• Remember to teach the memory verse each week
  • If all players know the memory verse, your team starts with 3 points
  • Players not knowing the memory can not start the game
  • Coaches need to set a positive example
  • Coaches and parents need to reflect Christ in your actions




We will be having our coaches meeting on Sunday November 18th at 4 PM at First Baptist Church - Lancaster.




If your church is having a team or has players that want to play, please attend the meeting.




We anticipate the season will start the week after Thanksgiving.




Please visit the league website for rules and other information.




Many of my contacts were lost during an upgrade, please let others know


 Moriah Baptist Youth Basketball Program


Rules for 2018/2019 season


Philosophy of the program:

1.     Designed for Christian fellowship, recreation and outreach.

2.     Designed for the development of the boys/girls in their game skills.

3.     Designed for sharing the spirit of Christ, His love and mission with others and with sister churches through the boys/girls/ladies/men.


All players must be an active participant in one of the ongoing church ministry programs that meet on a weekly basis with a Bible Study or must have a letter signed by the pastor or deacon chairman of his/her member church.  Examples of ongoing church ministry would include Sunday School, Church Training, Mission Organizations, UMYF or similar for non-Baptist. 


The roster will have a place to show the program the participant is active.  Practice does not count as being an active participant in the Bible Study.


League Playing Requirements:


In the Grades 7-12 coaches are requested to play all players as much as possible. 

Players not playing may sit with the team, but have to be designated as ineligible to play in the score book and why they cannot play


In grades 1 -6 each player is required to play one complete quarter.

At the end of the 1st half, if all players have played at least one full quarter, the team can have free substitution for the remainder of the game.


If a team has more than 10 players in grades 1-6, the player(s) that did not play in the first half must play the entire 3rd quarter.  The other players meeting the full quarter of playing time requirement can be freely substituted.


If playing time has not been met by the end of the third quarter, the team must play the fourth quarter with the five designated for that period, with no substitutions.


If a team fails to play a player that is designated in the book as eligible, the game will be forfeited, regardless of the score.  Players that are not eligible to play MUST BE MARKED as cannot play and state the reason they cannot play.


If a player sits out the first quarter for not knowing the Bible verse or being late, they must still play one quarter.  In overtimes, free substitution is allowed for all leagues.


Players must check in with the official scorer and be checked in the game for each quarter/half played. Grades 1-6 will play quarters, all others play in halves. 

In Grades 1-6, substitutes can only be made at the beginning of each quarter. 

Players playing the entire the entire quarter will have a slash (/) in the spot for that quarter. 


In Grades 1-3 once the ball crosses half court, the player cannot pick their dribble and start over. The rules for traveling will be enforced as for all other leagues.  Players need to learn to dribble.



 Playing eligibility:

*Players trying out for their school team are not eligible to play in the league until after their school makes the final cut.  (Example - a player trying out for a school team when our season starts is not eligible to play in our league until the school makes their final cut.)  

Once a player is named to the regular roster of the school team they are not eligible to play in our league.


Entry fee per night for games:

Preschoolers are free

Player in uniform will pay $0.50

Students in grades 1-12 will pay $1.00

Adults 18 to 65 pay $1.00

Adults over 65 are $0.50


General Rules:

There will normally be two paid referees, a scorekeeper and bookkeeper per game.

A single elimination tournament will be held at the end of the season.


The home team for the last game of each night is responsible for picking up the trash after the game.  If the team does not pick up the trash, the team will get one warning, the next time they will forfeit the games.  It is the leagues’ CHRISTIAN RESPONSIBILTY to keep the gyms looking clean.


Awarding Positions for the tourney

In case of tie in the standings for the tourney, the following will be the tie-breakers:

1      Head to head competition.  If one team has the advantage, that team gets the higher seed.

2      Points scored by each team in head to head completion versus other teams.  If one team has the advantage, that team gets the higher seed.

3      If still a tie, the teams that are tied draw for the position.  Each team draws a number and that is the seed assigned.



Leagues will be held for the following if there is sufficient interest.

