Mooresville Sports Complex

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Mooresville Sports Complex 
Home of Mooresville Lassie League.





2020 USSSA Baseball Tournament Registration is Now Open
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Mooresville Sports Complex includes four revamped softball/baseball fields. Turfdogs Athletic Field Renovations, one of the leading athletic field companies in Indiana and the surrounding states, is completing the renovations. The field renovations include: laser grading of all infields to promote better drainage, new infield mix, repaired lips and radiuses, new 30ft high foul ball nets behind the back stops, and repaired field lighting. 




Indiana USSSA Baseball

USSSA Baseball hosts over 120 tournaments statewide in every top facility.  USSSA host the largest State Tournament for travel baseball in Indiana.  In 2019, we hosted over 500 teams in our classed state tournaments. Why is everybody playing USSSA?  Classification. We are the only organization in Indiana that actively manages classification to ensure that we create parity in our events.  Visit us at for a complete list of tournaments and more information. 








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