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Ronald (Ceasar) Tassin

                                                                               By: Joseph (Ceasar) Tassin Jr.

 George Washington Carver Senior High School celebrated their 21st annual homecoming festivities on October 14, 1978 at Tad Gomely Stadium. For this year, the festivities were dedicated to Ronald (Ceasar) Tassin.

                                                              WHO IS RONALD (CEASAR) TASSIN?

Ronald was a four (4) year starter of the Carver Rams football team and the last two (2) of those years were spent as team captain. He made All District two (2) years straight and was a candidate for All-American.

 At the end of his career with the Carver Rams, Ronald was offered between twenty (20) and thirty (30) scholarships throughout the United States, his choice, Alcorn State University. Alcorn is a historically Black college located in the western – central part of Mississippi. Alcorn is rated as having a fairly good football team. Ronald was to start in his first year. His dream never came true. Ronald (Ceasar) Tassin died by drowning on August 1, 1978. Ronald was the son of the late Mr. Joseph Tassin Sr. and Mrs. Willie Mae Tassin, a resident of this community and a member of St. Phillip Catholic Church for over twenty (20) years. He had eight (8) brothers and sisters; Barbara Ceasar Age, Ursula Ceasar Morgan, Gloria Ceasar, Leonard Ceasar Jr., Beverly Tassin Haynes, Joseph (Ceasar) Tassin Jr., Gilbert (Ceasar) Tassin, and Grace (Ceasar) Tassin.

 The Rams, in a convincing win over the Clark Bulldogs 40-8, gave the winning football to the mother of Ronald, Mrs. Willie Mae Tassin. With tears in her eyes and rolling down her cheeks, while being swarmed by the whole team and coaching staff, Mrs. Tassin stood tall and proud as cameras flashed and the principal of George Washington Carver Senior High School, Herbert J. McCullum, handed her the game ball and a gentle kiss on the cheek. 

CARVER'S HOMECOMING '78 - A Special Dedication: Ronald (Ceasar) Tassin




                                                        By: Curtis VanBuren

 The Carver Rams delighted a homecoming day crowd of better than 10,000 people with an outstanding 40-8 trouncing of cross town rivals J. S. Clark Senior High School. RB Michael Jones ran for three touchdowns and the passing of Hollis Brent to the Smith connection took the bite out of the “junk yard dogs”. High on homecoming fever the Rams defense took control of the contest early when DE Terrol Wright block a punt to set up the first of Jones’ touchdowns. Defensively the Rams made it a long afternoon for the “Dogs” as they totally overwhelmed the offense. The homecoming had special meaning for the Rams and their fans as the team dedicated the game and game ball to the mother of Ronald (Ceasar) Tassin. In a special half-time ceremony Mrs. Tassin was presented the game ball by the Rams coaches and players. We at this time would like to extend our best wishes to Mrs. Tassin and her family from the Carver Rams and their fans.

                                                                       G.W. CARVER HIGH SCHOOL


                                                                                          TEAM ROOSTER


11 Raymon Bankston                                      36 Calvin LeBlanc                              65 Charles James


12 Hollis Brent                                                   45 Otis Dupree                                  66 Pete Phelps


15 Ronald Glover                                              46 Michael Jones                              67 Wayne Briggs


16 Kevin Tyler                                                    48 Joseph Singletary                       68 Lionell Breaux


17 Willie Miles                                                   49 Charles Simmos                          70 Gregory Williams


19 Terrell Duncan                                             50 Lloyd LeBlanc                               72 Cyril Kennedy


20 Kobin Wright                                                51 Joseph Johnson                          77 Kevin Young


21 Danny Brumfield                                        52 Anthony McGowan                   78 Elliot Stewart


22 Robert Thompson                                      54 Terry Brock                                   82 Dewayne Smith


24 Joseph Charles                                            55 Arthur Jackson                            84 Michael Steen


25 Ronald Howard                                           57 Kevin Howard                              86 Wayne Smith


27 Joel Walker                                                   61 Irvin Crowley                                87 Belton Brister


28 Edward Scott                                                62 Eric Porter                                     88 Terrol Wright


30 Ronald Lewis                                                63 Charles James                              89 Timmy Carter







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