Grades 1 to 3: Boys and Girls play together

Grades 4 to 6: Boys and Girls play together

Girls will be divided into two groups Grades 7 to 9 and Grades 10-12 if sufficient interest

Boys Grades 7 to 9 

Boy’s Grades 10 to 12    

Pioneer B: Pioneer B will be used for teams with limited Senior High players and mostly Junior High (Middle School) players.  All coaches in the league must agree to play in the league before it can be formed.


League Rules Start of the Game:

All games will begin with prayer after the referees instructions to the teams at half court.  The home team will lead the prayer.  This can be a prayer by an individual or everyone saying the Lord’s Prayer.


A memory verse will be given for each game.  If all players and the coach for the team know the memory verse, that team will start the game with THREE POINTS. (EITHER THE TEAM KNOWS THE VERSES AND GET THREE POINTS OR ZERO IF ALL PLAYERS DON’T KNOW THE VERSE!)


The referees will ask about the memory verse.

·     If all players know the verse, the referee will pick a player at random.

·     That player must be able to tell the memory verse.

·     If the player cannot, the team does not get the three points and that player may not start the game.

Players in grades 1-3 will be asked away from the group by the referee.


A player that is late for the memory verse or who does not know the memory verse can not play the first quarter.  The team will keep the three points if they have a player who came in late.  Any player coming in late and not in the score book, the team will be charged a team technical foul; the other team will get two technical foul shots and the ball.


The league will furnish all basketballs. All teams will be given one basketball to use to warm up.

Basketballs used are as follows:   

Grades 1-6 and Girls use a 28.5” ball

Jr. Boys, Pioneer B and High School Boys use an official ball.


Each team must start with a minimum of four players. The fifth player can be added after the first quarter of the game or one half of the first half.


Teams must have two players to continue.  There will be a 10-minute grace period before a forfeit is declared for the first game.  For all others games, game time is forfeit time.


After the game starts, teams may only play down to two players.  If a team does not have two available players the game will be declared a forfeit.


League Rules Length of the Game:

Playing time:   The clock will run for except for the following:


1 – Time outs - called by the team or referee.  Time outs are one minute long from the time of the referee notifies the scorekeeper of the person calling the time out.  Teams will have four time outs per game.  If the offensive team calls a time out in the last minute of a period (quarter or half) the ball will advance to half court. (This avoids some chances for shots beyond half-court.)  One time out will be added for each overtime period played.  If the defense calls the time out the ball stays at the spot.

2 – On whistles in the last two minutes of each half.   In grades 1-6 the clock stops the last minute of each quarter.

3 – Any technical foul.

4 – On the ejection of a player with five fouls.

5 – On all whistles in overtimes.

6 – Half time intermission of 5 minutes.


Group                                          Length of each half                 Length of overtime

Grades 1 to 6                             12 minutes (Played in quarters)    3 minutes

Boys Grades 7 to 9 & All Girls      14 minutes (Played in halves)      3 minutes   

Boys Grades 10 to 12                 18 minutes (Played in halves)            3 minutes         


After three overtimes, the first team to score is a winner. The clock will not be running.









League Rules Pressing:

Grades 1-6:

If a team has a 10-point or more lead, that team cannot press full-court until the lead is below 10 points or less.  This is done to keep good sportsmanship and not to defeat a teams spirit.


·       Grades 1 to 6 may not press at any time during the game until the other team passes the half court line during quarters 1, 2 and 3

·       Grades 4-6 may press in the fourth quarter until they have a lead of 10 points or more.

·       Grades 1-3 can only press in the last minute of the fourth period.


Pressing in overtime would follow the same rules as the fourth quarter for all leagues. After three overtimes, grades 1-3 can press until the game ends.


Grades 7-12:

If a team has a 15-point or more lead, that team cannot press full-court until the lead is below 15 points or less.  This is done to keep good sportsmanship and not to defeat a team’s spirit.


Team uniform colors and dress code:

Teams must sign up for colors. 

·       All players must have a numbered team jersey on to play. 

