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www.northvalleybaseball.com May 10st 2018


We will be announcing a new 2018 Senior commitment Combine for those student athletes wishIng to further enhance their academic achievements with pursuing their baseball pastime.

Coach Brito


Good day to all current and future baseball players and parents! 

Welcome to the North Valley Baseball college preparatory program website.  This organization is committed to training young men to reach their fullest potential as baseball players while promoting sportsmanship, leadership, self-discipline, and academics. Please keep in mind that the aim of this team is to provide an outlet for talented baseball players to reach the next level in their baseball careers. For this reason, the commitment and attitude of these players is just as important as their talent. 

An important element of success for baseball depends on the type of coaching the player receives combined with the player's commitment to improve. This is a significant aspect of North Valley Baseball. This scouting team is in the unique position of being able to provide clinics with coaches that are currently training professional players. By giving these players the opportunity to work and train at that level, these young men are encouraged to look beyond high school and explore the next level of baseball. Each player will have the individual guidance and attention so the possibilities for growth are determined by the player's dedication.

We will provide direction and support for those players who excel by making sure they receive the highest levels of exposure so as to be awarded a college athletic scholarship for baseball and that ultimate "letter of intent". As stated, this is why it will be important for these young men to be responsible for their success as student athletes as well as leaders on and off the field. 

My coaching staff and I are very much looking forward to a successful year and developing these young men as they reach their full potential as players. Any questions can be directed to pbrito@northvalleybaseball.com 


Hope to see you on the field soon,


Plinio Brito

NVBL President