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  • Proud to be the FIRST basketball program sponsored byTim Hortons
  • Toronto's North Region BA: Providing Recreational & Competitive Basketball
  • Have Questions? Email us or call 416 409 3378 or 416 505 2804
  • Beginner?: Please join our House Leagues and Skills or camps today.
  • Home of our Rep. teams: North Region Crazy Catz
  • 2017 Tournament Champions
  • 2017 Bronze
    2017 U17F Provincial Championships Division Bronze
  • 2017 Silver
    2017 Provincial Championships Division Silver
  • U15F Provincial Champions
    2017 U15F Provincial Championships Division Champs
  • Tim Horton Micro Ballers
  • SmallBall

Locations may change pending permits


Bring Player, Parent and payment

It is THAT time of year.

Preparations are underway for

NRBA’s rep teams the Crazy Catz Tryouts

Register today, find your team, find your time and get ready for another exciting season of

NR Crazy Catz Basketball


 NRBA Crazy Catz Teams for 2018/19 plan to field the following teams:       

Girls/Females (U-Under age as of Jan. 1, 2019 & F-Female) Coaches TBC

U10F    Novice players born 2009-2010

U11F    Atom born 2008

U12F    Major Atom born 2007  Coach Rob

U13F    Bantam born 2006

U14F    Major Bantam born 2005

U15F    Midget born 2004  Coach Spiros

U16F    Major Midget born 2003

U17F    Juvenile born 2002 Coach Dan

U19F    Junior born 2000 & 2001 Coach G


Boys /Males (U-Under age as of Jan. 1, 2019 & M-Male) Coaches TBC

U10M  Novice respecting SHABBAT Team (NO FRI. OR SAT. GAMES)

U10M  Novice players born 2010

U11M  Novice respecting SHABBAT Team (NO FRI. OR SAT. GAMES) Mgr Tania

U11M  Atom players born 2009 Coach Matthew

U12M  Major Atom born 2007, Coach Steve

U13M  Bantam born 2006, Coach Scott & Stefano

U14M  Major Bantam born 2005 Coach Bruno 

U15M  Midget born 2004, Coach Joel

U16M  Midget born 2003, Coach Rocco

U17M  Juvenile born 2002

U19M Junior born 2000&2001 Coach Chris B 


Girls same time and place as boys tryout, we may split gym

Location TBD

Pre register $15 at  or $20 at Door

U10-U12 Born 2007-2010 – Tryout Sat. Sept. 15th &/or 22nd 9:30am

U13-U14 Born 2005-2006 – Tryout Sat. Sept. 15th &/or 22nd 11:00am

GIRLS U15-U19 Born 2000-2004 – Tryout Sat. Sept. 15th &/or 22nd 12:30pm

BOYS U15, U17 Born 2000-2004 – Tryout Sat. Sept. 15th &/or 22nd 1:40pm


NEW for 2017-18: U11 Respecting Shabbat Team Born 2008-2010 

Tryouts Mon. Sept. 17th, 2017 and Wed. Sept. 19th, 2017 at St. Wilfrid 6:30pm

Register for ll programs at our new site

Congratulations to our U11F NRBA Crazy Catz Girls winning divisional BRONZE at 2018 OBA!

Congratulations to our U10M NRBA Crazy Catz Boys - Mathew winning division2 SILVER at 2018 OBA!

Congratulations to our U12M NRBA Crazy Catz Boys - Stefano reaching the  divisional BRONZE game at 2018 OBA!

Congratulations to our U13M NRBA Crazy Catz Boys - Bruno reaching the divisional BRONZE game at 2018 OBA!

Congratulations to our U14M NRBA Crazy Catz Boys - Joel winning the  divisional BRONZE  game at 2018 OBA!

Congratulations to our U16F NRBA Crazy Catz Girls - Blackburn winning divisional SILVER at 2018 OBA!


NRBA Microball and Smallball is proud to announce we are the first basketball program to be sponsored by

Our first TIMBITS Micro-Ballers 2016/17, Thank you Tim Hortons.

A very special thanks to our AMAZING parent community

for helping our league to grow because as we grow so does

the great sport of basketball. As we say at North Region Basketball:
                           Long Live Basketball!!