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NWL Fan Update 4.25.20

NWL Fans,

We thank you for your support in 2019 for our first year of the Nashville Wiffle Ball League. We consider our first year a success and attribute a lot of that to you as fans because of your attendance and support. We are looking forward to kicking off our 2020 season on Wednesday, May 20. With the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, we will continue to watch the guidelines set by the state of Tennessee to best determine our plans for Opening Day. We will continue to provide updates via email and social media for information on Opening Day as it gets closer. 

With hopes that things will be back to normal by the summer, we plan to carry the regular season much like last year’s. We encourage attendance during all games this season from you and your friends. With the addition of the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby this year, as well as the World Series,  we will promote these two events as our “Premier Fan Events” for 2020. These will be big-time events where we will have concessions, a full fan set-up, and encourage high attendance numbers. We plan to use this email chain as a way to update you throughout the summer. If you would like to add an email to this chain or have one removed, please let us know. We appreciate your support for our league and are looking forward to another great year of Wiffle ball in 2020!


Stay safe and healthy, 

NWL Management


September 8, 2019


Game 1 Recap:


Marlins win 7-5


After a clean first inning from Jacob Ralston of the Storm and Marlins ace Willie Walton, the bats came alive in the 2nd inning thanks to a Johno Pierce double down the line. After 2, it was 5-1 Storm but the defense fell apart in the 3rd after an Isaac Napier Grand Slam and a Carson Pearman bomb giving the Marlins a 7-5 W.


Game 2 Recap:


Storm wins 2-0


The storm did what the storm does. Defense was strong and offense strung together a couple of hits in the 3rd to put them up 2-0 in the final inning. Johno Pierce continued to be a powerhouse at the plate with more base hits in big at bats. With no more offense out of the marlins despite a Willie Walton base hit, Andrew Davidson closed it out for a dub.


Game 3 Recap:


Marlins win 4-1


The Marlins came out of the gate ready to play with the crucial addition of Jack O’Dowd to the lineup today. O’Dowd got the ball for the Marlins and was absolutely untouchable. In the 2nd, the Marlins had some loud at bats led by Carson Pearman hitting a 2-run bomb off Storm ace Andrew Davidson. Multiple hits were gathered by the rest of the Marlins offense giving them a 4-0 lead. The Storm offense had no life to it in the bottom of the 3rd despite grabbing a run from a walk.

Game 4 Recap: 


Storm wins 6-5


Being down 2-1 in the series, the Storm decided to change their tune. Both Davidson and O’Dowd cruised through the first inning. In the 2nd, Willie Walton entered the game after the bases had been walked loaded. Tyler Schrampf took advantage of the situation knocking a Grand Slam over the right field wall. In the bottom of the 3rd, Isaac Napier added a 2 run bomb followed by a Willie Walton solo shot to put the game with-in 1 run but Davidson got the last out earning the win for the Storm. 


Game 5 Recap: 


Marlins win 3-1


Jacob Ralston was on the bump for the Storm in Game 5 and walked in a run but quickly found his groove and looked very sharp. O’Dowd also returned to his groove from earlier making quick work of the Storms line-up. Johno Pierce knocked in Jacob Davis who reached base many times today scratching a run for the Storm. O’Dowd, Walton, Napier, and Pearman all contributed to put the Marlins ahead in the top of the 3rd. O’Dowd collected another quick 3 outs to earn the win for the Marlins. 


Game 6 Recap: 


Storm wins 12-9


In our highest scoring game yet, it was an absolute fireworks show.  Hunter High homered in back to back at bats against Willie Walton of the Marlins quickly putting the Storm out front 6-0 at the end of 1. In the 2nd, the Storm added a little insurance with more bombs from Hunter High, Jacob Ralston, and Johno Pierce, and Jacob Davis added a couple of hits giving the storm a 12-0 lead. The Marlins answered this time with a 6 run inning behind an Isaac Napier and Willie Walton homer. Another Willie Walton homer in the bottom of the 3rd made it interesting but not enough to erase the 12 run deficit. 


Game 7 Recap: 


Storm wins 2-0


With no pitch restrictions in game 7, ace Andrew Davidson took the mound for Storm and was on his game. Quick work was made of the top of the Marlins line-up tallying 3 K’s. Jack O’Dowd took the mound for the Marlins matching Davidson’s performance. Perhaps the biggest swing of the game, Johno pierce hit a 2 run homer off O’Dowd who had been untouchable all day. This gave the Storm just the edge they needed to go record the final outs and claim the first ever NWL Title.  


Marlins & Purple Rain Series Recap

July 6, 2019

“My team doesn’t even care anymore. I give up.” What Will Dugan said pretty much sums up the day. The Marlins take the sweep despite absence of role player Jack O'Dowd.


Marlins Line up:

Willie Walton

Isaac Napier

Jake McNamara (FA)


Purple Rain Line up:

Will Dugan

Braden Bornstein

Aden Napier


The Marlins took game 1 by a score of 11 runs, giving up 6. Game 2 was a close one ending in a final score of 9-8 Marlins. The Marlins completed the sweep in game 3 putting up 15 runs and only allowing 3. It was an absolute Firework show at the Meadows today, featuring 30 Homeruns. The most ever hit in a 3 game series. 


Series Highlights:

Willie Walton with 3 wins on the mound and 5 HRs

Jake McNamara with save in game 3, 6 HRs, and web gem

Will Dugan only 1 inning of work on the mound but 4 HRs

Isaac Napier with 5 HRs

Aden Napier with 5 HRs including 1 sitting down

Braden Bornstien with 5 HRs 


Jake McNamara was named the Marlins Free Agent today and had perhaps the best performance of the day. Willie Walton, the team captain of the Marlins, commented on his new addition to the squad. 


"Jake McNamara was an incredible addition to our organization. He was fantastic in all areas of the game. Can’t wait to have him for the remainder of the season"

Generals & Landsharks Series Recap

Game 1 

The Landsharks took down the Generals 10-6. Marshall had a dominant performance on the mound with 2 HRs at the dish as well. Adam had 2 HRs also. 

Game 2

Both sides bats came alive and the Landsharks clinched the series with a Win 11-10 over the Generals. Jack hit a walk-off home run! The Generals only had 2 players who were carrying the load on the offensive end, Jude and Teddy, who accounted for all 10 runs.
Heading into Game 3, the Landsharks were looking for the sweep of the series.

Game 3 

The LANDSHARKS complete the SWEEP!!

In a high scoring game, the Landsharks take the victory 20-10. With the Generals holding a tremendous lead heading into the final inning, the Landsharks rallied with over 10+ runs in the last inning. Jude had a good day on the mound with Teddy in relief.  Caleb had a good day always shifting to the weak side of the field and had a few good catches. 


Marshall finished with 6 HRs on the day and another gem on the mound

Teddy had 5 HRs on the day

Caleb 1 pitch 1 out recorded for the generals. 1 hit

Jude had 4 HRs on the day

Adam was walked several times 

Overall it was a great day at the Meadows with some great Wiffle Ball competition!!

NWL is Online!

June 20, 2019

Welcome to the official website of The Nashville Wiffle Ball League! Check here for important announcements from our league about upcoming events and other league information. Thank you for visiting and please stay tuned!