Minnesota Hockey News Honors our Fearless Founder Ron Faanes

Minnesota Hockey Magazine honors our Fearless Founder Ron Faanes . click the link for the full story of local kid makes good


JP Marquis High Scoring Title awarded to Jennifer Bye of the New Canaan Mother Puckers

 In an astounding individual performance Jennifer Bye scored 8 of the 9 goals put up by the Mother Puckers to win the coveted JP Marquis High Scoring Trophy. Congratulations to Jennifer and all her team mates who love feeding her the puck and seeing results.

Bob Vietze of the Natick Comets was a close second with 7 goals.

A new trophy was dedicated this year to the most creative scorer and a consolation prize was awarded to #11 of Rye. Seems #11, who accounted for 8 goals and 4 assists, was in line for a tie breaker until it was discovered that the Terrible Trio of Mike Holmes, Artie Collins and Mike Manaster were all wearing #11. Nice try boys. 


2016 Tournament Results

The 2016 Olde Crabs Senior Invitational Ice Hockey Tournament is over and the results are now posted. Congratulations to the Champions

50 Elite: SNVC

50 Competition: Syracuse Gray Wolves

60 Elite: Hockey Town

60 Competition: Gerihatricks

70 's Minnesota Old Timers

Women: Lurkin Merkins


Tournament Photos are available at


Letter from the President of the Olde Crabs; Our Charitable Mission needs you

Dear friends this coming October 21st  the Olde Crabs Hockey Club will host 28 teams including 400 players from a dozen states at the 2016 Olde Crabs Senior Invitational Charity Ice Hockey Tournament, offering four competitive age divisions (50 men, 60 men, 70 men and 40 women) to compete for the revered King Crab Trophy.  As some of you are aware, The Olde Crabs Hockey Club was founded in 1991 as a travelling over 50 hockey club, and in 2006 the Club was recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  In addition to promoting adult men and women’s recreational amateur hockey, our charter is to serve the local community through charitable fund raising to help and aid the disadvantaged and needy. The proceeds from our first Charity Tournament in 2005 were donated to the American Diabetes Association. Over the ensuing ten years our charitable fund raising has expanded significantly in support of both local and national causes including domestic violence, Alzheimer's Disease, local food banks, Salvation Army, returning veterans and the Connecticut Storm a special needs hockey club focused on Autism.  To date the Olde Crabs Senior Invitational Tournament has raised over $95,000 for charities.


I've been an officer of the Crabs since 1996 and Co Chairman of our annual tournament for all twelve years. This year I’ll be representing both the Olde Crabs over 60’s and 70’s teams and playing in at least six games over the weekend. Obviously I'm nuts over ice hockey. As the President of the club in it's 25th Anniversary year I ask you to consider supporting those in need in our community by donating to The Olde Crabs fundraising activities. No gift is too small and every dollar is revered. All gifts are tax deductible.


Our Fundraising website can be found at

2016 Olde Crabs Annual Tournament Schedule

October 21, 2016 – 08:50 AM

The schedule for the Twelfth Annual Olde Crabs Senior Invitational Ice Hockey Tournament is set. The Tournament will begin Friday October 21 at 8:50AM.  Click on "schedules" on the menu bar and click on your team in the drop down box.

Tournament Rules are posted on the  "Bulletin Board" on the main menu toolbar

Team managers are reminded that your roster is limited to 17 skaters plus a goalie for the tournament, not individual games. For local teams make believe you're travelling and bring the same 15 skaters (or less)  to each game.





Check out this video tribute to The Olde Crabs that will air on the Deeds Driven Dads network

Check out this tribute to the Olde Crabs that will be aired on the  "Deeds Drivens Dads" network. Thanks to Stevan Lynn and Deeds Driven Dads for their support. Stevan has been awarded all the rights and titles of an Honorary Olde Crab

The consumate playmaker, Minnesota Oldtimer's John Cook scored 4 goals and assisted on 7 others to capture the Coveted JP Marquis High Scoring Trophy as the Old Timers swept their division on the way to their 11th Olde Crabs Tournament Championship. Congrats to John on a great performance

Thank you to our 2015 Olde Crab Tournament Sponsors
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History of the Old Crabs

Love of competitive ice hockey is the magnet that has drawn the Old Crabs together for the past 15 years.  The team started as a Fairfield/Westchester spin off of the St. Nick’s Club, the oldest amateur hockey club in the US.  The original name of the club was the N.Y. Commuters and was managed by Artie Collins and former professional Chicago Blackhawk player, Eric Nesterenko.  The team was primarily made up of professional men who had been outstanding hockey players in college, especially in the ivy leagues.    

A year after organizing in 1977, the Commuters formed a travel team and began playing in tournaments in Canada and throughout the Northeast.  Seven members of this original team are still playing with the 60 and over division of the Olde Crabs.  Originally current members of the Olde Crabs played for various local teams in Westchester, NY and Fairfield, CT

Having played with and against each other for some 20 years, the Olde Crabs Over 50 Team was formally organized in 1991 bringing together over twenty skaters to a single team. The Olde Crabs compete in tournaments in Canada and throughout the U.S. The team has successfully competed in The World Cup in Seattle as well as tournaments in New York, Maryland, and Minnesota. In 2008 the team won the Gold Medal in the Over 60 Pig Pen Division of the Snoopy Senior World Tournament in California. 

Today the Olde Crabs have grown to fully developed 50+ and 60+ teams composed of working and retired professionals.  The team’s home rink is the Danbury Connecticut Municipal Ice Arena where on Sunday afternoons from October to April they invite local teams to a friendly game. The “Crabbies”, as we are often referred to, take pride in their ability to skate competitively, their love for the game, as well as the comradeship developed over the years. As a team we are active in reaching out to help those in need. Starting in 2005and proceeds from the Crabs tournament were dedicated to the American Diabetes Association which encouraged individual fitness and health no matter what the age.  In 2008 an additional recipient of our work will be the Connecticut Storm. The Storm is a group of parents dedicated to helping children with disabilities learn to socialize and despite their handicaps grow into adults through the social and athletic interaction that ice hockey brings. We’re proud to sponsor the organization and its 28 disabled but game hockey players. Go Storm.

Over the years the club continues to increase membership, win a tournament now and then, develop a strong fan base, and become a role model for many younger teams.  Being an Old Crab is not a bad thing when it comes to hockey in the NY/CT area and as Badger Bob said “It’s  a great day for hockey”.

In order to continue to fund these events and promote the nationwide expansion of recreational ice hockey for all ages, The Olde Crabs are seeking sponsorship. Sponsor packages are flexible and can include signage, promotional literature, giveaways, company logo on all printed material and website exposure.

Complete details are outlined below, if you are interested in sponsoring one, or both of these events please contact Ron Faanes at the Olde Crabs office in Roxbury 860-355-8475, or EC Hoffman 212 981 6944.