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New Sponsor for 2019 Season. Joe Innella named to the WOO! Tungsten Pro Staff.

 The new year brings on a new sponsor WOO! Tungsten. WOO has quality 97% Pure Tungsten, insert free and nearly impossible to chip, Flipping weights, Drop Shot Weights, Shakey Heads, Barrel Weights, Nail Weights, Punch Weights, Punch Skirts, WOO! Wear and much more. Check them out at the attached link.  https://wootungsten.com/




2018 proves to be successful year, records 29th Victory, despite low number of tournaments attended.


                  1st Place Candlewood Lake, Connecticut

2018 was both a challenging year as well as a rewarding year. The pre-season included a trip to Reynold's Marine in Lyme Connecticut where several of our club members (Outcast Bass Anglers) attended Reynold's annual Pro Seminar and BBQ. This year the speaker was Jason Christie. Jason's seminar was very informative and we as a group had a great time checking out all of the new bass boats. I fished the 1st Club Tournament of the 2018 Season which was held on April 28th at Candlewood Lake in Connecticut. Despite an unexpected warm sunny day most club members struggled to bring a bass to the scales. I was one of the 9 that skunked that day. Unfortunately for me while helping my daughter travel out of state I injured my back while handling our luggage. I ended up herniating 2 discs in my back which brought on a very painful case of Sciatica. I ended up missing the next two tournaments while getting treatment.

 However, upon my return I finished in 1st Place at Candlewood Lake Connecticut with 5 bass weighing 15 lbs. 3 oz. I just edged out J.P. Faulkner (The eventual 2018 A.O.Y. Champion) by 2 ounces. This would end up being my 29th Tournament Victory since joining the club. The rest of the season went well with many TOP 5 finishes. Despite missing 3 tournaments and skunking on the first one I finished a respectable 8th Place in the Angler of the Year standings. This qualified me for our clubs CLASSIC which was a two day event in September at Lake Bomoseen in Vermont on 9/21 & 9/22. Here I had as great time catching some quality fish with my partner John Angrisano. However, neither of us brought limits to the scales. My 6 Bass were good enough to finish just outside of the TOP 3 in 4th place. I am looking forward to the 2019 Season although my back has not yet fully healed. I am excited to let you know of a new sponsor - Woo! Tungsten. I am looking forward to using their quality products in the upcoming season.


                                   Me with Jason Christie   

2017 proved to be a up & down year. Top 3 finishes Highlighted by a 2nd place Classic finish.

 When you read the title you are probably thinking how bad can multiple top 3 finishes, which included my 28th 1st place finish in the club, and a 2nd Place Classic finish be? Well to tell you the truth the bad finishes were bad. This was my first season since my Rookie Season, all the way back in 1987, that I had three tournaments where I skunked. That's right no keeper bass. Now this hurt me in the overall points standings. Although I finished a respectable 9th Place in the A.O.Y. race. Three tournaments with no points is not acceptable. I am hoping to get back to weighing in limits each tournament.


      2017 Outcast Bass Anglers CLASSIC held on Oneida Lake, N.Y. 9/29 & 9/30/17

                  Left to right; Joe Innella 2nd Place, Bill Kohler 1st Place and Bill Steinmann 3rd Place.


                                                           3rd Place finish Candlewood Lake CT.  Aug. 26th, 2017


                                               1st Place Team Tournament Candlewood Lake, CT. July 8th, 2017

                                                                           Brian Holec & Joe Innella

Big Bass Bantam Lake, Ct. June 2nd, 2017


3rd Place Lake Lillinonoah, CT. 5/20/17

Off Season full of fun and comradery. Attend Reynolds' Marine Seminars and the Bass Masters Classic


 The off season for club members and myself was quite busy. It started out by attending the Reynolds' Marine Angler seminar. This year they had Tommy Biffle and local Pro Paul Mueller. Both seminars were quite informative. And as always Reynolds' Marine supplied a top notch BBQ. I attended this event with fellow club members John Angrisano, Ken Henyan, J.P. Faukner, Mike and Nicky Wiltshire.

