Calling all Diablos!!!!!!!!!!   [More Info]


2019 Upcoming Season Please All Read Carefully No One Is Exempt!!!!

There are a few things I want to remind all my fellow teammates and new recruits that are coming in;

1) NO DRAMA!!!!! We are a team, we win as a team , we lose as a a team, if you think you are a superstar and want special treatment it aint happening and I will show you the way out!!!! 

2) Unlimited texts? If you do not have this please let me know and I will contact you via email instead, I contact everyone on weds, Sat n then Sunday mornings to make sure of everyone's availability.  If I text or email you I expect a response back plz. I do this why because we all have a life outside of softball!!! Something can come up from one day to the next. So please be respectful to your teammates, me and reply back :) 

3) Everyone must be to the field 30 minutes before game time no exceptions. If i can get there(i live in new jersey) you must be able to be there before i arrive. 

4) League fees are $120 which covers your league fees and umpires fee for the entire regular season regardless of how many games you play.

5)This year there will be No Exceptions for payments, they all must be processed thru this website. So register early and make your payment ASAP. I will no longer be taking payments every week, have been burned too many times over the years. If you do not register online and make your payment before March 31, 2019 you will not be playing for the Diablos at all!!!! 

6) No Refunds!! You earn your way on the team and YOU can earn your way off the team.If you earn your way off the team regardless of how many weeks you play you will NOT get any refund!! 

7) I need to be able to get in touch with you. So please make sure I have the best method to get in touch with you cell, home or email. I will not be getting in touch with you thru another player. If I cant reach YOU directly then go somewhere else.

 Let's go Diablos!!!

2019 Sunday Softball Season : House Rules


The league follows the ASA (Amateur Softball Association) Official Rules of Softball. The following rules govern in case of conflict

The Game

1. DOUBTFUL WEATHER CONDITIONS: Email notice will be forwarded 2 hours before game time. If still unsure call (718) 846-5796 90 minutes before game time to confirm if game has been postponed or not. If game hasn't been officially postponed, a team must be fielded. Failure to appear at the field with a minimum required number of players could result in a forfeit.

2. STARTING TEAM: 8 players must be fielded to avoid forfeit. Ten is normal. Automatic outs will not be charged when starting with less than 10. 9th & 10th players may be added after start of game, but at bottom of line-up and only when team is at bat. After starting, reductions in the lineup are not allowed. Penalty: an automatic out will be assessed when the reduced player's turn at bat comes up.

3. STARTING TIME: Games must start at the time indicated on the schedule

        3.1. Teams that show up after game time (8 needed to start) will be the visiting team both games.

        3.2. Teams that show up more than 10 minutes late will start the game in the second inning down by a score of 3-0.

        3.3. Teams that show up more than 20 minutes late will start the game in the third inning down by a score of 6-0.

        3.4. Teams that show up more than 30 minutes late will forfeit game one.

        3.5. Teams that show up more than 50 minutes late will forfeit game two. Statements 2&3 don't apply to game two.

4. UMPIRE'S FEES: Must be paid before start of game. No refunds after start of game: even due to weather cancellation. If the game cannot be started due to inclement weather, each team must pay a rainout fee equal to one half the normal umpire’s fee.

5. REGULATION GAME: Five complete innings will constitute a regulation game: four and a half if the home team is winning. If game one of a doubleheader is still tied after 8 innings, that game will be considered final as a tie in the standings. Game two of doubleheader will be considered complete after nine innings or when the game that is scheduled to follow on that field is at its starting time (whichever comes first). This rule applies to regular season games only.

6. 12 RUN RULE: If at any time after the losing team has batted five times and is 12 or more runs behind in the score, the game will be declared over. If a game is stopped before five innings due to weather conditions, and a team is ahead by 12 or more runs, that team will be declared the winner. Any other regular season game rained out before regulation will be replayed from the point of stoppage (if possible during remaining regular season schedule).


7. SOFTBALL: A new "F-12" Clincher must be furnished each game by each team. If a team fails to provide a new ball, other team must offer a replacement at $10. If a new ball is still not available, best ball will be used. Team providing new ball will get to bat with new ball.

