The Playoffs will begin on Monday, July 23th.


The format for the Playoffs is:

The highest seeded team v. the lowest seeded team

with the higher seed the home team.


Three rounds.

Best of five games each round.


Twilight games will begin at 5:45 PM

Lighted Fields at 7:30 PM


Please Note that Stony Creek Cannons Play at Latshaw/McCarthy Field in Norristown




3. Ambler Brewers wins series vs. 4. Nor-Gwyn Packers (3-1)




Semifinal Pairings:

4. Nor-Gwyn wins series vs. 1. Lansdale (3-2)

3. Ambler wins series vs. 2. Valley Forge (3-1) 



First Round Pairings:

1. Lansdale wins series vs. 8. Stony Creek (3-0)

2. Valley Forge wins series vs. 7. Gabelsville (3-0)

3. Ambler wins series vs. 6. Trooper (3-2)

4. Nor-Gwyn wins series  vs. 5. Pottstown (3-0)


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