What Our Program is About

Our program is open to boys and girls in K – 8th grades. Each wrestler will compete at tournaments according to his/her weight, age and experience level. Check the calendar for practice days/times at the Oregon High School Wrestling Room.
Our goals are many:
1) First ,of course, is the safety and welfare of each wrestler. Your wrestler is supervised at all times by experienced coaching staff who are trained in first aid.
2) Our coaches and assistants will provide the best wrestling instruction possible. Focus of practices will be on the fundamentals;  basic understanding of wrestling, building strength and endurance, while making the instruction fun.
3) We highlight the importance of nutrition and exercise in wrestling as well as in general health.
4) We foster self-confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline in each wrestler, as well as respect for fellow wrestlers.
Our team will be divided by age into 2 squads, allowing each wrestler to progress at their own pace in a group with  similar levels of experience/age. Each squad will meet individually two times a week and come together for tournaments to wrestle as one team. Practice times and places will be posted.
Of the many sports your child can participate in, wrestling is perhaps the most misrepresented, misunderstood, and underrated. The ratio of participation to public awareness is remarkably lopsided. Each year hundreds of thousands of kids participate in this sport, yet the average person knows as much about wrestling as they might know about rugby or polo -- which combined, involve far fewer athletes. Our purpose is to generate new interest and awareness among parents whose children want to participate in this exciting and rewarding sport.
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Oregon Youth Wrestling Club