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Equiptment Pick up

July 27, 2013 – 09:00 AM


Equipment Pick Up

Saturday July 27th 2013

All Players and Cheerleaders need to come by the Oak Forest Park District Tichan House at their slotted times to pick up their equipment and candy.

Each Player will received, Helmet, chinstrap, pants, and a belt. We will have mouth pieces on sale.

Football Jerseys and Cheerleaders Uniforms will be distributed in the middle of August.

9:00 am----Cowboys and Cheerleaders                                  12:40 pm---Redskins and Cheerleaders

9:20 am----Bucs and Cheerleaders                                           1:00 pm---Jets

9:40 am----Titans                                                                             1:20 pm---Patriots

10:00 am---Eagles and Cheerleaders                                       1:40 pm---Jaguars

10:20 am---Dolphins                                                                       2:00 pm---Chargers

10:40 am---49ers and Cheerleaders                                         2:20 pm---Chiefs

11:00 am---Lions and Cheerleaders                                         3:00 pm---Saints

11:20 am---Steelers and Cheerleaders

11:40 am--- Cardinals

12:00 pm---Broncos and Cheerleaders

12:20 pm-----Vikings and Cheerleaders