• Registration website has moved! See below for new link


The Archdiocese has requested that all CYOs move to this new platform, Sports SignUp Play. Please bear with us as we make this transition.


PLEASE NOTE: If your child played Grade School JV or varsity volleyball in the Fall 2019 session you already have an account created. In this case, go to the website below, click ‘Login’ and click Reset Password. The email address used to set up your account on Sports SignUp Play is the same one you registered with on the old LeagueLineup website.


Go to the new Notre Dame/Our Lady CYO website, http://ourladyofpeacenotredame.website.sportssignup.com/


Click Login (upper right hand corner)


Click Create an Account


Enter an email and create a password and click ‘Create User’


Fill in your name, address and phone number and click the green ‘+Create Account’ button


At this point if you would like to add another adult to your account (spouse, grandparent, etc.) click the blue ‘Add an Adult’ button and fill in the name, email and phone information. You can also choose to add this person as an additional Family Administrator on your account. If you do not wish to add another adult, click the ‘Skip’ button


On the next screen labeled ‘Choose Registrant’, click the ‘New Child’ button and click the blue ‘Register Now’ button. Fill in your child’s information (name, nickname, birthdate, current grade, gender and medical issues). You do not need to fill in any Contact information for your children. When finished click the blue ‘Save’ button.


This will take you to the open registration page (currently Winter 2019 Basketball), choose from the drop down which school you child attends and click the blue ‘Continue’ button


On the next page add emergency contact name and phone number information


At this point if you have additional children to register click the green ‘+ Register Additional Players/Volunteers’ button at the bottom of the screen. Follow the same instructions as above to add another child to your account.


Once you have finished registering click the green ‘Continue to Checkout’ button at the bottom of the screen


  • The Regsaver registration fee insurance offer that pops up cannot be removed from the checkout page. You can decide whether or not to take advantage of that offer. This is not administered by the Notre Dame/Our Lady CYO

  • Click the green ‘Pay with Check’ button if you plan to give your child’s coach a check the first week of practice

  • Click the green ‘Pay with Credit Card’ button to pay immediately. You have the option to store this credit card for future use


KEEP IN MIND – YOU ONLY NEED TO SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT INFO AND YOUR CHILDS ACCOUNT INFO ONCE. Going forward, after Winter 2019, it will just be a matter of logging in to your account and registering for a sport.


If you have any questions about the new website please email nddlcyo@yahoo.com


Notre Dame Our Lady CYO

Starting with the Spring 2015 Notre Dame de Lourdes and Our Lady of Peace has merged its CYO programs.  Eligible members of Our Lady of Peace Parish and attendees of Notre Dame de Lourdes school are eligible to participate. We look forward to continuing sports and other programs that are grounded in Catholic values and traditions.

Bookmark the website!

The league line up website will also be used to provide updates on program activities.  Please book mark the site and look for upcoming events.