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                                                  LEAGUE RESUMES PLAY

 The registration process is open for ALL players who will be involved in the league. All players must register and pay the fees prior to the first day of games.  NO exceptions. If there is a situation that prevents this please contact Lou or Jerry Dandeneu to discuss the issue.

Cost:    Same as last year   

$175 for new and returning players who need a jersey

$150 for returning players who do not need a jersey

Included in this pricing at no extra charge are five raffle tickets that may be sold by the player at a cost of $10 dollars each, allowing the player to reduce their registration cost with the proceeds ( the seller keeps the $50).  Raffles MUST be turned in to be eligible for the weekly drawings.  So whether you keep them or sell them, be sure to turn them in.

To be clear, this means your real cost of registration comes down to $100 for regular practices / games.       Any questions you can see your manager or Lou Zammarelli.