Professional Angler Tommy Biffle and Me


  The next part of the off season involved a trip to Houston Texas to attend the 2017 Bass Masters CLASSIC. This was my 2nd CLASSIC and the 1st for my traveling companions John Angrisano, Kenny Case and Bill Steinmann. We had a blast seeing all of the latest equipment, boats and the chance to speak with the Pro's. The weather was great and so was the event. We are planning to return for another CLASSIC in a few years. But this was definitely a Bucket List check off.


Left to right; Myself, John Angrisano, Kenny Case and Bill Steinmann

Myself, Legend Hank Parker and Kenny Case

Denny Brauer and Me

Top 3 Finishes Highlight 2016 Campaign

2016 was an interesting year. Started off by meeting Professional Bass Angler Ish Monroe at the Reynolds Marine seminar in March. Ish was great. His seminar was very informative, relaxed and funny at times.

                                                                    Ish Monroe and Me at seminar

The fishing year started out tough not only for myself but for the entire Outcast Bass Anglers Fishing Club. The first tournament of the year had only 3 anglers weigh in with a total of 4 bass. Over 18 anglers skunked including myself so 2016 did not start out in the best of ways. As the season progressed so did my luck.  I had two regular season Top 3 finishes (Candlewood and Highland Lakes in Connecticut) and concluded the year with a 3rd place finish at the Classic that was held at Saratoga Lake in New York. The event was won by Bill Kohler.

    TOP 3 2016 Classic
       Left to right; Kevin Kohler 2nd Place, Bill Kohler 1st 
     Place and Joe Innella 3rd Place.


  3rd Place finish at Candlewood Lake, Connecticut
   was one of the highlights of the 2016 Campaign.





When all was said and done the 2016 campaign was not that bad. I finished with 248 pts. good enough for a 6th place finish in the Angler of the Year standings  which included two regular season 3rd place finishes and a 3rd place finish at the Classic. Hopefully I will be able to improve on these results during the 2017 season.




     Some Fat Mahopac, NY Largemouth



2015 a Year of Ups & Downs

4.8 oz Largemouth caught at 2015 Classic, Brant Lake, NY

2015 was a year of ups and downs. Due to some personal obligations I had to miss 4 Club Tournaments this past season. However, I started out my year in decent fashion weighing 3 good bass at Bantam #1. One of the smallmouth weighed in was 3 lbs. 2 oz. (see photo below) which was the leader for the Bronzeback Bruiser award for about a 2 month period. Despite not having a top 3 finish I was starting to move back up in the points race. For 5 straight tournaments I weighed in a limit, which included  two 4th Place finishes. And then it happened. I skunked at Bantam #2, one of my best lakes. I had to miss two tournaments after the skunk, which dropped me even further in the points race but I returned for the Regular Season Finale the Candlewood Cash Tournament. Here I finished in 2nd Place. As this was the first time in club history that all club members qualified for the Classic there was no added pressure. This years Classic was scheduled to be fished out of Lake Champlain, NY. However, due to dangerous wind conditions the tournament had to be moved. So the club fished at near by Brant Lake, N.Y. instead. I was able to finish in 6th place. My catch included the 4 lb. 8 oz. largemouth that is pictured above.


Top Finish at 2014 Classic Slips away from 2nd Place to a 4th Place finish.

After bringing in 5 bass to the scales for a weight of 12 lbs. 9 oz. I found myself sitting in 2nd place after Day 1. I was fishing the 2014 Outcast Bass Anglers Classic, held at Lake Champlain, N.Y. Unfortunately on Day 2 of the tournament I was only able to catch 2 bass for a weight of 4 lbs. 10 oz. This gave me a total of 17 lbs. 3 oz. for the tournament. My catch dropped me down to 4th place where I finished one spot out of the money. My partner for the tournament, Bill Steinmann, was able to make a charge on the final day and found himself going from 5th to 3rd. Bill was responsible for me catching 2 of my bigger fish on Day 1. The two four pounders that I caught were fooled by Bills own creation known as the "Chunk". I rounded out my limit using the Flick Shake technique. I was fishing a 1/8th oz. Owner Ultra Head Wacky Style. I riged the jig head with both Yamamotto 4" Senkos and Venom 4" Salty Slings. The winner of the event was Club Rookie Kevin Kohler. 

