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Registration for all sports is done online with payment by credit card. Visit our links for OLBS Catholic Academy and parish information.

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OLBS CYO Philosophy

Inspired by the Good News, the Catholic Youth Organization emphasizes the following values:
1.To encourage our young men and women toward Christian leadership growth in social awareness
and the development of sound Christian values;
2. To encourage fairness, compassion, truth and cooperation through recreational activities;
3. To encourage and challenge our youth to participate and serve those more needy in their parish and
4. To encourage a respect for authority, a sensitivity for the rights of the individual and a loyalty to
one's team and parish;
5. To encourage sportsmanship and self-control in the face of adversity;
6. To encourage the growth of each participant as a player and avoid a 'win at all costs' attitude;
7. To foster respect and cooperation among all people.

**Code of Conduct and Background Check Forms**

Code of Conduct and Background Check forms can be downloaded from the Handouts page (See Forms-->Handouts on Main Menu bar above)

Safe Environment for Our Children and OLBS Coaching Requirements

Safe Environment for Our Children

Parish/Diocesan Policy
Our diocese requires that we register all parish volunteers to minors so that we can serve those in our care responsibly and effectively. This means that all coaches and their assistants must undergo the following procedures . Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension of all coaching privileges.

Registration involves the following:

1. Volunteer Registration Form completion
2. Background Check Permission Form completion
3. Signing Code of Conduct
4. Attending a Virtus workshop

All individuals who volunteer to work with minors will receive a package containing an online registration form with access to www.virtus.org to sign up on that Website for the required workshop nearest to the individual(s). At the workshop the volunteer(s) will sign in, and hand in the background search form, and the Code of Conduct form that will be sent to the Safe Enviroment Office along with the official sign in sheet which serves as proof of attendance. Upon completion of the workshop and necessary forms, you will be officially registered with the Diocese of Brooklyn as a registered volunteer.

For more information please call 718-229-5929 or visit dioceseofbrooklyn.org