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October 1, 2017

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Season & Career Records Updated to Include 2016 Season

October 28, 2016
The "All-Time Records"  portion of the website has been updated to include the 2016 season. Career Records include stats for the franchise going as far back as 2003. The club has changed nicknames a few times and was merged with the Kokomo Braves following the 2005 season. Stats from the 2004 and 2005 Braves also count towards the team's All-Time Records.

2016 Team Awards Announced

October 28, 2016


Breakout Player – Shayne Jones


Shayne's first season in the 25+ division was a lot like his rookie season of 2011 where he became an instant cog in the lineup. His .373 batting average and .459 on-base percentage were exactly what the team needed in the middle of their lineup.


Play of the Year – Sinclair Williams


Sinclair's diving catch in the 9th inning against the Pirates helped seal a victory against one of the league's toughest opponents. This play not only secured a victory on that day, but the confidence the team gained from the win helped propel them forward to an 11 win season. 


Gold Glove – Sinclair Williams


The "Play of the Year" was just one example of the defensive prowess Sinclair brings to the table. The way he patrolled centerfield made everyone else's responsibility on defense a little easier. It's safe to say he's well liked by all the team's pitchers!


Thunderbolt Pitching Award – Jason Wuerfel


Jason had the best season by a pitcher in club history in 2015 and backed it up with arguably an even better season in 2016. He nearly doubled his workload from the previous summer, tossing 73.1 innings, and did double his number of strikeouts and complete games. His 7 wins in 2016 are a new franchise record.


Best Performance - Adam Wheeler


Adam turned in a stellar performance against the regular season champion Phillies this summer. He was nothing short of dominant in his 8 innings of work. He struck out 10 batters and allowed just 3 hits. To top it off, over the course of those 8 innings, he didn't allow a single run to the team that led the league in runs scored.


Silver Spikes – Shayne Jones and Pat Riley


This new award is a combination of the Dedication and Character Awards that were given out in previous seasons. Shayne was able to have a solid season despite dislocating a knee early in the season. He battled through the pain and even though he was limited to a DH role for several weeks, he never missed a game. Once he was cleared to resume his outfield duties, Shayne turned in several web gems. His actions this season were a great example of what every manager looks for in a player. Pat Riley continues to find ways to help this team. Predominantly a pitcher, Pat took over in the leadoff spot after a couple games and never looked back. His .420 average and whopping .567 OBP were quintessential for a team that struggled to score runs in the past. Pat is an all-around ballplayer that is always ready to step-up.


MVP – Jason Wuerfel and Jerad Tallman

Jason's pitching performance alone would have been enough to earn him a share of the MVP honors this season, but he turned in another strong season at the plate. He was one of the league's top hitters all summer and led the team in RBIs. Defensively, he was a force in the infield, splitting time at SS and 2B as he had another flawless campaign. Jerad had a career year at the plate, winning the league batting title with a .549 average. He was his usual sure-handed self in the field (even caught a few pop-ups) and came on in emergency relief to earn a save against the Cardinals. The clearest way to explain Jerad's value to the team is this, before a loss to the Phillies in the semi-finals, the team's record was 12-0 in games that he attended and 0-5 in games that he missed. This lore will forever be known as "The Tallman Streak."


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