Lunkerville Episode (Click on link to watch)

Watch the show: Lunkerville: Forever Young: https://youtu.be/IxdRltFL3IU

Joe Innella fished with Mike D. of "Lunkerville" seen on NBC Sports and WFN (The World Fishing Network). Mike was a guest of Joe and the Outcast Bass Anglers Fishing Club. He attended their Annual Family Fun Day fishing derby. The event was held at Whaley Lake in N.Y. All of the kid's had a great time. They received a fishing rod and reel combo and tackle pack courtesy of Lunkerville's title sponsor, South Bend. Also every participant received a trophy. The show should be a good one with lots of fish catching action by the kids and your hosts. Team Lunkerville finished in 5th with a 5 bass limit weighing 8 lbs. 1 oz. But the real winners were all of the kids that attended. They all finished the day with a big smile on their faces.






Bringing fish to the scales equals Classic birth....

October 5, 2014

It was not pretty. However,  bringing two fish to the scales at the "Candlewood Cash" tournament resulted in a 13th place finish which was enough to propel me into the Outcast Bass Anglers 2014 Classic. I was able to claim 10th place in the club standings. (The top 10 anglers in points qualify for the Classic.) The tournament will be held on Oct.10 th and 11th at Lake Champlain in New York. The Classic was originally scheduled to be fished at North Sandy Pond on Lake Erie. However, due to logistics issues the venue was changed to Lake Champlain.

2014 What a long hard road it has been.......Recap

August 13, 2014

Well it's time to play catch up. This is my first entry for the 2014 Tournament Season. Unfortunately, I was not able to fish the Season Opener for the Outcast Bass Anglers. I was out of state attending a wedding. So, I was 40 points behind the leader without even wetting my line. The second tournament of the year I should have been attending another wedding as it was the first time in years that I skunked at a tournament. I did not even get a bite. So now I was 80 points down and still did not weigh in a bass in 2014. This led us to the Clubs weekend tournament, two days on Congamond Lake on the Connecticut/Massachusetts boarder. This got me back in the hunt in the points race with a 5th and a 7th place finish. Then I limited four tournaments in a row. I had a few hefty fish as well (see photos) but did not finish any higher then 5th place. I missed another tournament due to family vacation. (which was well worth the drop in the standings) This past Saturday, which was a very tough day on the water, I was able to weigh a small limit 7 lbs. 10 oz. for a 6th place finish. So now that the club is in the final stretch, 3 tournaments left in the 2014 season, I find my self looking in from the outside of the Top 10. Only the Top 10 Anglers from the point standings get to go to the Outcast Bass Anglers Classic. This year it is being held at North Sandy Pond on Lake Erie. I am currently in 11th place, four points out of the last qualifying position. The angler in front of me has fished one more tournament than me so it will be a battle all the way down to our last regular season tournament the "Candlewood Cash". So in review it has been an up and down season. I am hoping to end it on the up side.

Mike Wiltshire and Joe Innella finish 2nd at "Summer Heat" Team Tournament

August 10, 2013

Mike Wiltshire and Joe Innella took 2nd Place honors at Outcast Bass Anglers "Summer Heat " Team Tournament held at Mahopac Lake on August 10th, 2013. They weighed in a total of 21 lbs. 3 oz. Mike caught his fish on a variety of lures including a Venom baits Better Beaver, crankbaits and Spro swimbaits. Joe caught his bass on Zara Spooks, crankbaits and Senkos. Most of their fish came from about 8 - 14 feet of water.

Third place finish at Bantam comes at the right time

Joe Innella finished in 3rd Place at Bantam Lake CT. on July 13th. No one was more surprised than Joe to find out that he placed in the top 3. The tournament hosted by the Outcast Bass Anglers was won by Chris Gerhardt with a 5 bass limit weighing 16 lbs. Mike Wiltshire claimed 2nd with a limit weighing 14 lbs. 7 oz. Joe brought a 5 bass limit to the scales that weighed 10 lbs. 6 oz. Other anglers came close but could not surpase Joe's weight. The 3rd place points came at the right time as Joe came into the weekend holding 6th place in the Angler of the Year standings. The points came at the right time as Joe will be missing the next club tournament.

Joe Innella and Chris Gerhardt finish 3rd at "Connecticut Clash" Team Tournament

Joe Innella and Chris Gerhardt finished in 3rd Place at the "Connecticut Clash" Team Tournament held at Candlewood Lake, Ct. May 17th, 2013. They brought 16 lbs of bass to the scales. Joe caught his bass on a Venom Salty Sling and a Keitec swim bait.