·       No two players may have the same number. 

  • Only legal numbers may be used may be used. 
  • Numbers 0 to 5 may be used.  No number can be used with 6, 7, 8, or 9. 
  • Numbers can be single digit or double digit.  No triple digit numbers or larger can be used. 
  • Players with an illegal number have one week to get the number corrected or they cannot play until corrected.

·       A team using a NON APPROVED COLOR will not be allowed to wear their jersey, if another APPROVED Team has that color. 

·       If a cover for the jersey is not available, the team in violation will forfeit the game.

·       No player names or nicknames shall be allowed on team jerseys or uniform.


Churches may combine with the approval of the Basketball committee.  Churches that combine must show the church the other players are from and the program they are active in.


Players that have quit school, been expelled or have used all playing eligibility for the school must apply to the basketball advisory committee for an exception to be able to play.  In all cases any player in school or out cannot be over the normal age of a high school graduate.  Normal age would allow the player to fail one grade.  Players cannot be over 19 as of September 1st.


Players under the normal age that have graduated / have a GED or equivalent must apply to the basketball advisory committee for an exception to play.


The League Coordinators will review extraordinary cases on all issues.


Players may play up in the higher leagues, but may not play down in lower groups unless approved by the basketball committee.  Players on a lower age bracket team are automatically on the roster of the age group above them that they would be eligible for.  An example a 6th grade boy would be eligible for the Boys grade 7 to 12, but not the girls league for Grades 7 to 12.


If a player plays up for an older team for their church, they must have a matching jersey to play with a legal number.


Team fees and rosters:

Entry fee will be $275 per team for Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6, Girls and Jr. Boys

Sr. Boys will be $325

.  The entry fee will be due by noon Monday December 1st , 2018 at the Mission Center or to any Board Member.


Make the check payable to the Moriah Youth Basketball – Moriah Baptist Association.

Checks must be designated for Moriah Youth Basketball, with your church name and your team age group(s).


Mail checks to:      Moriah Baptist Association       P.O. Box 1042 Lancaster, S.C. 29721



Final rosters must be turned in on November 27th.  Players may be added until the first game, if the Pastor/Minister comes to the Association and signs the roster.  NO ROSTER WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER DECEMBER 5h WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL,


Additions cannot be made after this date unless the person joins the church through baptism, transfer of letter or statement of faith.  Rosters will be in the scorebook each game, should anyone have a question on whether a player is eligible or not.  Teams playing non-roster players will forfeit that game and any other game that player played in. Additions to the roster as listed above must be in the Moriah Office with a copy given to a director / coordinator / referee prior to playing in the game.


Coaching responsibilities:


Coaches must attend one of two offered meetings where all the rules are covered. Coaches must also agree to abide by all rules and sign a copy of the rules before they can coach.  This rule applies to all assistant coaches as well.


Coaches set the tone for the league and are to have a Christ-like attitude. The players on that team, the parents and the spectators will reflect the coaches attitude. 


A coach must be a member of the church or a team affiliated with the church, two churches joined together.


Should the players, parents or spectators of a team not display Christian sportsmanship, the coach of that team should correct the actions immediately.


  • After the game starts, coaches can only go onto the playing court during team and/or official timeouts plus half time. 
  • If a player is injured the referees will call an official timeout, not charged to either team.
  •  Only one coach can be off the bench in the designated coaching box during playing time. 
  • All other coaches must be seated during playing time.
  •  If a technical foul is a called on a coach, the entire coaching staff must remain seated for the remainder of the game, except for between periods and timeouts.

The coach’s box starts at the end of the bench nearest the scorer’s table and extends five feet toward the baseline.


League Rules Other violations Technical Fouls:



A technical foul will be called on the team taking the shot.  This will count as a team technical and a personal foul.

If this occurs more than once per team per game this will result in a disruptive technical foul and count toward their ejection from the game.


Violations of rules such as intentionally hitting the backboard, pressing with a 10 or 15 point lead, etc. that call for technical fouls will also be called TEAM FOULS; these will count as personal fouls for the team. Multiples of these violations will result in an unsportsmanlike technical.


