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30 Things Every Wrestler Should Know

30 Things Every Wrestler Should Know
Top 10 Mental Mistakes Wrestlers Make from Wrestling Mindset
You work on your technique, you work on your body but what about your mind? Here's a useful list from Wrestling Mindset to get your mind right:
1. Getting involved in the hype. Reading the papers and/or forum. 

2. Associating with negative people and small-time thinkers. 

3. Making any particular match or tournament "special." 

4. Believing ANY opponent you face is unbeatable.

5. Focusing on the past or future instead of the present moment. 

6. Under any circumstances using the word CAN'T. Don't ever say that word!

7. Dwelling on a setback or loss. Learn the lesson, then move on, period. Just let it go and do it better next time.

8. Focusing exclusively on winning or titles. Compete with yourself.

9. Competing not to lose. A coward dies 1,000 deaths before he dies. Always play to win. 

10. Using extreme self-talk, that puts extra pressure on you: MUST, SHOULD, or NEED TO. Use "I want" and "I choose to" instead.
To read the rest of this article and the expanded Top 10 Mental Mistakes a wrestlers makes visit our friends at their website Wrestling Mindset (Click Here.)
About Wrestling Mindset:
The ONLY Wrestling Specific Mindset Training out there. It is made by nationally ranked D1 wrestlers who understand the unique struggles of wrestling

It is a SYSTEMATIC program- Strength training for the Mind. It is NOT therapy, lecturing, or counseling. Each wrestler will go through Mindset exercises and worksheets over the phone with us.

This is the same program being used by high level wrestlers and teams:

College teams- Iowa State, Michigan, Maryland, Rutgers, Hofstra, Tennessee Chattanooga, VMI, wrestlers from UPenn, Bucknell, North Carolina, NC State, Princeton, Sacred Heart, NYU and others.

HS teams- 4 NJ state championship teams last season: Bergen Catholic, Paulsboro, St Augustine, Howell
Top 10 Energy Packed Foods for Wrestlers and Athletes

Here are 10 great foods that help boost your energy levels and metabolism!.


1) Eggs - Eggs are a great source of protein. Egg yolks are also rich in B-vitamins, which are responsible for converting food into energy.


2) Bananas - about 100 calories a piece, bananas are a great source of easy-to-digest sugar and natural electrolytes. They are also your best source of potassium which your body needs to regulate fluids and prevent muscle cramps.


3) Peanut Butter  / Nut Butters - Combination of protein and healthy fats that are easy to digest and can help balance blood sugar when paired with carbs to sustain the carbs over a longer period of time.


4) Quinona - has almost twice as much protein, as other grains, and contains all nine essential amino acids your body needs to build lean muscle and recover from tough workouts.


5) Water- is a great performance enhancer. Dehydration kicks in much sooner and than starvation. Without water your body can not metabolize the food we eat into fuel.


6) Oily Fish - like salmon, mackerel, and trout, are good sources of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation that can hamper athletic performance.


7) Watery Fruits - (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew)  Are an excellent source of energy.  Diets rich in fruits provide the required nutrients to the body and keep the body hydrated.  Watery Fruits improve blood circulation, boost immune system, improve digestive system.


8) Chocolate Milk (low fat) - Great for recovery after a tough workout.  Good combination of carbs and proteins. The caffeine in the chocolate  relaxes blood vessels and allows for oxygen-rich blood to reach your muscles more quickly.


9) Berries - Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E help protect against oxidative stress and free radicals that form in the body during strenuous physical activity, and berries are one of the best sources.


10) Beans - (all varieties) Good source of low calorie protein with the added benefit of fiber.  Fiber helps to keep you feeling fuller longer, and going to the bathroom more regularly.


Top 10 Reasons to Stop Cutting Weight and Get on a Meal Plan today!
Cutting weight has negative effects on your wrestling, body, academics and family life. Here are 10 reasons to be on a meal plan with a nutritionist: 

1. Makes You Stronger 
Wrestlers on a properly designed nutrition plan are up to 30% stronger at the end of the season. (NCAA 2008)

2. Improves Endurance
The correct hydration and nutrition is essential if you want to outlast the competition.  

3. Makes You Smarter
Wrestlers who have better nutrition and hydration get better grades.
4. Lets You Recover Faster
Proper nutrition supplies your muscles with the nutrients needed to recover from hard workouts and matches.
5. Makes You Happier
99% of wrestlers say the worst part of wrestling is weight cutting. By managing your weight with a meal plan you don't have to worry about your weight and can enjoy wrestling.
6. Improves You Immune System
Wrestlers who cut weight through dehydration miss more school due to illness than those who eat right.
7. Prevents Cramping
Cramps are caused by dehydration and missing nutrients from your body. A proper diet can prevent this.

8. Helps you grow taller!
Malnutrition and cutting weight can delay short term growth as well as limit your long term bone growth.

9. Prevents Burn-out!
Without the stress of cutting weight wrestlers on meal plans are more likely to stick with it.

10. Fuel the machine!
How can you expect to compete at 100% if you're not giving your body everything it needs to function! 
If you need help managing your weight or want more information about meal plans contact info@champion-athletes.com.
We offer fully customized meal plans for wrestlers and other athletes.