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Sign up January 30th Cancelled!

Our sign up registration for January 30th is cancelled due to severe cold weather. We hope to see you at one of our other scheduled dates. Thank You.

Spring 2019 sign up information.

Recreational teams:

Registrations open to residents of the South Allegheny school district. Non residents are welcome but limited to the amount we can accept. Contact us at sign ups for more information.


Boys and Girls tee ball (ages 4,5,6):  $40 with $40 fundraiser.  Includes uniform shirt and hat.


Boys Baseball (ages 6 thru 12):  $70 plus $40 fundraiser.  Includes uniform shirt, pants, and hat.     Child's age as of April 30th.

  • 8 and under instructional baseball coach pitch.
  • 10 and under minors baseball.
  • 12 and under majors baseball.

 All these teams play in East Suburban Baseball league.


Girls softball (ages 6 thru 12):  $70 plus $40 fundraiser.  Includes uniform shirt, shorts or pants, visor or socks.      Child's age as of January 1st.   

  • 8 and under instructional slow pitch, coach pitch
  • 10 and under instructional fast pitch.
  • 12 and under fast pitch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Girls softball (ages 13 thru 15):  $80 plus $40 fundraiser.  Includes uniform shirt, pants, visor or socks.       Child's age as of January 1st.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  All softball teams play in the Mon Yough girls softball league.


Boys Pony & Colt League Baseball (ages 13 thru 16):  $100 plus $40 fundraiser. includes uniform shirt, pants, and hat.    Child's age as of April 30th. 

 Team plays in East Suburban Baseball League.


Sign ups held at Liberty Borough Municipal Building on these dates:          Address  2921 Liberty Way, Liberty Borough.

  • Wednesday  January 30,       6:30pm to 8pm
  • Saturday      February 2,       11am to 1pm
  • Wednesday  February 6,       6:30pm to 8pm
  • Saturday      February 9,       11am to 1pm
  • Tuesday       February 19,     6pm to 7pm              Monthly Meeting to follow at 7pm. Welcome to attend.     


Payment options;  Cash, Check, Visa, Master card, Discover card, and American Express accepted. There is a $2.00 convenience fee added to each credit card transaction.

LBAA provides a way for sign up participants to get the $40 fundraiser fee back. Details at sign ups.

Third Child that is youngest child sign up fee is FREE (Fundraiser may apply) . Third child must be from same family/household. 

Please bring following with you to sign up;  Copy of child's birth certificate and health insurance information

Each child participating is asked to have his or her own glove and helmet that is NOCSAE certified. Face guard on helmet may be required depending on team and league requirements.

Games and practices are primarily weekdays and sometimes weekends. Every effort is made for weekdays but not guaranteed. Games require travel to other communities as well.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Brawlers Metro Baseball 2019

More information coming soon. Check back here.

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Looking for more information on your teams league?

Click on links in our website and find the link to local baseball and softball league websites as well as travel teams, sports education, and more!

"New Baseball Bat Requirement for 2018"

East Suburban baseball league "ESBL" which LBAA participates in has adopted the Little League bat stamp requirement for 2018. This new rule requires that bats used in game play have the new "USA Baseball" stamp printed on the bat. Bats not having this stamp are not permitted for use in game play. For Pony and Colt age, players are permitted to use BBCOR bats approved for high school use.

Officers for 2019

President; Jim Knapton

Vice President; Jen Sethman

Secretary; Amanda Rausch

Treasurer; Agnes Knapton

Field Coordinator; Tom Belan

Equipment Manager; Jon Champ

Softball Commissioner; Carole Kelly

Baseball Commissioner;

LBAA board is currently seeking a volunteer person for this position. Requirements are; knowledge of boys baseball game and associated rules. Coaching backround preferred. Must pass PA state clearances and backround check. Attend monthly league meetings, LBAA monthly meetings, and provide reports on rules and scheduling of teams. Work with volunteer coaches to provide training support, tournament information and registration, schedule umpires for some events, also work to provide solutions to disputes that may arise. This is an appointed board member position. If you are interested please attend our next monthly meeting.

In the case of multiple applicants, LBAA board members reserve the right to choose best qualified applicant. .

Attention: Please Read!

Any PERSON having contact with players is now REQUIRED by STATE LAW to have completed; 1) State police criminal history background check. 2) Child abuse background check. 3) The keep kids safe disclosure form printed and completed. The cost of these are free. The three forms are required for managers, assistant coaches, score keepers, team moms, and anyone that's involved with field and dugout activities and must be readily available for inspection upon request during all LBAA activities. To complete these clearances please go to ASA website and follow web-links at www.paasa.org and use volunteer applications. For more information on clearances and laws please go to www.keepkidssafe.pa.gov/ or use our link.  If you plan to be involved in some capacity with your child's team, please complete the three requirements and submitt two copies of each to LBAA to have on file. For softball additional steps are needed with MYGSL, please contact LBAA board member or team manager for additional instructions. Currently our link for clearances to PA state police website is having difficulties. LBAA will accept clearances from other organizations provided they are current through October 2018 and all three steps are complete. Please read disclosure form to make sure you meet the requirements you are signing for. At Liberty Borough Athletic Association child safety is very important to us.

Business Sponsors

If your in business and wish to become a sponsor of Liberty Borough Athletic Association please contact us. We will send out an information letter and form with sponsor packages and donation amounts. Send us an email and include business name, address, phone number, and contact name. Thank You!