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 Bruce Swallow - MCAL President

Jon Cooper - Advisory Commissioner

Jon Cooper - Treasurer

Ryan Taylor - Commissioner 8U Boys

Jerrid Nichols - Commissioner 10U Boys
Brook Pence - Commissioner 12U Boys

Dustin Phelps - Commissioner 8U Girls
Tisha Walker - Commissioner 10U Girls
Jeff Hale - Commissioner 12U Girls

 Holly Summers - Tee-Ball

Derek McCreery - Scheduling / Umpiring Commissioner

 Kris Wright - Website Administrator














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Monroe Central Athletic League Scholarship




To: All Seniors Meeting Eligibility Criteria




From: Monroe Central Athletic League




Subject : 2019 Scholarship Program



The Monroe Central Athletic League is pleased
to announce the second annual college scholarship program for eligible high
school seniors.  This will be a one-time
scholarship of $250 for two(2) eligible seniors and the monies can be used to
offset educational expenses such as tuition, book, computer software/hardware,


Eligibility Criteria: As you will see, there
are five primary criteria that will be used by the MCAL Board to determine the


Applicant must have played at the
Monroe Central Athletic League, formerly known as the Monroe Central Little
League, and at Monroe Central Jr./Sr. High School for a combined ten(10) years.


  1. Applicant must be currently
    playing baseball/softball for Monroe Central Jr./Sr. High School.

  2. Applicant must submit two(2)
    letters of recommendation.  These should
    ideally be from a former coach, board member, teacher, or administrator.

  3. Applicant must submit a typed
    essay (not to exceed 500 words, double spaced) describing the important lessons
    learned through baseball/softball and how these will be applied in his/her

  4. Applicant must be a matriculated
    student eligible for graduation with his/her senior class in June.

  5. Applicant must include examples of
    league, church, community service, and/or volunteer work.


    The application for this scholarship, along with essay and letters of
    recommendation, must be postmarked no later than Friday, May 3, 2019 to the
    MCAL address listed on the application form. There will be no exceptions to
    this deadline. Winners of the scholarship will be recognized at their high
    school awards/graduation ceremony. We wish all applicants the best of luck in
    the process and are proud to sponsor this newly created scholarship. If you
    have any questions regarding this scholarship please contact league President
    Bruce Swallow 765.748.3975. 


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We Are The Bears!!




MCAL New Batting Cage Completed 06.16.12
Thank You To ALL That Made This Possible!!


MCLL North Diamond


 Because They Care!!





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We love baseball, the smell of the green grass, the dirt blowing in the wind and the smell of fresh popcorn and hotdogs.
We love baseball when you get out there and the stands are full and everybody is cheering. It is like everybody in the world came to see you. Inside that, there are the players in there yakking it up and the pitcher throws and you’re looking for that pill and suddenly there is nothing else in the ballpark but you and it. Sometimes when you’re feeling right and there is a groove there and the bat just eases into it and meets that ball and when the bat meets that ball you can feel that ball just give and you know it is going to go a long way. Darn, if you don't feel like you’re going to live forever.
The smells and sounds of the game intoxicate us. We know any day has limitless potential to turn into a summer classic. Every pitch may connect us to part of Baseball lore spanning the generations of fans. Our excitement is uncontrollable. The game is played outside, during the best time of year. The nature of the game allows you to talk to your friend, or neighbor without worrying about missing the game, while enjoying another beautiful day. Unlike most other sports, baseball has no time limit. Nine innings can last a lifetime. But, on a beautiful summer day, we all hope it will last forever.
We love baseball because we live every day with our team. We grind through slumps with our hitters; feel the agony of errors, argue balls and strikes, and labor pitch after pitch. We identify with players over the course of the season, root for the new kid, and say goodbye to the old veterans who were once our heroes. We understand the beauty in pitching inside, brushing back the hitter, only to set him up the next time he comes up with the backdoor cutter. A beautifully executed bunt/suicide squeeze makes us happier than a home-run. We understand the difference between a 6-4-3, and a 5-4-3 double play, and we appreciate it every time. We second guess the coaches to a fault, and question why they didn't stretch the starter another inning or batter, or why didn't he go to the bullpen earlier. It can be such a slow, and boring game for some, but to all of us, it is one of the most beautiful displays of strategy and gamesmanship ever born.

Kris Wright, Website Administrator