Fast Plastic Past Champions

2001- A-Bros USPPBA Champs (Old Ball) (CA)
2002- Vipers USPPBA Champs (AZ)
2003- Vipers (First official year of FP) (AZ)
2004- Swingers (New Ball) (NJ)
2005- In The Box (NY)
2006- Rookies (CT)
2007- Golden State Wiffle (CA)
2008- 603 Allstars (NE)
2009- Phenoms (NE)

NJWA Past Champions

2010 - The Swingers--- John, Anthony
2009 - The Swingers--- John, Anthony WF
2008 - The Swingers--- John, Anthony
2007 - Livingston Lancers
2006 - Fluffheads/Belgium Wiffles -- Fred Bastedo, Lou Worthington,Soletez
2005 - You Gotta Believe --- Anthony Balacich, Kevin Kane & Steve Cavico
2004 - In the Box --- Tom LoCasico & Joe "Mariano" Nord
2003 - The Swingers --- Jerry, John, Anthony
2002 - Trenton Shockers
2001 - In the Box--- LoCasicos with Nick Schaefer
2000 - In the Box--- LoCasicos & K Rodgers
1999 - Georgia Longshotz -- Billy Owens,Mark DeMasi,Rich Ewald
1998 - Lakeside Kings -- Jerome Coyle,Ryan Hunsel,Darren Bone
1997 - Team Trenton -- Mike Palinczar,Fred Bastedo,Soletez
1996 - Lakeside Kings-- Jerome Coyle,Darren Bone,Soletez
1993 - Trenton Milkmen
1992 - Trenton Milkmen
1991 - Good Times Tavern
1990 - PA All-Stars

Wiffle's Hall of Fame.

Jerry Riso (Swingers): Retired 04 FP NL CHAMPS
Mike Palinczar(Trenton Giants)President NJWA (SummerShowdown) 
Fred "The Hammer" Bastedo(Trenton Giants)President NJWA- 
Mike “Salt” Soltesz (Trenton Giants) 
Chad Anderson (Abro's) 2001 USPPBA Champs 
Anthony Balacich (Swingers)
Billy Owens(Longshotz,Vipers,Marshals,GSW)President of FP- 02 USPPBA Champs-07 FP NL CHAMPS  
Bruce Chrystie (Orangemen,ITB,thunder,Wav) Help create FP 
Mickey Hyde (Toadkiller Dogs,ITB,Knights,Vipers)05 FP NL CHAMPS 
Jerome“The Legend”Coyle(Lakeside Kings)created USPPBA now FP also runs the website 
Mike Alessie - Event Director & Creator of Wiffle-up
Joe Nord Mariano (ITB) 
Alex Hernandez (LongBall,Fin Daddy's ) 
Nick Tariela (Blue Sox',Lights Out) 
John Riso (Swingers) 04 FP NL CHAMPS
Tim Benson (Mudducks,Hitsom) 
Jay Ventresca (SOM,Hitsom) 
Elvin Cortez (Hitmen, Hitsom)
Jim Balian (Vipers)ACTIVE 02 USPPBA Champs- 03 FP NL CHAMPS 
Lou Levesque President GSWL
Chuck Hensley Former MLB player (Oldies but Goodies)
Tim Dean (Texas Director)
Ryan Wood (WooNBats, Knights) WiffleUP,FP
Lou Worthington


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