2009 Rainier Cup Judo Championships

2009 Jr National Training Camp at Camp Kyle

2009 Junior Olympics National Judo Championships


Boys' Intermediate B 48kg
1. Davon Johnson (Lakewood, Wash. / Ippon Judo Dojo)2. Alexis Prado (Coral Springs, Fla. / Ki-Itsu-Sai)
3. Noah Hyde (Lakeland, Fla. / Summerlin Judo)

Boys' Intermediate A 26kg
1. Isaac Harai (Tacoma Wash. / Ippon Judo Dojo)2. Leon Simakhov (Brooklyn, N.Y. / Samir and Lev)
3. Zachary Szostak (Colorado Springs, Colo. / Olympic Training Center)

Girls’ Bantam 2 30kg
1. Tatiana Parker-Borrero (Tacoma, Wash. / Ippon Judo 2. Serenti Stewart (St. Louis, Mo. / Wellman White Dragon)

Silver Medalists:

Girls' Intermediate A 34kg
1. Gabriela Prado (Coral Springs, Fla. / Ki-Itsu-Sai)
2. Jasmine Borrero (Tacoma, Wash. / Ippon Judo)3. Elizabeth Wright (Hinkley, Calif. / Barstow Judo Club)

Female Juvenile A +64kg
1. Jaclyn Beed (Norman, Okla. / USA Stars)
2. Kiaya Van Scoyoc (Lakewood, Wash. / Ippon Judo)3. Molly Fulmer (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. / West Palm Beach Judo)

Girls’ Bantam 3 23kg
1. Dominique Domingo (Fall River, Mass. / Taki-Gawa Judo Club)
2. Lahna Harai (Tacoma, Wash. / Ippon Judo Dojo)
Bronze Medalists:

Male Juvenile A 48kg
1. Serge Bouyssou (Hope, R.I. / Mayo Quanchi)
2. Moris Peysakhov (Brooklyn, N.Y. / Samir Judo)
3. Patrick Mendiola (Dupont, Wash. / Ippon Judo)

2009 USJF National Judo Championships

DIVISION: Girls Intermed. 2; 48 Kg
1. Sara Mozeleski, Auburn, WA, Zenyu Judo Dojo2. Haylie Shinsato, Mililani, HI, Mililani Hongwan Ji
3. Laura Angle, Stockton, CA, Stockton Judo Club

DIVISION: Boys Intermed. 2; 42 Kg
1. William Noah Pineda-Abaya, Honolulu, HI, Hawaii Tenri
2. Brian Short, Spanaway, WA, Bushikan Dojo3. Elijah Jones, Torrance, CA, Gardena Judo Club

DIVISION: Boys Bantam; 23 Kg
1. Josiah Torculas, Fresno, CA, West Clovis Judo Clu
2. Braden Goucher, Tacoma, WA, Bushikan Dojo3. Evan Chung, Daly City, CA, Cahill's Judo Club

2009 Junior US Open Championships Results:
Female Juvenile A +64 kg
1. Kiaya Vanscoyoc (Lakewood, Wash. / Ippon Judo)2. Molly Fulmer (Palm Beach, Fla. / WPB Judo)
3. Eneida Redden-Gonzalez (Earlysville, Va. / Charlottesville Judo)
3. Myraiel Newry (BAH)
5. Tisha Brathwaite (BAR)

2009 USA Judo Youth and Scholastic National Championships

Boys' Intermediate 1 26kg
1. Isaac Harai (Tacoma, Wash. / Ippon Dojo)2. Leon Simakhov (N.Y., City, N.Y. / Samir and Lev Judo Club)
3. David Orshansky (Staten Island, N.Y. / Combat Sambo Center)

Female Juvenile A +64kg
1. Kiaya Van Scoyoc (Lakewood, Wash.) 2. Eneida Redden-Gonzalez (Earlysville, Va.)
3. Melissa Myers (Yorkville, Ill. / Fox Valley Judo & Jujitsu)

Male Juvenile B 66kg
1. Max Schneider (Chicago, Ill. / Tohkon Judo)
2. Joshua Villani (Belleville, Wash. / Ippon Dojo)3. Giovonte Ortiz (Jonesboro, Ga. / Waka Mu Sha)

Girls' Intermediate 1 34kg
1. Gabriela Prado (Coral Springs, Fla. / Ki-Itsu-Sai)
2. Jasmine Borrero (Tacoma, Wash. / Ippon Dojo)3. Rene Gangarosa (Rochester, N.Y. / Bedroc Martial Arts)

Michael Soler: 2008 USJA/USJF Winter Nationals Champion

Champion: Michael Soler, Emerald City Judo, WA.Silver Medalist: Julian Somers, J W Judo, MA.
Bronze Medalist: Myles Honda, South Bay Judo, CA.

2009 Washington State Judo Championships

Travis wins 2008 US Open

September 26, 2008
Travis Stevens advanced to his third consecutive U.S. Open final on Friday night at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.

