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Umpire Information



UMPIRES 2019 Registration

The 2019 Season is open for registration for Plainfield Independent Umpires.  You must be 14 by April 1st in 2019 to qualify to umpire.  It is open to all who want to umpire either baseball or softball for the Plainfield Athletic Club in the 2019 Spring and Fall Season.

Membership fee can be paid by credit card, e-check, or mailed check.  Follow the link below to register.


Below are a few of the key dates for your calendar with more information to come in the next few weeks.  If you are an umpire with less than 2 years’ experience it is mandatory for you to attend a (1) clinic, (1) rules meeting, and organizational meeting.  For all others attendance is mandatory for a rules and organizational meeting. 

Key Dates

Type                           Date                            Time                                    Location
Umpire Clinic                    3/9                         9:00am-2:00pm                               JFK Middle School 

Rule Meeting                     3/13                      6:30pm-9:00pm                                PCHS Freshman

Rule Meeting                     3/20                      6:30pm-9:00pm                               PCHS Freshman

PIU Org Mtg                      4/4                        6:30pm-9:00pm                                 Ira Jones Middle School

Umpire Clinic                    4/6                         9:00am-2:00pm                                JFK Middle School

NEW UMPIRE NOTE:  You will be required to purchase proper umpire gear which will include protective equipment, shirt, pants, & shoes.  The cost can range from $100 to $200 this is in addition to the $35 registration fee.  Please be aware of these costs before signing up.  The first year you can expect to earn $25 to $35 a game depending on level.



Dates and locations are subject to change, check www.plainfieldathleticclub.org for updates and click the umpire tab.  Questions can be directed to Rob Denney @executive.vp@plainfieldathleticclub.org or Tim Lucas @ diamondback4321@yahoo.com. 

Work Permit Information

Download the Work Permit Information document from "Handouts" for additional details about obtaining a work permit if you are under 16. You will also need to print the "PAC Letter of Intent" document from "Handouts" if you did not receive one at one of our meetings. The Letter of Intent eliminates the need to have an employer signature on the work permit form.

If you are under 16 years of age on 4/1/2019, you must provide a copy of your work permit to your PIU Division Umpire Assigner prior to your first game assignment. If you already have a 2019 permit please bring a copy of it to the meetings so that you can be assigned a number and be allowed to Self-Assign games on ArbiterSports.