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Save the Date



We are in need of trucks

If you have a truck available 

Please email npjets2014@gmail.com


2018 Calendar winners

(Pick up Wed/Thursday’s at Greystone 6-730  Email npjets@gmail.com)


9/1- David Foster

9/2-Georgia Autiello

9/3-Yolanda Batista

9/4-Hector Portillo

9/5-Steve Marsella

9/6-Bruce Shaffer

9/7- Cheryl Mallard/Belknap

9/8- Mike Russo

9/9-Danielle Machado

 9/10 David Valedofsky

9/11 Leah Beaulieu

9/12 Evan Teixeira

9/13 Jaymi Cepeda

9/14- John& Lisa Pernorio

9/15- Edie Gilson

9/16- Jazenia Anglon

9/17- John Villa

9/18-Joanne Carroll

9/19-Chris Alves

9/20-Cindy Pittman





All players will be required to do $75.00 in fundraising






Thank You William O'Brien for a $3,000 Grant for the      2018 season

Upcoming Games
Sep 23
NP JETS Flag @ SEEKONK Jr. Warriors FLAG
NP JET 9U @ SEEKONK Jr. Warriors 9U
NP JETS 11U @ SEEKONK Jr. Warriors 11U
NP JETS 13U @ SEEKONK Jr. Warriors 13U
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