led the Valley in Competition Cheerleading having always qualified for Nationals in Las Vegas Nevada, and bringing home a long list of National Championships.

7. Travel- There is minimal travel involved in Cen-Cal. 5 games will be played at our home field with the remianing games off the 99 freeway.

As a parent who at one time was looking within Modesto to sign my children up, it is important to look at a few things and answer questions so you are comfortable with your choice.

A.Look for an organization who has a long track record for success within Modesto.

B. Look for an organization that continues to teach the core values that as parents you work to instill yourself.

C. Look for an organization that helps parents keep costs down so that everyone is offered the opportunity to participate.

D. Look for an organization who is financially stable and has the right logistics in place for your child to have a rewarding experience.

E. Look for an organization that provides a safe and secure environment for your child.

F. Look for an organization that emphasizes community togetherness and promotes parent participation through a joint effort for all to partake in your childs experience.

The Modesto Broncos Youth Football and Cheer provides all of this criteria, and continues to be the leading Youth Football Organization in Modesto, with the longest running record of continued success,,, over 30 years.

Any questions please email