A player getting a DISRUPTIVE TECHNICAL foul must be out of the game until the next dead ball situation.


As Christians we are called to be reflections of Christ to the world.  In the Moriah Church Basketball League we ask that all players, coaches and officials reflect Christ not only in their speech and actions, but also in their dress. 


Dress should be appropriate, modest and non-offensive for an athletic setting.  Matters of concern are clothing that is too tight, shorts that are too short (cheerleading shorts), and shorts that hang too low off the hips revealing any undergarments. 


Clothing does not need to be a distraction for any players, coaches, officials, or spectators.  Teams or players in violation of this policy will be warned first.  After the warning is issued, any player or coach in violation of this rule will receive an unsportsmanlike technical foul.


Players will be warned once for their underwear showing, either outwardly or through the clothes. The second offense will result in a disruptive technical foul ejection from the game and a one game suspension and the ejected player may not come back to the gym for the one game suspension. 


A second ejection during the year will result in being banned for the year and the ejected player cannot return to the gym. 


Ejected players must also sit out games in any other league they play in until the next game in the league ejected from.  This includes not being allowed to attend the next scheduled game(s) the team plays.


Christian expectations:




The coaches may ask questions to the referee, who in turn will get the situation resolved.


The scorekeeper will be in place near the playing area with all substitutes checking with the scorekeeper and waiting until told to go into the game.  Teams will be warned for the first offense, from that point on technical fouls will be assessed to the violating teams.



Disruptive Behavior is not allowed:

THE REFEREE MAY CALL TECHNICAL FOULS ON THE PLAYERS and/or COACHES FOR DISRUPTIVE/UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR. In addition, referees may have anyone (players/fans/coaches) removed for disruptive/unsportsmanlike behavior.


Any player, coach or spectator USING PROFANITY or FIGHTING will be ejected from the game, must leave the building immediately and must sit out two additional games. They must also sit out games in any other league they play in until the next eligible game in their league.  This includes not being allowed to attend the next scheduled game(s) the team plays.


 A second violation will result in expulsion from the league and the expelled player/coach/fan will not be allowed to return to the gym for the remainder of the season including the tournament and any other post season programs.  In addition to the ejection a disruptive technical foul will be called.


The Advisory Committee Members, Gym Facilitators, and/or Referees are the only people that have the right to remove a player, coach and /or spectator for unsportsmanlike conduct.


Disruptive / unsportsmanlike technical fouls will result in the other team shooting two foul shots and receiving the ball.  These technical fouls will also count as personal fouls for the players. 


A SECOND TECHNICAL FOUL FOR THE YEAR ON A PLAYER, COACH OR SPECTATOR WILL RESULT IN EJECTION FROM THE GAME MUST LEAVE THE BUILDING IMMEDIATELY AND A ONE GAME SUSPENSION.  As above they must also sit out any other league they play in until they sit out a game in the league they are suspended from.






Dunking and Grabbing the Rim

Any player dunking the ball before, during or after a game will be ejected from the game. The game will be declared a forfeit and the team must pay a $150 fine before they can play again.

A DISRUPTIVE TECHNICAL FOUL will be charged to the player.  If the fine is not paid the team can not play until the fine is paid.


Any player grabbing the rim or nets to hang on or climb up will be given a disruptive technical foul.  This includes before, after or during a game.  A disruptive technical foul will called on a player that intentionally slaps the backboard.  If a player hits the backboard while blocking a shot and touches the ball, or touches the backboard as a natural motion in a layup, the player will not be charged with a technical foul.


Additionally, if a player dunks or attempts to dunk, hangs on the rim or any like action that causes the backboard to break, that individual will be liable for paying for any damage. The team cannot play in other games until arrangements are made to pay for damages.



