Pancake Flyer Packets!! COME SEE ME PLEASE!

August 31, 2018


Please come see me in my class at some point today if u can. I have pancake breakfast flyer packets ready to go and tickets to be sold.


Instructions are inside your packet but here is a quick run-down...

You just log in the ticket number, their name and check the box for adult or child.

If you need more tickets please let me know. I would LOVE to give you more.


Anyone willing to help prepare food, set up, help with organizing basket raffles or donate baskets.. WE WOULD LOVE IT!

Just contact us and let us know! Thank you and let's make this a huge success again!

Also, our superbowl fundraiser is underway. My dad and I have already sold 64 out of 100 squares. They are $50 a square. But we take installments of $5 every 2 weeks starting September 7 leading up to the superbowl. There are 20 winners total. 4 big winners($325/each) and 16 neighbor winners($100/each). Anyone that wants a square or can help sell some please let me know asap. Thank you!


Jacksonville Spring Break info

August 27, 2018

We had a baseball meeting last week to see who is going/thinking about going out for baseball this upcoming spring. We had a good number of players come to the meeting. The plan is as of now to take everyone. Will everyone play?.. Not sure. I like to take everyone if possible so they can get a feel for a varsity game and the speed of it. The experience is great!

The weekend we will be going is March 22-24(the weekend before spring break). I'm hoping with this much of an advance, spring break trips can be planned accordingly. We do have scheduled games on Monday the 25th and Thursday the 28th.

More details(times, hotel, agenda, etc..) will be given at a later time. Thank you so much. Any questions pelase feel free to contact me.

Coach Veliz


Coach Cooper

Monday, February 25, 2019   3:15 PM