2019 MVSBL Spring Baseball Season

March 13, 2019

The 2019 season is coming soon.

League structure will have a slight tweak:

  1. Juniors for 13 year olds (12 year olds can play) and 14 year olds at town/player option
  2. Seniors for 14 to 16 year olds (13 year old 8th graders can also play)
  3. Big League for 16 to 19 year olds (15 year old 10th graders can also play)

Contact Jeff Buxton, MVSBL League Commissioner if interested in your town participating at or 978-886-1801.

It's getting to be time to start working on the schedule.
Please use the attached MVSBL Town Info.xlsx (link) spreadsheet to send me this information.
I one from form back from each town coordinator
  1. Name, email, and cell phone number for the Town Coordinator
  2. Name, email, and cell phone number for the Umpire Assignor
    1. If you want me to get you an umpire assignor I can do that
  3. Your teams at each division:
    1. 13-14 Juniors
    2. 14-16 Seniors
    3. 16-19 Big League
  4. Your fields with addresses (if anything's changed)
  5. Your open field dates for games
    1. Need to know if the field has lights
    2. Use at least 2 hour 30 minute time slots, 3 hours is better
    3. If you have the field on a give day, just list that
    4. I need to know each date and time if it's not the whole day
    5. If there are preferences, such as Juniors should play at X, Seniors at Y field, let me know
  6. If you have it, fill this into the form:
    1. Name of each team including division (e.g. North Andover Juniors Tigers)
    2. Name of manager with email and cell # for each team
    3. Name(s) of coaches with email and cell # for each team
Don't make me chase you - the earlier I have all this the earlier I can make a draft schedule and get the website set up.
If you have rosters, use this roster form for each team and send to the Commissioner.
Jeff Buxton, MVSBL Commissioner, 978-886-1801
Field Status
Andover Doherty Junior
Andover Freshman Field
Andover JV Field
Brooks JV
Chelmsford Volunteer Field
Grogans Field
Haverhill Riverside JV
Haverhill Swasey Field
Mt. Vernon - South Lawrence West
North Andover High School
North Andover Middle School
Pelham NH Elementary School
Pelham NH High School
Pelham NH Muldoon
South Lawrence East
Westford Forge Village