8. BASES: Coin flip decides home team first game. Loser must provide a set of regulation bases. If not, and other team provides bases, then that team becomes home team for both games.

9. CATCHER’S MASK: As a safety matter, the catcher must always wear a mask during the game. Any team that has to supply the catcher's mask for both teams in order to play will become the home team both games. If in such a situation no one is willing to provide a mask for usage by both teams the game will simply not be played (just like a rainout).

10. NO METAL SPIKES: Penalty: Player will be given one minute to change; if he doesn’t, he will be ejected from game.

11. NO AMPLIFIED SOUND: Loud radios, air horns or any other devices designed to bring up the noise level at the park will not be permitted.

Playing Rules

12. SLIDING: Sliding deliberately into a fielder, rather than a base in an attempt to prevent a double play will not be permitted. Penalty: The defensive team will be awarded a double play with both the advancing runners being declared out.

13. DEAD BALL: A dead ball shall be declared when the ball touches anything or any player in out-of-play area. A ball passing over but not touching outof-play area is still considered to be live or in play.

14. PITCHING: Modified (ASA Rule 6 for modified pitch); No sling shot, no bending of wrist or elbow during delivery; at top of backswing the ball cannot be outside wrist (that is, ball cannot be pointed toward third base; first base for lefties). 3 illegal pitches will cause pitcher to be removed from mound. Be aware that the league reserves the option of over-ruling the game official in declaring a pitcher unacceptable at any time it deems necessary.

15. PICKOFF PLAY: On a called ball or strike, swinging strike or foul tip, all baserunners must return to their respective bases. If an attempted pickoff throw reaches a base before the runner can remake contact, he will be called out. Use of the orange bag by a fielder during a pickoff attempt is considered permissible.

16. DESIGNATED HITTER (D.H.): A D.H. will bat for a player in the field, who will not bat in the line-up. The D.H. can take the field at a later point in the game, but the person he originally batted for must be removed from the game. Similarly, the fielder may bat in the D.H. spot, but then the original D.H. will be removed from the game. Only one D.H. is permitted.

17. EXTRA PLAYER (E.P.): A team may use up to three E.P.s, giving that team an option of using either an 11, 12, or 13 man line-up. An E.P. may take the field at a later point in the game, in effect making the replaced fielder an E.P. This is not a line-up change. Once a team starts a game with an 11, 12 or 13 man line-up it must finish the game with the same amount of batters. Additional batters cannot be added to the line-up after the leadoff batter has batted a second time. Because, reductions in the lineup are not allowed after starting, an automatic out will be assessed when the reduced player's turn at bat comes up.

18. RE-ENTRIES: None permitted.

19. COURTESY RUNNERS: Two permitted per team. The runner will be the last batted out in the line-up (unless the last batted out is the other player being run for).

20. TEAM STANDINGS: Will be based on (1) won-lost records. (2) early roster submission, (3) head-to-head competition (in case of split: most total runs scored ), (4) strength of division (determined by overall divisional won-lost record), (5) strength of schedule, determined by the composite won-loss records of opponents played. A tie game will be considered final and entered into the standings as such. Games not played are in effect considered ties. At the end of the season, some teams may not have as many games played as some other teams. This may be caused by a wet field at one location on the same day everyone else got their games in. But, whatever the reason, the total number of games played may vary from team to team. The regular season ends on the last Sunday in July. Whatever, the total amount of games played is at that time will be the final amount of games played. Standings (won-lost record placements) will be determined by the number of games a team is behind the leader (not percentages).

21. PLAYOFFS: Each round will be a best 2 of 3 game series to be played on the same day. All playoff games will be played to a seven inning conclusion. If a game is stopped at any time before completing the number of innings required for a full game, that game will be suspended, and play will be continued at a later date, from the point of suspension. Also, if one series in a bracket is rained out while the others are played; that series will be played as a one game series the following week, with the winner immediately going into the following round after that game is finished.

22. PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY: A pitcher must throw five complete regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs. Records must be maintained to avoid controversy.