**In addition to the rules above: Any situation that may arise and not be covered, in print, by these rules, will be governed and ruled upon by the Advisory Committee. NO EXCEPTIONS!!**


Advisory Committee :         Jimbo Barton           Kershaw 1st Baptist

                                         Johnny Cauthen      Transformation Church

                                         Drew Dutton            Camp Creek Baptist

                                         Kelvin Hinson          Flint Ridge Baptist  

                                         Sammy Macy          Lancaster 1st Baptist

                                         Brent Stogner          Springdell Baptist      

                                         Kyle Sims                First ARP Lancaster

                                         Keli Thomas            Zion United Methodist

                                         Leon Wright             Faith, Hope and Victory Christian Center










Season Complete

February 20, 2018

The tourney games are over!

Grades 4-6 Division A Champion - Lancaster 1st Baptist A

Grades 4-6 Division B Champion - Tri Church

Jr. Boys - Grades 7-9 Division Champion - Lancaster 1st Baptist A

Sr. Boys Grades 10-12 Division A Champion - Lancaster 2nd Baptist B 

Sr. Boys Grades 10-12 Division B Champion - Zion Methodist


 Monday February 12th at Flint Ridge  WINNERS IN BLUE


6:00 PM  Division B Grades 4-6 - #1 Tri Church versus #4 Hyde Park

6:45 PM Division B Grade 4-6 - #2 Flint Ridge versus #3 Pineview

 7:30 PM Sr. Boys A #1 Lancaster 1st Baptist A  versus #4 Faith Hope and Victory 

 8:30 PM Sr. Boys A #2 Lancaster 2nd B   versus #3 Flint Ridge


Tuesday February 13th at Zion

6:00 PM Grades 4-6 B Championship  Tri Church versus Pineview

6:45 PM Grades 4-6 A Championship Lancaster 1st A versus Lancaster 1st B

7:30 PM Jr. Boys #2 Kershaw 1st versus #3 Lancaster  1st

Regular season

8:30 PM Sr. Boys - Oak Hill versus Springdell


Thursday February 15 at Zion

6:45 Jr. Boys Championship #1 Flint Ridge versus #3 Lancaster 1st

7:45 PM Sr. Boys B  #3 LCH versus #6 Springdell 

8:45 #4 Oak Hill versus #5 Lancaster 2nd A


Monday February 19th at Flint Ridge

7:00 PM Sr. Boys B #1 Zion versus #4 Oak Hill

8:00 PM Sr. Boys B #2 Lancaster 1 B versus #6 Springdell

9:00 PM Sr. Boys A Championship #1 Lancaster 1st A versus #2 Lancaster 2nd B


Tuesday February 20th at Flint Ridge

7:30 PM Sr. Boys B Championship #1 Zion Methodist versus #6 Springdell Baptist





Teams signed up so far:

Grades 4-6

Flint Ridge

Hyde Park

Lancaster 1st A

Lancaster 1st B




Jr. Boys:

Flint Ridge

Kershaw 1st

Lancaster 1st A


Senior Boys:

Faith Hope and Victory

Flint Ridge

Lancaster 1st A

Lancaster 1st B

Lancaster 2nd A

Lancaster 2nd B

Lancaster BH

Oak Hill




If your church would like to have a team email me at moriahbb@yahoo.com.







Scripture verses for the 2017-18 season

December 3, 2017 – 06:37 PM

Scripture for all weeks are listed below. If you have more than one game in the same week, you will use the same scripture and the players will need to say the verse again for each game.

Dec 12-15 is John 3:17

Jan 2-5  is John 14:6

Jan 8-12 is Romans 3:23

Jan 15-19 is Romans 10:9

Jan 22-26 is Romans 5:8

Jan 29 - Feb 2  is John 10:11

Feb 5-9 is John 14:15

Feb 12-16 is Romans 6:23

Feb 19 - end of tourney is John 3:16

The reason we exist

December 7, 2017

The league is open to any church of any denomination. 

We have teams for boys and girls from 1st grade to 12th grade. Grades 1-6 allow boys and girls to play on the same team.  Leagues are divided for Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6.  For grades 7 to 12 boys and girls play in separate leagues.  Churches may join together to form teams.