Big Bass Award and 6th Place Finish to Open Season

Joe Innella Scores Big Bass at Highland Lake,CT.

On his way to a 6th Place finish at the Outcast Bass Anglers first event of the 2013 Season Joe Innella caught a 4 lb. 1 oz. bass to take the Big Bass Award of the tourney. The bass was caught in about 7 feet of water in scattered weeds. She was fooled by a Venom Lures Skip Shad in the Pearl White color pattern. Fellow Venom Pro-Staff member Mike Wiltshire took home Top Honors with the tournament victory.

Running to a spot during tournament on Candlewood Lake Connecticut


Check out this short video that Bob G. took of us running to a spot during a tournament this past August. Makes you want to get out on the water right now.

Joe Innella named to Venom Lures Pro Staff for 2013 Season

Joe Innella will be joining the Venom Lures Team for the 2013 Season.
Check out the great soft plastic baits made by Venom by clicking the Venom Lures Banner. 2010-2012 Outcast Bass Angler of the Year Mike Wiltshire turned me on to Venom a few years ago and I have been using the baits religiously. Some of my favorites are the Salt Series Tubes, Skip Shads and Better Beevers (Yes it is spelled correctly). Nothing could be more fun than dragging a Buzz Tail Shad over the slop and watching a Big Bass explode on it. I was just informed that I will be a part of the 2013 Venom Pro Staff so check out their site and get bitten by Venom Lures.

New association with All-Terrain Tackle

Over the past two years I have been purchasing my Rattling A.T. and swimming A.T. Jigs from Land Big Fish.com. All Terrain Tackle jigs have become a main stay of my tournament arsenal. I have been raving about the quality and fish catching abilities to club members (Outcast Bass Anglers) and Alliance members alike. I am glad that I will now be promoting a product that I have so much confidence in. Check out the website link by clicking the All-Terrain Tackle Banner. Or go to Land Big Fish.com or Tackle Warehouse to purchase these outstanding jigs.

Cold Front plays havoc with Classic contenders

The Outcast Bass Anglers 2012 Classic was held on Oct. 6th - 7th at Lake Champlain N.Y. Although big bass were caught during, Thursday and Fridays, practice days the big fish that Champlain is known for did not show up during the tournament. Chris Gerhardt took home the hardware with 24 lbs. and change. 2012 A.O.Y. winner Mike Wiltshire finished in second and Jimmy Kanca finished 3rd. After day one Joe Innella was holding 6th place with 4 bass weighing 8 lbs. 8 oz. Unfortunately on Sunday Joe only boated 2 keepers. This dropped him down to 7th Place with a total of 12 lbs. 10 oz.

3rd Place finish at the Whaley Wallop secures Classic birth.

Joe Innella finished in 3rd place at the annual Whaley Wallop that took place at Whaley Lake, N.Y. on Saturday Sept. 15th. The third place finish secured a spot in the Outcast Bass Anglers 2012 Classic to be held at Lake Champlain on Oct. 6th & 7th. Joe weighed in a 5 bass limit for 8 lbs. 8 oz. on a day that stymied the best of the clubs anglers.

2nd Place finish for TEAM Spray Nine

Team Spray Nine members Joe Innella and Roberto Reyes finished in 2nd Place at the Outcast Bass Anglers, Oscawana Lake Team Tournament held on August 25th. Joe and Roberto finished 2nd to Winners Chris Gerhardt and Joe Riese who weighed in a total of 9 bass for 19 lbs. 10.5 oz. Team Outcast weighed in 8 bass for a total of 17 lbs. 4 oz. Their weight was anchored by Joe Innella's 5 bass limit weighing 13 lbs. 6 oz. Joe also had the Big Bass of the tournament, a 5 lb. 6 oz. Largemouth. The 40 points earned for being the Top Individual angler put Joe into the 10th qualifying spot for the Outcast Bass Anglers 2012 Classic.

