Mississippi Youth Football


Week 1 Schedule

September 8, 2018


                                           UPDATED:  9/6/2018



It's time to kick off the season. 


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Reminder about weighin's


I am sending this out again as a reminder, as for my weigh in location, I have only three time slots set, two at 8:00 am, on the 18th and one at 10:00 on the 25th. Please contact the weigh in officials in your assigned area for your time on the scales if you have not done so. It will make everything run smother. Please read and disperse to all your teams and coaches the information in the original email on how to be properly prepared for weigh in, no one will be weighed without a legible, clear picture stapled to their league registration form. This weekend is charging at us very quickly. NOTE ON THE 18th MIZE WEIGH IN LOCATION; Due to the high chances of rain  Saturday I am moving our Mize location from the youth fields to the High School we will be set up under the awnings in front of the auditorium building. For any that need it the physical address is 125 school drive, Mize, Ms. 39116
Lester Ivy
Commissioner, MYFAI

Coaches meeting and Weight in's




We were not able to use the usual building on the date originally planned , August 26th,  so our coaches meeting and certification will be held one week earlier on August 19 at the Smith County Ag building,  the E911 address is  131 SCR 77, Raleigh, Ms. 39153.


The food will be ready at 1:00 pm. Presidents please remember to notify your  coaches certifying at the meeting that they will need to come early enough to register, registration will end at 2:00 and certification will begin. Please remind them to bring a check or money order with their name on it for certification, no cash.

Weigh in locations and times are:


North and East area 8/18/2018, and 8/25/2018. Weigh in officials, Johnny and Charles Location, E.C.C.C., south campus gym, beginning at 8:am both days. Members assigned, Kemper Co., Philadelphia, Newton Co. Newton, Scott Central, Morton, Lake, Meridian. Lauderdale B&G, Carthage, Waynesboro, Heidelberg and Quitman.

Central and South area, Weigh in officials, Tom Polk and Tony Fimiano, Date 8/18/18, Location,  Collins HS football field, time, 8:30 until 12:30, members assigned, Collins, Seminary, Bassfield, Prentiss, Sumrall, Columbia. 8/18/2018, Next 2:00 pm Tom and Tony will weigh at  the Hattiesburg Ben McNair  recreation center at 300 North 12th street Hattiesburg, MS.,  members assigned, Hattiesburg, Oak Grove, Runnlestown, North Forrest, Purvis,  Leaksville.  On 8/25/2018 Tom and Tony will weigh at Poplarville Bill Watson park, Time 9:00 am, til 12:00,  members assigned, Poplarville, Picayune, PRCAA, Lumberton and Brooklyn. On 8/25/2018 at 2PM Tom and Tony will be at Petal Barrontown field in Petal, members assigned, Petal, Dixie any and all lacking from Hattiesburg, Oak Grove, Runnlestown, North Forrest, Purvis, Leaksville and  .  

 North Central and West area, Weigh in officials, Lester Ivy and J.L. Breazeale, Location Mize Youth fields, on 35 south. time, 8:00am until 3:00 pm. Members assigned, Mize, Mt. Olive, Raleigh, Taylorsville, Stringer, Bay Springs, Hopewell, Puckett, Pelahatchie, Simpson Co., Lawrence Co., Crystal Springs, Hazlehurst, and Laurel. 8/25/2018, Location Puckett football field, Time 8:30 am until 3 PM Weigh in officials, Lester Ivy and J.L. Breazeale, Members assigned,any and all lacking from Mize, Mt. Olive, Raleigh, Taylorsville, Stringer, Bay Springs, Hopewell, Puckett, Pelahatchie, Simpson Co., Lawrence Co., Crystal Springs, Hazlehurst, and Laurel and or any others wishing to attend 




to have your players clear picture stapled onto their official MYFAI registration form, we do not need their birth certificate,  have two copies of the team roster, one for you and one for the weigh official to keep, have your players lined up in the order they are on the roster you give the official and ready to weigh when they approach the scales. These locations, dates and times are an attempt to satisfy the requirement of holding area weigh ins where all coaches have the opportunity to witness any they are concerned about and thereby bring clarity and openness to our weigh in procedure. I encourage all to get as many players as possible to weigh in on the first week in your area, that way you can make sure all your players get weighed within the two weeks allotted. If you know you have a player that cannot make either of the Saturdays contact the weigh in officials in your area with details and something will be arranged within the two week period. Please remember that after the 25th our rules dictate that penalties apply. For your teams weigh in times, please contact Johnny Dear for the North and East area. Myron Lott for the Hattiesburg area , Tom Polk for Collins, Petal and Poplarville weigh ins, Lester Ivy for the Mize and Puckett weigh ins.



Thank you for caring about our youth:



Lester Ivy

 Commissioner, MYFAI






Coaches’ meeting/NYSCA certification Changed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coaches’ meeting/NYSCA certification Changed to August 19th 2pm @ Raleigh AG building



Important Dates

July 18, 2018

 Season Starting Dates:


  • First Weigh in August 18th


  • Second Weigh in August 25th


  • Coaches’ meeting/NYSCA certification August 19th 2pm @ Raleigh AG building


  • Deadline to declare teams 5pm September 1


  • First regular season game September 8


  • Book review September 9, 2pm @ Raleigh AG building


  • Last regular season game October 27


  • Playoff meeting October 28, 2pm at Raleigh AG building


  • First playoff round November 3


  • Little 8, Tinamite, Flag championship games November17


  • Semifinal championship games December 1


  • Championship games December 8


New/Updated 2018 Rules and Contacts

July 13, 2018




Look in the Handouts section of this page to find the new document.



Football Season will start soon.....

August 1, 2018