ALL Coaches or Assistant coach MUST attend a mandatory coaches’ meetings in order to coach.


Admission per person to all games is as follows:

         Children not in school FREE

        PLAYERS in uniforms are 50 cents

        Students Grade 1-12 and Adults including COACHES are $1.00

         Sr. Adults over 64 are 50 cents

Thank you to the following churches for the use of their gyms:

Flint Ridge    Hyde Park     Kershaw 1st           Zion

League Coordinators are as follows:

Jimbo Barton          Kershaw 1st            

Johnny Cauthen      Transformation

Drew Dutton           Camp Creek Baptist

Kelvin Hinson          Flint Ridge Baptist               

Sammy Macy          Lancaster 1st Baptist

Brent Stogner         Springdell Baptist      

Kyle Sims               1st ARP Lancaster

Keli Thomas          Zion United Methodist

Leon Wright           Faith Hope and Victory Christian Center

2016-2017 Season

November 3, 2016

Coaches if you have not attended an approved meeting, contact me before I have to contact you.

If you would to be added to our email list, email me and let me know which church or team you are with at moriahbb@yahoo.com .

All coaches and Assistants MUST attend a coaches meeting to coach.

Only numbers 0-5 may be used in either digit.
Examples of legal numbers 01, 11, 22, 5, 55
Example of illegal numbers 06, 7, 78, 99, 49, 27

Make the $275 for grades 1-9 and Girls and $325 for Senior Boys check payable to the Moriah Baptist Association.
Checks must be designated for Moriah Youth Basketball, with your church name and your team age group(s).

If you mail a check, send it to:
Moriah Baptist Association
P.O. Box 1042
Lancaster, S.C. 29721
Please mark the check for Moriah Youth BASKETBALL.


Email list

November 3, 2016 – 08:25 PM


If you are not on the email list, please send a request to moriahbb@yahoo.com and insert add to list and also your team.






New email address

Please email any questions or request to



March 3, 2013


In the   2012-13 season we have had at least TWO accept the Lord through basketball!

In the  2011-12 season we had at least SIX players accept Christ through the basketball program!

Give God the glory for the addition to His Kingdom!


Moriah Basketball Purpose and Philosophy

Philosophy of the program:
1. Designed for Christian fellowship, recreation and outreach.
2. Designed for the development of the boys/girls in their game skills.
3. Designed for sharing the spirit of Christ, His love and mission with others and with sister churches through the boys/girls/ladies/men.

Going to multiple gyms on the same night

Anyone that has to attend more than one gym on the SAME NIGHT, must see the gatekeeper at the FIRST GYM and get a pass for the NEXT GYM.

This pass is only good for that night and the specific number of people that come to the gatekeeper.

In other words one person cannot say "There are six of us going to Hyde Park from Zion". ALL OF THE PEOPLE MUST GO TO THE GATEKEEPER at one time.

The passes are supposed to be at each gym.

IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM - email me at moriahbb@yahoo.com



Please visit the link section and click on sportmanship.

This will put sportsmanship in it's proper view.


Are you focused on Jesus?


Coaches are really focused on Jesus or just winning?
Jesus died for all of us,
so that anyone who believes in Him may be saved.

Build your own site for your team

Build a web site for your team.

Click on the the teams, then pick your league and team, then click on "create a free site" and follow the instructions.


Upcoming Games
Dec 10
Jr. High Boys
Covenant Baptist @ Flint Ridge Baptist Gray
Senior High Boys
Faith Hope and Victory Burgandy @ Flint Ridge Baptist Gray
Pleasant Dale Baptist @ Lancaster 1st Baptist Teal
Lancaster 2nd Baptist @ Flint Ridge Baptist Orange
Dec 17
Senior High Boys
Kershaw1st Baptist B @ Faith Hope and Victory Burgandy
Pleasant Dale Baptist @ Lancaster 2nd Baptist
Lancaster 1st Baptist GreenB @ Flint Ridge Baptist Gray
Lancaster 1st Baptist Teal @ Flint Ridge Baptist Orange
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