23. SUSPENSIONS: An umpire may eject a player at any time and for any reason he feels warrants such ejection. Suspension from subsequent games will be decided after review by the ASA and may range from one game to a lifetime suspension. Umpire has authority to suspend player from second game of doubleheader as circumstances warrant.


24. Limit is 18. The roster shall list the first and last name of each player. If the person uses a nickname, that name should be included to avoid confusion. For instance, such a name would be submitted as Joe "Jumbo" Jones. After a roster is submitted, players used by that team will be limited to the names on that roster. To submit a roster, simply list the names of the players you intend to use on your team and email it in. Also. a roster should indicate who the declared pitchers are for that team by placing a letter “P” after the players name

25. Rosters are due before the season starts. After that, teams failing to submit a roster will be penalized as follows: (a) A bonus point will be awarded for teams submitting their roster prior to the start of the season. This "bonus point" will only come into play if at the end of the season there is a tie in the standings. The team with the"bonus point" will get the first tiebreaker. (b) Teams playing without a roster after the end of April will have two runs deducted from their scores. So, if a non-roster team beats a roster team by a score of 6-4, that game will go into the books and into the standings as a 4-4 tie. To clarify, should this situation come up, no extra innings will be played. (c) Teams playing without a roster after the end of May will have four runs deducted from their scores. So, if a non-roster team beats a roster team by a score of 6-4, that game will go in to the books and the standings as a 4-2 loss. (d) Since rosters will not be accepted after July 1, such teams will continue to have 4 runs deducted for each of their scores. And, during the playoffs, such teams will have six runs deducted. Because there can be no ties in the playoffs, when there is a score is 6-0 after seven, the game will go into the 8th with a 0-0 score. (e) Names on a submitted roster can be changed any time up to the end of June (pitchers only up to the middle of June). This considers the possibility that players do get injured, change jobs, leave town, etc. On the other hand it does not allow for last minute changes in July just before the playoffs allowing teams to unfairly beef up their talent pool. (f) AM players can only be eligible in one conference. So, an "A" conference player will not be eligible for a "B" or "KOP" conference roster . This avoids having an "A" player play in the "A" conference all season, only to switch over to a "B" or "KOP" team for the playoffs. But, players can be eligible for both an "AM" conference and a "PM" conference team. Of course, scheduling conflicts will arise once the playoffs begin (g) The "master roster" listing will be posted on Fridays allowing each team ample time to get players eligible for any upcoming Sunday. (h) Roster challenges should be made prior to the start of the game. Players not having the proper ID to identify themselves will not be allowed to play. Challenges made during the game must be made to the umpire and signed off on by the game umpire. A $5 processing fee will be charged by the umpire for each player challenged during the game.  

Importance of arriving early. House rules.

Sent By League


The following policies which have been set up to encourage teams to start their games on time, and will again be in effect for this season..

On the one hand, we want to show consideration for those teams that are occasionally late for the game.  That is we don't really like to see people forfeit. 

On the other hand, we want to show consideration for those teams that are ready to play at the time the schedule calls for.  We also like to consider that teams scheduled to play later on that day may be forced to delay the start of their game, and may even have to have their game shortened because teams coming along even later may insist on getting on the field in accordance with their permit entitlements.

And, of course there are those teams that  may have eight players at gametime, but nevertheless like to stall the start of the game in order to wait for their best players to arrive

So, to consider all sides in these situations; the following policies will be enforced with regard to starting games on time.


1.  Teams that show up after gametime (8 needed to start) will be the visiting team both games.

2.  Teams that show up more than 10 minutes late, will start the game in the second inning down by a score of 3-0.

3.  Teams that show up more than 20 minutes late will start the game in the third inning down by a score of 6-0.

4.  Teams that show up more than 30 minutes late will forfeit game one.

5.  Teams that show up more than 50 minutes late will forfeit game two.  Statements 2 & 3 don't apply to game two.


To avoid problems at the field please check the schedule early in the week so you will be certain about how to get to your assigned field without running late.

And, please check what the schedule says as far as start time goes.


Thank you.


Jay & Dianne 


Oh, and another thing:  Don't plan plan your trip to arrive at the field exactly at game time.  Accidents do happen on the highway and may delay your trip.  But, it's not a good excuse for being late.


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