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Night one of playoffs is over! 

We had a number of upsets and a youngster from Methuen throw a no-hitter! Exciting night - we had some blowouts - but also quite a number of one run games with one game having just one run scored for the win! 

Congratulations to ALL players and good luck to those continuing on in the playoffs!

Enjoy and have fun! 

Together we are building memories - - Let's make them GREAT ones!!

Majors - 50/70 Champions

2018 Majors 50/70 Champions:  Methuen Blue


Majors - Playoff Schedule and Results (40/60)

Majors 40/60 - 2018 Champions

Riverside Bradford

Minors - Top 8 and Bottom 8 Playoff Schedule and Results

2018 Minors Champions:  Chelmsford White 

(Pictured with Runner Up - Chelmsford Maroon)


Minors - Bottom 8

Monday  July 30

  • Methuen Black (9) DEFEATS North Andover North (16)          
  • Methuen Blue (10) DEFEATS Riverside Bradford (15)             
  • North Andover East (11) vs Andover Navy (14)             
  • North Andover West (12) DEFEATS Andover Gold (13)           
Wednesday - Aug 1
  • Methuen Black(9) defeats North Andover West(12)                             
  • Methuen Blue(10) vs                               Neil 2 - 6:00 

Thursday - Aug 2

  • Methuen Black(9) vs  TBD                        Vets - 6:00



2018 - Rookies - Top 7 - Champions

Andover Navy     


2018 - Rookies B Division Champions

Lowell Shedd Park


For 2018: We will be using the new bat standards for all levels of play

Why does this league exist?

Purpose of the League


  • We remind all managers, coaches and parents about why this league was established.  Over the years, unless you were selected to a District or ‘All Star’ team, players were relegated to competing against those teams in tournaments or in the very few ‘minor league’ tournaments that existed.  This league services those players that may not be of the ‘All Star’ caliber, but love the game and want to continue to grow as players.  The league is recreational in nature and is meant to provide equal playing time to all players.  This league provides a ‘tournament team’ experience with the basis of attempting to provide good competition in a friendly cross-city environment.  When in doubt, remember: the goal is that wins and losses are meant to be determined by players on the field.  It is all of our responsibility to ensure we have done everything in our power to reduce protests and forfeits by working together to resolve problems and conflicts in a way that ensures it is the players on the field who determine the outcome.