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Patrick Shifflett Memorial Baseball Tournament


Announcing "Patrick Shifflett Memorial Baseball Tournament"  

3rd Annual 9U/10U/11U/12U/13U/14U

and New 15U/16U Division

Tournament !


8:00 PM All seeding Completed


Clarksburg Baseball and The Patrick Shifflett Foundation have teamed up to host  a Baseball Tournament in support of The Patrick Shifflett Foundation:

9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U, and 15U/16U on May 31-June 2 2019. The Tournament will be made up of a maximum of 8 teams in each division, additional teams will be added with interest. Games will be played in Clarksburg, MD and the surrounding area. Each team will be guaranteed 3 games. Saturday games will be Round Robin style. On Sunday, teams will be reseeded and will play for the Tournament Championship. Trophies will be awarded to Champions and Runner ups. Tournament Fees are $550 (9U/10U) and $625 (11U/12U/13U/14U, and 15U/16U) and include the Umpires and game balls. 100% of proceeds from the tournament will go to the Patrick Shifflett Foundation.

Each Player will receive a commemorative tournament pin:

Each Team will also award a Patrick Shifflett Honor Coin to a member of the opposing team at the completion of each game. This player will be determined by the values Patrick Shifflett demonstrated: never giving up, good sportsmanship, strong character, and encouraging your team.


2019 Tournament Registration



1. Clarksburg KEYS (Registered & Paid, COI, Roster)

2. BCC Big Train (Registered & Paid,COI)

3. Clarksburg Keys -Laffman (Registered & Paid,Roster,COI)

4. Pal Pirates (Registered & Paid, Roster, COI)

5. Elkridge Hurricanes -Orange (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

6. Mid Maryland United-(Registered & Paid,  COI,Roster)




1. Clarksburg KEYS (Registered & Paid, COI, Roster)

2. Sandy Spring Blue(Registered, Paid, COI,Roster)

3. Calvert Tide (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

4. Greene County Dragons (Registered& Paid,Roster,COI )

5. Mid Atlantic Red Sox (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

6. Lake Shore Graysox (Registered & Paid, COI,Roster)

7. UMAC Attack (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

8. Chambersburg Youth Baseball (Registered & Paid, Roster,COI)




1. Clarksburg KEYS (Registered & Paid, COI, Roster)

2. Urbana Hawks (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

3. Maryland Crush (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

4. Olney Pirates (Registered & Paid, Roster,COI)

5. Canes-Maxwell (Registered & Paid, Roster,COI)

6. UMAC Attack (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

7. Olney Bucs (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)



12U: Closed

1. Clarksburg KEYS (Registered & Paid, COI, Roster)

2. Calvert Tide (Registered & Paid,Roster,COI)

3. Maryland Crush (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

4. Bigbie's Blacksox (Registered & Paid,COI, Roster)

5. Olney Pirates (Registered  & Paid,COI,Roster)

6. KSI Elite (Registered & Paid,Roster,COI)

7. CTYBC (Registered & Paid,Roster,COI)

8. Stars Baseball (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

9. Blue Ridge Blue Sox (Registered & Paid, COI, Roster)

10.Frederick Highlanders (Registered, Paid, Roster,COI)

11. Warriorrs BCCC (Registered & Paid,Roster,COI)





13U: Closed

1. Clarksburg KEYS (Registered & Paid,Roster,COI)

2. Bigbies Black Sox-Nuse (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

3. High Heat Sports (registered & Paid,Roster,COI)

4. OPP Baseball (Registered & Paid, Roster, COI)

5. HCYP Raiders- White (Registered & Paid,Roster,COI)

6. Southwestern York Outlaws (Registered & Paid,Roster),COI

7. Burtonsville Storm (Registered & Paid,Roster,COI)

8. West Virgina Coyotes (Registered & Paid, COI), Roster

9. Dig In Baseball (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

10. Kidball Baseball (Registered & Paid,Roster,COI)

11. Gambrills Athletic club (Registered & Paid,Roster,COI)

12. Virginia Cannons (Registered & Paid,Roster,COI)



14U: Closed

1. Urbana Hawks-Fuchsman (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

2. Elkridge Hurricanes( Registered & Paid, COI, Roster)

3. Calvert Tide (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

4. WV Athletics (Registered, Paid, Roster, COI,Roster)

5. In the Dirt Musser (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

6. DIG IN-Brockway (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

7. PA Diamond 9 (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

8. Olney Bucs (Registered & Paid,COI, Roster)

9. Southern MD Sting (Registered & Paid, COI,Roster)

10. Damascus Cougars (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)



1. PSF Baseball (Registered & Paid, Roster,COI)

2. Elkridge Hurricanes-Oreily (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

3. Manchester Bluex sox(Registered & Paid, Roster,COI)

4. Maryland Mustangs (Registered, Roster, Paid, COI)

5. Dig In-Ahearn (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

6. Canes-Maxwell (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

7. Maryland Crush (Registered & Paid,COI,Roster)

8. Old Line Baseball (Registered & Paid, COI,Roster)

9. Baltimore Blue Crabs (Registered  & Paid, Roster,COI)

10. Elkridge Canes-Herz (Registered ,Paid,COI,Roster)


1.Germantown Jaguars (Registered)


9U/10U- Teams play on 46/60 Fields

11U/12U- Teams play on 50/70 Fields

13U/14U- Team play on 60/90 Fields

 For More Information regarding the Patrick Shifflett Memorial tournament Please contact:

Robert D'Attilio : dattilio@sbcglobal.net

Tournament Director



2019 T-Shirt:

 All tournament T-Shirt orders must be place on line prior to May 22nd at 12:00. Orders will need to be placed online as a team. T-Shirts will be delivered to your first game of the tournament. Pre-Orders $20.00 for Performance moisture wick T-Shirt. Checks payable to Patrick Shifflett Foundation or Cash accepted. Limited shirts for sale during tournament.