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 Our mission is to organize and administer a youth oriented sports program, which strives to build self-esteem, teach fundamental athletic skills, foster teamwork and instill pride in the accomplishment of the children who participate. We will establish a positive, disciplined and competitive program stressing parental and community involvement. It is the goal of the Oldtown Ducks to afford all of our players and cheerleaders the best character molding opportunities available through the pre-screened volunteers selected and the area resources. It shall always remain the focus of Ducks Youth Football/Cheer to provide value-based, respectful attitudes toward all environments for each and every member.   League membership shall always bear in mind that the development of exceptional athletic ability and winning is secondary to the molding of good character and productive citizens.  In essence, we don't just want our kids to win football games or cheer competitions; we want them to WIN at LIFE!


The success of a program is only as good as the people behind it, we need your help in all aspects of running the League. You don't have to know anything about football or cheerleading to contribute your unique skills.

Do you have Marketing Skills? Are you a good Fundraiser? Do you have administrative skills? How about helping at a home game with setting up the field? And we always need assistance organizing and running concessions and clean up!

Your contributions to the organization directly impact the quality of the experience your Child will have. Please Volunteer your time and unique skills, give us a call or drop us an email by clicking below.














On behalf of the Oldtown Ducks Youth Football & Cheerleading League, we would like to welcome each and every one of you and thanks for visiting our website!


On this website you will find information concerning registration, schedules, certifications, contact information and other special events the league has scheduled for this 2018 season. Please feel free to contact us via email and leave a comment when possible.


We welcome all new players, coaches, parents, family members, friends and fans. We are so happy you have chosen the fastest growing football/cheerleading youth league in the area! 


A BIG thanks to everyone who participated in our 2017 season.  We were very competitive and had great success!    It is Our Destiny to be Great as Greatness is our Destiny!





The 1st to promote mentorship in youth sports


And they thought this mentorship thing through youth sports just started.... Go figure!






I pledge to get my child to practice and games on time. I understand that it can be embarrassing for my child to be late and that I may be putting him/her at risk by not providing adequate time for warm up. I will be on time to pick up my child from all games and practices. This shows respect for the coach, and it tells my child that he or she is my top priority.

I pledge to use positive encouragement to fill my child's "emotional tank" because athletes do their best when their "emotional tank" is full. I understand that fewer than 1% of youth sports participants receive college scholarships and that the top three reasons kids play sports are: a] to have fun, b] to make new friends, and c] to learn new skills. I understand that the game is for the players, and I will keep sports in the proper perspective. It's not about the adults...it's about the KIDS.

I pledge to reinforce the ELM Tree of Mastery with my child (E-for Effort, L-for Learning and M-for bouncing back from Mistakes). Winners are people who make maximum effort, continue to learn and improve, and do not let mistakes, or fear of making mistakes, stop them. I understand that mistakes are an inevitable part of any game and that people learn from their mistakes. I understand that children are born with different abilities and that the true measure is not how my child compares to others but how he/she is doing in comparison to his/her best self.

I pledge to "Honor the Game." I understand the importance of setting a good example for my child. No matter what others may do, I will show respect for all involved in the game including coaches, players, opponents, opposing fans, and officials. I understand that officials make mistakes. If the official makes a "bad" call against my team, I will Honor the Game and be silent!

I pledge to refrain from yelling out instructions to my child. I understand that this is the coach's job. I understand that games are chaotic times for children trying to deal with fast-paced action and respond to opponents, teammates and coaches. I will limit my comments during the game to encouraging my child and other players for both teams.

I pledge to refrain from making negative comments about my child's coach in my child's presence. I understand that this plants a negative seed in my child's head that can negatively influence my child's motivation and overall experience.

I will honor the Oldtown Ducks PARENT PLEDGE in my words and in my actions.