2019 Legion Tryouts Announced

March 5, 2019

This is a general announcement to the Nether Swarthmore Baseball (NSB) community for those rising 13-16 year-olds who wish to try out for Travel (Legion) Baseball in 2019.  These tryouts are not for NSB in-house/intramural baseball.  Players who have a consistent history of competing for or making tournament/travel or school teams and are willing to prioritize baseball through the end of July are encouraged to attend.

All sessions will take place at Swarthmore College Field House and a player must attend at least 1 session but attending both are highly encouraged.

Session #1:  Thursday, April 4th  6-7:30 Sandlot/Youth (15/16)7:45-9:15  Prep (13/14) @ Swat College Field House (Indoor)

Session #2:  Sunday, April 7th 1-2:30 Prep,  2:45-4:15  Sandlot/Youth @ Swat College Clothier Baseball Field (weather permitting)
Legion leadership reserves the right to hold an additional session with time and date TBD if needed.

If you have any questions regarding whether your child should try out, please feel free to contact me.
All the Best,
Mike Valente
Jr. Legion Coordinator


Senior Legion Tryouts

March 5, 2019

Sr. American Legion for players residing in WSSD School District and parts of Ridley will hold tryouts on Sunday April 7th and Sunday April 14, 1-3 pm both days.
  Please contact Kevin Yates ( and Peter Atsaves ( with questions in the meantime.

NPAA American Legion Program: Need to Know

March 5, 2019


For those of you who are new to the American Legion Baseball Program, here is a snapshot of how the season and the NP Legion program work.

Nether Legion is offered to all Wallingford - Swarthmore School District age eligible residents, as well as portions of Ridley.  In general, Ridley Township west of Rt 420 and North of MacDade is in our territory, and the portions of Ridley Park west of Morton/Swarthmore Ave and North of I-95.   Families in Ridley living east of these boundaries are part of the Glenolden-Clifton program.  Since there is no Glenolden Legion program in 2018, Nether Legion will consider players living in Glenolden on a case by case basis.
For exact territory borders, please contact, who can share how to use the Census maps to see which census tract you reside in.   Nether's territory includes all of census tracts 4016.01 and 4016.02 (essentially Folsom) and 4041.01 and 4041.02 (Swarthmorewood and Woodlyn).  Ridley Park tracts (4039.01 and 4039.02) are shared with Glenolden using Morton/Swarthmore Ave as the dividing line.  The Census map is available for public viewing here

2019's Legion program will offer the Legion "Prep" Team (primarily 13 year olds), a U - 15 Team (Sandlot), and our Main Line Jr. Legion League Team (15-16) and a Sr. Legion program for players 16 to 19 years of age. Ideally, the Prep Team and the Sandlot Team are key elements and venues to prepare players for the Jr. Legion Team. The Sr. Legion team is designed for players who want to continue to play baseball at a very high level throughout the summer and keep their skills sharp for the upcoming high school or college baseball season.

In March, we will hold indoor practices and tryouts for all players interested in travel baseball who will still be no older than 16 as of January 1, 2019. Senior Legion tryouts will also be held for players that are still 19 or under as of January 1, 2019.

From these tryouts the coaches will evaluate all participants and determine the talent level of each player. As a result of the tryouts and indoor practices, players that make the travel program will be assigned to a pre-season roster on either the Prep team (made up of mostly 13 yr olds), the Jr. Legion pre-season roster (13-16's) and or the "sandlot league" Team. Understand that as the pre-season evolves players may be moved from one roster to another based on their skill levels until final rosters are determined. Senior Legion rosters will be set later in the spring as this league does not generally begin practice or games until all school ball has concluded.

Legion activities will not conflict with any School baseball schedules as the regular season schedule will not start until just before Memorial Day and go through mid-July and possibly late July and or early August, if a team advances to states in any playoff competition.

As this is the most competitive baseball for this age group, we expect a commitment from the players and parents to have their son available throughout the entire season and especially playoffs which could run through July and possibly in early August. (please do not schedule any family vacations until August if you plan to have you son play on the Prep, Jr Legion or Sr. Legion teams)

The scrimmages, practices, clinics, and your performance will decide who actually makes the final roster on any of the the travel teams. Final announcements of team assignments will be made prior to roster deadlines outlined by each program. Regardless of your assignment, players may be dual rostered and schedules will be carefully planned to maximize playing time and minimize conflicts with another team (should your son be dual rostered). NPAA Baseball has capped the number of teams you may play on to two. This may include two travel teams or a travel team and our NPAA Senior league. Generally, all rising 13's (Prep Team players) will also be rostered on the NPAA Senior League. 14s and 15s that are not dual rostered on the Jr. Legion team are encouraged to also play NPAA Senior League in order to maximize playing time and gain valuable extra "reps" and experience to sharpen their skills.

The cost of Legion or travel baseball is more expensive than our intramural league due to the type of baseballs used, umpire fees, Clinics, Insurance, and uniform requirements. Each year we also sponsored a tournament over Memorial Day and hosted a snack bar on multi-game weekend days that generated additional funds. As this is a volunteer organization, all parents are asked to get involved and volunteer for one or more of our fund-raising programs.

Registration will begin just after the new year and all participants will first register for NPAA and those making the travel and or legion progams will be assessed the difference between NPAA senior program and the Legion fee. If you make a travel program roster (and pay the Legion fee), you will not have to pay extra to play NPAA Senior league and or a second travel team. NPAA will have a registration table at our tryouts.

If you have any questions regarding our program, please contact NPAA Legion Coordinator, Mike Valente,,