• As of 2018 $2! 2nd Fridays BINGO please bring DOLLAR STORE item for prize
  • As of 2018 $2! 3rd Fridays MOVIES
  • As of 2018 $2! 4th Fridays DANCES
  • As of 2018 $2! 1st & 5th Fridays Special Events -Talent shows, GALA, Fashion Shows, Pageants,
  • Bring WATER or CAPRI Drinks Please IF U CAN every time u come

Activities for Mentally & or Physically Challenged, EVERY WED FRI &SATURDAY OF Year! $2 Fri as2018


NO age limit. ~ Register for sports when you come. ~NO city residency required. ~ All activities are in the city of Plantation FL.

DYNAMITES HAVE A SPORT AND, ACTIVITY EVERY WEEK OF THE YEAR!!! ~~~We have an activity for Mentally and or Physically Challenged, EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY OF THE YEAR! Also WEDNESDAYS during May to end of Aug. (When school is out)

AS OF 2018, all our activities, FRIDAYS ALWAYS $2. Please bring $2 every time you come :) 

1st & 5th FRIDAYS: SPECIAL EVENTS. Talent Shows, Fashion Shows, Pageant, Gala, Annual Picnic.


SATURDAYS:  Bowling year round. Softball in spring. Soccer in fall. ~ WEDNESDAYS: Indoor Basketball in summer.

( * )  IF YOU CAN for FRIDAYS please BRING water or box of CAPRI DRINKS (have their own straw so we don't need to buy the cups), also, you can bring chips, cookies etc.
( * )  For MOVIES you can also bring pop corn etc
 *If you bring soda bottles then please, you must bring the cups:)
( * )  For BINGO please bring  for each child TWO items from the dollar store. Your loved one will get it  when they WIN. 

Thank you for your support and love...
Luz Marina Sementilli :)
PAL Commissioner Special Populations
Dynamites Director
(954) 270-4455  "You are so beautiful to meeee" :)

E-mails: DynamitesCommissioner@palsports.org


WEB PAGE: www.leaguelineup.com/plantationdynamites