Pete Lima inducted into the NJ ASA/USA Softball Hallof Fame

September 29, 2019
On Sunday September 29, 2019 at 2pm Pete Lima was inducted into the 
New Jersey State USA/ASA Hall of Fame for 61 years 1955-2016 of Windmill Fastpitch pitching winning over 2000 games. He played for the A's for a record 25 years as the team won 9 titles 1 MAR, 3 NJ States, 3 Playoff Camps and 2 Pennants hurling in 5 National Tournaments.  

A's Championship Banner with 25 Titles won in 38 seasons 1977-2014

Malcolm Miller Inducted in NJ State ASA USA Softball Hall of Fame 10/15/17

  Michael Warner NJ State Commissioner - Malcolm Miller - Joe Massaro Chairman HOF Committee (HOF Umpire 2008)

You Tube of speech GOOGLE:  

NJ Softball Hall Of Fame speech Malcolm Miller 10/15/2017 - YouTube




2017 NJ USA ASA HOF Inductees & Other years inductees

A's Charlie DeFranza & Malcolm Miller inducted into the NJ ASA State Hall Of Fame, October 15, 2017


The NJ A's catcher Charlie DeFranza  (left)  and A's manager Malcolm Miller (right) were inducted into the New Jersey ASA State Softball Hall of Fame on October 15, 2017 at the Ramada Inn in Toms River NJ. Malcolm was inducted as a manager (1969-2014). Charlie (A's 1998-2000 & 2004-2005)  was inducted for his 7 Decades 1950's to 2010 over 4000 games as a windmill fast pitch player having played in Class AA (Majors), A and B ASA Mens Fast pitch softball. Malcolm was a player for 4 years, a player-manager for 33 years and a non playing manger for 11 seasons. A total of 48 seasons in windmill softball 44 as a manager. As a manager his teams won 626 games and 25 Titles. Photo taken in 2004 in Summit NJ. Charlie the player rep for the NJ ASA is handing Malcolm his 500th win as a manager. Since 1965 there are only 121 members of the NJ State ASA Hall of Fame.

Team Trophies

1977 Team Founders Malcolm Miller & Dave Setzer

1996 Allentown PA / 1994 Meyersville Field
1988 Florham Park / 1998 Mid Atlantic Regional-National-NJ State Trophies

1972 Malcolm & Dave Setzer with old team & 1st Playoff Trophy (Malcolm's 1930 Model A)

New Jersey A's

 The A's were a Windmill team for 38 years and played in 5 Windmill Leagues and one open modified league 1977-2014  The team started in 1977 in the windmill Class B/C Florham Park League 1977-1989, the Class A League in Meyersville 1990-1999, the Class B/C Summit League 2000-2005, Class A/B/C NJ/NY Linden Metro League in 2006-2009. The B/C Bloomfield League 2010-2012. The Spingfield League, an open modified League,( Pete Lima was allowed to throw Windmill) 2013-2014 The A's manager was Malcolm Miller who started playing windmill in 1967, 2014 was his 44th season as a windmill/faspitch manager. He won 626 games as manager all but 64 with the A's.

The A's  won 25 Titles in 38 seasons, with  562 wins.
11 League Pennants, 10 League Playoff Championships, 3 ASA NJ State Class B Windmill Titles and 1 ASA Mid Atlantic Regional Class B Windmill Title.
The team has played in 6 National Windmill Tournaments.
ASA Nationals Windmill Fastpitch Tournaments in 1998 Texas(B), 2002 California(C), 2003 Virginia(B),2004 Nebraska(C)2006 Georgia(C)and the NSA World Series in 2007 Maryland. The team has played in 9 states with tournaments in NY,NJ and PA besides the 6 different States in the Nationals Tournaments.
The team  retired 8 numbers: 45 John Novalis, 12 Jack Strauch, 7 Bruce Smith, 14 Chris Setzer, 23 Kurt Ruppel, 16 Al Pepe, 30 Curt Pakutka, 24  John Bowerbank.

1994 ASA Class B NJ State Champs

1998 ASA Class B Mid Atlantic Regional Champs (ASA NJ Commissioner Leo Spirito in photo)

1998 ASA Class B NJ State Champs

2001 ASA Class B NJ State Champs (also Won Playoffs & Pennant in Summit League)

All 38 seasons of team photos now on PHOTO ALBUM/ Old Timers Photos on "OLD TIMERS"

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First Playoff Championship 1982 Florham Park Men's Fastpitch Softball League

1982 A's team was 27-1 winning the Pennant and Playoffs.

1983 A's entire 12 man roster

1983 Florham Park Mens Fastpitch Softball League.  This is the entire 12 man A's roster.

L-R standing  John Lamken leading off the A's inning, John Novalis on deck, Bruce Smith batting 3rd.

L-R on bench 13 Dave Fenwick, 6 Herb Dickerson, 9 Steve Richter, 11 Mike Konzelmann,

Chris Setzer 14 (still in High School) 12 Jack Strauch RIP, 10 Bert Armeny, 4 John Magee, 3 Rudy Simek.

Arch rival Red Foxx Inn is heading out to play defense. Photo taken by the A's manager & 13th player.

Lets Play some D - 1984 Game in Florham Park Men's Fastpitch Softball League

L to R Bruce Smith, Jack Strauch (#12) Bert Armeny ( # 10), John Magee, John Novalis,Steve Richter,Rudy Simek (#3), Herb Dickerson, Dave Fenwick (on bench) Jerry Thiebault.

1989 "Greatest A's game team" 7th Playoff Championship


2004 after night game won 8 to 0 in Hastings, Nebraska-ASA Nationals

Retired A's Numbers ( first 4 players)

45 John Novalis, 12 Jack Strauch, 14 Chris Setzer, 7 Bruce Smith (Team Captain 1991-1994)

retired numbers # 7 Bruce Smith, # 12 Jack Strauch, #14 Chris Setzer, # 45 John Novalis

# 45 John Novalis(retired 1990), #12 Jack Strauch(retired 1991), #7 Bruce Smith(retired 1996), #14 Chris Setzer (retired 2006)

Retired A's Numbers in 2008 (5th & 6th players)

16 Al Pepe, 23 Kurt Ruppel

Retired #s Al Pepe # 16 & Kurt Ruppel # 23 1998 Texas Nationals

Curt Pakutka's # 30 retired (7th player)

October 13, 2013

# 30 retired in 2013 , Top photo taken at team's 2013 party
 Bottom photo take in 2006 in Linden NJ

John Bowerbank's # 24 retired 5/29/16 team Captain 2012-2014

John Bowerbank's retired #24 (8th player) retired 2016