Welcome to the home of the

Pikes Peak Warriors


A youth wrestling club (age 4 through 8th grade) based in Northern Colorado Springs.



Hello Warriors!


Registration is open for this season! Below are instructions, I strongly recommend you do this from a desktop if possible because the phones and tablets never seem to have links in the same locations.


This year, we are requiring all wrestlers to pay at registration through the Trackwrestling website.  If you are sponsoring, please go ahead and pay and we will deduct this from the amount you sponsor for the club. If you need financial assistance, contact me directly and we’ll talk about sponsorship searches, volunteering and other options.



Please don’t forget to sign up for, and bring in to the first practices a copy of your updated USA wrestling “limited folkstyle” 2019-2020 card (https://www.usawmembership.com/login).  If you wrestled with us in the past we should have a copy of your birth certificate on file.  New wrestlers must provide the club with a copy of their birth certificate which can be kept on file.


Registration Instructions:


1.    Go to the link below or navigate Trackwrestling to Pikes Peak Warriors Club 2019-2020 and select the pre-registration icon on the right side of the screen: http://www.trackwrestling.com/registration/BasicPreReg1.jsp?tournamentGroupId=156598132

2.    Select the red and black flashing “Register Now” icon

3.    Enter your e-mail and desired password so you can get back to the registration should you be interrupted, then click “Continue”

4.    Select “Add Wrestler”

5.    Fill in the form (see information below about required information) 

a.    The practice jersey size is critical.  If you get this wrong let us know at the first practice or we will be ordering a size that doesn’t fit your child.

b.    The experience box is merely for a gauge of how large each team will be, it will not bind anyone to any team.

c.     The checkbox for the Pikes Peak Warriors 2019-2020 must be selected to get the three pulldown menus to show up.

d.    The first member of the family should be selected as participant, the second member as 2ndparticipant, and third member as 3rdparticipant, all additional members should be 4thor greater participants.


6.    When completed, select “Add this Wrestler”

7.    If you have additional wrestlers to add, repeat steps 4-6 above for each one.

8.    Click continue when all wrestlers have been added.

9.    You will then need to complete the billing process via a credit card.

If you are planning to coach, please try to get your coaching card in September.  There is a background check every two years which must be completed and it sometimes takes longer than it should.

I believe that is everything for now. E-mail or call me with questions and see you all soon!

Go Warriors!


Coach Sean






We will begin in October 15th and run through February.


We encourage our athletes to participate in multiple sports and many of our wrestlers wait to start until November when their fall sports are wrapped up.


 We will split into two teams starting in November to accommodate the large age and skill level differences in the club:

    Blue team  is for experienced and older wrestlers. Jr high students are automatically on the blue team due to their size.  Younger wrestlers must pass a skills test to move up to the blue team.  Blue team is planned to practice Monday and Wednesday from 6-8pm at Pine Creek High School.


    Red team is for younger and less experienced wrestlers.   Red team is planned to practice Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7:30pm at Pine Creek High School.


   Friday is currently planned to be available for any wrestlers who want extra work or have scheduled special trains with a coach from 6-7:30pm at Pine Creek High School.  


        The practice schedule will be released as soon as all facilities are booked.


Registration Fees:

$160 for your first child, $135 for your second child, $100 for your third child.  Any remaining children in your immediate family are free.  Registration will close once we reach 100 wrestlers.



·          Available virtually every weekend starting in November for those wishing to compete.  These tournaments are through the Peak 2 Peak Wrestling League and the location moves each week (Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Castle Rock and South Denver).


·        Each wrestler can attend as many or as few tournaments as they desire though the year.


·        For Standard tournaments there is a weigh in on Thursday to record your weight, age and skill level (A, B or C).  You do NOT have to make a weight, but instead you will be paired with wrestlers throughout the front range based on those categories above.  Generally, tournaments consist of 3-5 matches with awards given for the first four places in your grouping.  These tournaments cost $20 which is due upon your weigh in that week.


·       Special events or national tournaments are more expensive and they typically require the wrestler to sign up for a specific weight class which they MUST make weight.


Champions of Character:

·       We developed and strongly promote this program which rewards our wrestlers for displaying positive character traits on and off the mat.  It gives our young men and women an opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for admirable and positive behavior such as sportsmanship, leadership, citizenship, self-motivation, responsibility, accountability, and above all, outstanding academic performance.


·        Wrestlers are recognized in front of the entire team by coaches, teammates, teachers, parents and friends for displaying the above mentioned behaviors.


·        Stars are given for these recognitions and rewards are set for specific numbers of stars through the year.


Communication and Calendar:

·       We use an app called TeamSnap for our communication and calendar throughout the year.   This allows for coaches and team moms to get information out quickly and efficiently.


·       This app is free to download and has a calendar feature which pushes the team information directly to smart phones making practices and tournaments easily tracked by the entire team.


Fund Raising:

·        Our team hosts a league tournament as our primary fund raiser.

·        This is the only required fund raising event for the team where we ask for   help in setup, concessions, running a wrestling table and/or clean-up.

·        Our tournament date is Feb 8th, 2020.

·        We ask you to reserve this weekend to help the team with the event.