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ALL Playoff games must be completed BEFORE June 13th

The NOBL Trade deadline was extended May 5th at 9 due to the following trade:

The Levittown Lakers trade Tori Bronner and Mike McGarry to the TreeBlazers for Joe Humpf and Matt DiMartino. This trade was approved by every captain therefore it was allowed to pass. The TreeBlazers shift the Captain Spot to Josh Mccormick.

The Levittown Lakers trade Mike Deleo to the TreeBlazers for Luke Arasim.

The Hornets trade Nick Ostash to the TreeBlazers, and Keelan Adams to the Nuggets, The Nuggets trade Chris Boland to the TreeBlazers and Brian Oshinsky to the Hornets, the TreeBlazers trade Mike McGarry to the Hornets, and Tori Bronner to the Nuggets.

The Hornets trade Tim McDonald to the TreeBlazers for Nick Ostash.

The TreeBlazers trade Chris Boland to the Celtics for Ryan Mawhinney.

The Pistons Trade Ryan Bolton and Greg Schumann to the Celtics for Chris Boland and Sean Mcnelis.

Mike Deleo has retired.
The TreeBlazers trade Sean Hanratty to the Nuggets for Brendan Carr.

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Points in A Game (Player) - 35 -Dan Biundo vs Pistons
Points in A Game (Team) - 100 - Nuggets vs Tree Blazers
Rebounds in A Game (Player) - 28 - Jay Smith and Jake Wiatrowski
Steals in A Game (Player) - 10 - Kyle Lutteroty and Dave Fair
Blocks in A Game (Plyer) - 11 - Paul Bresch vs Tree Blazers
Assists in A Game (Player) - 14- Matt Bradshaw vs Hornets
Threes in A Game (Player) - 5 - Mike Fehrle, Nick Ostash, Chris Katona Sean Bradin and Chris Boland
Threes in A Game (Team) - 10 - Hornets vs Nuggets
Buzzer Beaters - 6 - Ryan Bolton vs Celtics (Game Winner)Brian Fiocco vs Cavs (Sent into OT) Fatorna Greene vs Celtics, (2) Dan Biundo vs 76ers Darin Yrigoyen vs Celtics and Stephen Mendola vs Lakers

NOBL Firsts

3 - Steve Hofmann
Player to show up high - Poke Daddy
Hospital Visit - Kevin Sanders
Fight - Brian Fiocco vs Alex Smith
Parent to Show Up at A Game - McGarry's Dad
Dunk - Tori Bronner
Trade - Kevin Kriger vs Poke Daddy
First Off Court Cigarette smoked during a game - Sean Hanratty
First On Court Cigarette smoked during a game - Sean Bradin
First player to wear sweatpants in game - Mike Stark
First Successful Alley Oop - Nick Ostash to Keelan Adams
First Organized Team Layup Drill - Hornets vs Nuggets
First Forfeit- TreeBlazers vs Lakers
First Severe Injury - Ryan Bolton Celtics vs Cavs
Rain Game- Hornets vs Lakers