1st Place finish at Mahopac puts Joe Innella back into the hunt for a Classic Birth

Joe Innella won his 27th Club tournament this past weekend, 8/11/12, at Mahopac Lake in Mahopac N.Y. Joe brought in 5 bass weighing over 12 lbs. to top the field. The most amazing thing was he did it from the back of the boat. Joe was fishing with Outcast Bass Anglers reining Angler of the Year, Mike Wiltshire. Mike was on the board early with 2 keepers. After the early bite slowed, Mike and Joe made a mutual decision to move to an area that both anglers were familiar with. The rest of the day both anglers went back and forth culling a few fish along the way. With about 2 hours left in the tournament Mike picked up a bass over 3 lbs. that put him into the lead. While Mike was weighing his bass Joe hooked what would be the lunker of the tournament a 4 lb. 4 oz. largemouth. This fish was the difference as Mike finished in 2nd place with over 11 lbs. which included a 4 oz. dead fish penalty. Although Joe came off of a successful 2011 campaign he has missed 3 tournaments this year due to family obligations, This victory and the bonus points move him up to striking distance of the last qualifying spot for the 2012 Classic. Joe currently sits in 11th place with a total of 166 pts. 11 pts behind Paul Ritchie who sits in 10th place. (The top 10 anglers in points qualify for the Classic Championship at the end of the season).

Outcast Bass Anglers come in 2nd at 2011 Challenge Cup

Team Outcast finished in 2nd Place at this years Challenge Cup. Atlantic Bass Masters won the event. Joe Innella just missed 2nd lunker by one ounce weighing in a 4 lb. 3 oz. largemouth at the event. The Outcast Team placed in the money with their showing. The team consisted of Capt. Mike Whiltshire, Paul Ritchie, Kenny Case, Joe Innella, Chris Gerhardt and Dennis Packes.

Joe Innella Qualifies for Challenge Cup to be held July 16th,2011

UPDATE: Joe Innella was able to bring 3 fish to the scales, at Outcast Bass Angler's 7th tournament of the season, which was held on July 9th at Oscawana Lake, N.Y. Joe qualified for the "Top Six" to represent the Outcast Bass Anglers at the 2011 Challenge Cup. The Challenge Cup will be held on July 16th at Candlewood Lake with the Top Six competitors from 9 Bass Clubs fishing in the tournament. This years event will include:

Outcast Bass Anglers Challenge Cup Team
Capt. Mike Wiltshire
Paul Ritchie
Kenny Case
Joe Innella
Chris Gerhardt
Dennis Packes

So far the 2011 season has been a good one. In the first four tournaments Joe Innella has placed in the the top ten 3 times. Opening the season with a 6th place finish at Candlewood Lake, CT. on April 29th. Joe weighed in a five bass limit for 12 lbs. 8 oz. He was able to follow this up with a 2nd place finish at Lake Lillinonoah, CT. on May 7th. Being only one of two anglers to bring a limit to the scales. On May 15th, Joe finished in 2nd place at Bantam Lake also in Connecticut with a 5 bass limit weighing 13 lbs. 13 oz. Joe also took Big Bass honors with a 4 lb. 13.5 oz. bass. Joe is currently in 4th place in the Outcast Bass Anglers, Angler of the Year Race with 199 points.

Send a Kid Fishing Program

Hi Everyone,
I am making an appeal for donations for a great program run by the LI Fisherman Magazine, it is called the "Send a Kid Fishing Program". I have been involved with the program since the 90's when I worked for Tempo Youth Services. The program has not been advertizing and is low on funds. So I am doing my part to try and keep a good thing going. With the donations the Fisherman charters out local Party boats so that organizations and or groups such as my old youth center , church groups etc., can give young people a chance to experience fishing. Hopefully turning it into a life skill for a few of them. Please consider a donation of any amount and send it to:

The Fisherman
Send a Kid Fishing Program
14 Ramsey Road
Shirley, N.Y. 11967
Attention: Fred Golofaro

Team Spray Nine Finishes 2nd in Team Tournament

Team Spray Nine members Joe Innella & Roberto Reyes finished in 2nd Place at this seasons Candlewood Clash held on Candlewood Lake Connecticut on June 12th, 2010. Almost repeating last years victory.

Team Spray Nine Wins The Candlewood Clash!

Joe Innella & Roberto Reyes won the "Candlewood Clash" Team Tournament on July 12th by a margin of 6 ounces. Joe Innella also took home the BIG BASS Award for the tournament with a 3 lb. 12 oz. Largemouth.

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