Returning to the tournament where Travis first made his mark on the international scene when he won the Open in 2006, top-seeded Travis Stevens had a bye and then won his next three matches against Guillaume Perrault (CAN), Takeshi Kurisu (JPN) and Vahram Stepanyan.

In the final, Travis controlled his match with Antoine Valois-Fortier (CAN), ultimately locking in an armbar against the Canadian who tried unsuccessfully to stand out of the submission before he was forced to tap out.

Men’s 81kg

1. Travis Stevens (USA)2. Antoine Valois-Fortier (CAN)
3. Vahram Stepanyan (No Country)
3. Kalem Kachur (CAN)
5. Colin Burns (USA)
5. Takeshi Kurisu (JPN)

Men’s 55kg

1. Julien Paradis (CAN)
2. Steve Perez (USA)
3. Hiram Cruz (PUR)
3. Connor Murtha (USA)
5. Austin Hronek (Vancouver, Wash. / Obukan Judo)

Stevens places ninth in Olympic judo competition

August 12, 2008

Travis Stevens, in blue, throws Taigo Camilo of Brazil in the 81 kg judo competition Tuesday at the Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

(Beijing, China) – Within an hour after 22-year-old Travis Stevens (Glenville, N.Y. / Tacoma Wash.) placed ninth in the 81kg division on Tuesday, he was already making plans for tonight’s workout, tomorrow’s workout and the gold medal he hopes to win in London four years from now.

A Pan American Games Champion who won his first international gold medal at the U.S. Open less than two years ago, Stevens began his Olympic Games with a first round bye and a second round match that ended in just over three minutes when he soundly defeated Franklin Ceisneros (ESA). After Cisneros was given a penalty, Stevens threw him for a yuko (quarter-point) score and later armbarred him to win the match.

In the next round, Stevens was penalized twice against 10-time World Cup medalist and former European Champion Ole Bischof (GER) and thrown for a koka (smallest points) score. Although Bischof was given a penalty as well, Stevens lost the match.

“He was really strong and he changed up how he fights which I didn’t expect,” Stevens said. “The German brought a whole new game plan and let me make mistakes.”

In one of the day’s biggest upsets, Bischof dispatched reigning World Champion Tiago Camilo (BRA) in the

quarter-finals which kept Stevens’ medal hopes alive as he moved down to the repechage where athletes can fight through for bronze.

“It’s a new day!” Stevens said after finding out he was going to have another chance at a potential medal.

An uneducated spectator never would have known that Stevens’ next opponent, Mehman Azizov (AZE), was a 17-time World Cup medalist who placed fifth in Athens as Stevens controlled the entire match from the first minute.

Azizmov was awarded the first penalty of the match and a pair of penalties for both players soon followed before Stevens threw Azizmov for a waza-ari (half-point) score.

In the final minute, Azizmov still hadn’t attacked and was given a third penalty which, combined with the throw for a waza-ari earlier in the match, combined to give Stevens the win with 54 seconds remaining.

Stevens’ next opponent was Camilo who won the 2007 World Championships in spectacular fashion, throwing all of his opponents for ippon (instant win).

Down by two penalties, Stevens was thrown by Camilo for a koka score, but still didn’t give up, nearly tying the match with a throw that was scored as a yuko in the fourth minute.

Camilo held onto the narrow lead for the final 90 seconds to win the match while Stevens placed ninth.

“I think I got a couple bad calls during the day, but if you don’t come back from that you don’t really deserve to win,” Stevens said.

After his last match, Stevens described the competition as being a valuable experience toward his goal to become the best judo player in the world.

“I didn’t perform my best, but I did a lot of things right and I’m going to learn from my mistakes,” Stevens said. “Now that I’ve been here, I’ve had the experience and I’ve shown that I can compete at this level.”

While many players will take time off after the Games, Stevens insists there will be no break in his focus for gold.

“I’m going to go back to the village and go for a run tonight and then do a workout tomorrow. I want to get right back into training and go through the tapes. If you wait a month, you start to forget things so I’m staying through freestyle wrestling and then I want to get back in the dojo.” said Stevens who plans to return to international competition in the fall with stops at the U.S. Open and Rendez-Vous Canada as well as a trip to fight in Europe.

For Stevens, the countdown to London starts today: “I’m ready to be on the top of the podium in 2012.”

For more on Stevens' performance, read Morris' blog, "Live at the Olympics," at

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King 5 Olympic Report

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2008 Jr Olympic National Judo Championships

Gold Medalists
Jasmine Parker-Borrero
Joseph Jones

Silver Medalists
Michael Soler
Kiaya Van Scoyoc

Bronze Medalists
Isaac Harai

4th Place Finish
Brittany Fowler

5th Place Finish
Eric Soler

Photos from Jr Olympics
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2008 USA Judo Olympic Trials

Travis vs Andrew Hung

2008 USA Judo Olympic Trials

Travis vs Danny Satinsky

Technique of the Month with Travis Stevens
Kata Guruma

Judo National Team in Action

Anthony Haskins 2008 Scholastic National Champion

2008 Scholastic National Championships Results:

Anthony Haskins 2008 and 2007

Bronze Medalists:
John Eyler
Brittney Fowler