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   Banquet information will be held on October 21 at Santa Maria Banquet Hall at 31 Walnut Grove Ave Cranston for all the All Star teams, Seasonal winner, Playoff winner, individual awards and many others.


   The time of the Banquet will be 7 pm with the doors opening at 6:30.

Purchasing of the tickets can be done on Tuesday October 15 between 6 & 7 pm at the field. This is the last chance to purchase the Banquet tickets.



Your check can be claimed by contacting your coach who will get the check for you with proper identification.

$40                                                                     $40

5/20   Pat Turcotte;   genesis                                    6/3  Robin McClug  genesis

5/21   Elaine Malo;    KFC                                       6/4  Jose Lopez   KFC

5/22   Elaine Borges;   unknown team affiliation     6/5   Steve Vargas  FOP

5/23   Chris Branch;              Barone                      6/6  Sean Tobin  KFC

 5/24  Stephanie Dougherty; Admiral                      6/7  Lisa Donovan KFC

$100    5/25  Linda Brown;  Penta                          $100  6/8  David Major  KFC

$40                                                                  $40

5/27  John Shadoian;  Admiral                            6/10  Sandra Falcoa  unknown team

5/28  Steve Almagno;  FOP                                 6/11 Debra Ferranti  Genesis

5 /29  Dawn McLaughlin;  genesis                        6/12 Chris Nappa   FOP

5/30  Steve Almagno;  FOP                                 6/13 Patty Pascetta  Penta

5/31  Kyle Diggins;  FOP                                     6/14 Carol Caroccio  Penta

$100    6/1   Paul Rioles;  Penta                           6/15 Bill Gornastai  FOP  $100

$500    6/17  JUSTIN LAROCQUE    KFC 

                                    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS

   To access the 2019 schedule please go to 13-15 NORTH PROVIDENCE SMITHFIELD 2019


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