Maximum Plus Minus of 7 Runs for Each Game

International Tie Breaker to be utilized in the event of a tie - Runner on 2nd with one out - Runner is the last recorded out from the previous inning.

Please keep in mind that each team is allowed 7 Courtesy Runners per game maximum.

In the event of player shortages, any pickups must be mutually agreeable between teams in order to field a team.


Finals will be determined by Playoff Records.  In the event of a tie between teams the following steps are utilized to break the tie:

1. Playoff Record

2. Plus Minus

3. Head to Head (Playoffs) 

4. Head to Head (Season)

5. Playoff Runs Scored (Total)

6. Playoff Runs Allowed (Total)

****Please ensure all scores for each game are provided to Brendan Agnew - Beamer Building Mustangs.  This is the home teams responsibility*****


Sunday, September 23rd 2018

1:00 P.M. B SIDE Runner Up New Diamond

1:00 P.M. A SIDE Runner Up Old Diamond

2:30 P.M. B FINAL Old Diamond

4:00 P.M. A Final Old Diamond.

*** In the event of weather issues Sunday morning will be utilized for game times which may push back the final times in the event it is necessary*****

 First 4 Weeks of 2018 Season have been added.