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PMYC Sports provides sports programs, including flag football, field hockey, basketball, lacrosse and cheerleading in the Fall & Winter to the youth of the Phoenixville Area.  PMYC Sports is an all-volunteer organization.  There is no cost to participate in any sports program.  Funding to provide these programs is generated through donations, fundraisers and grants.  PMYC Sports survives and thrives through the generosity of the community.

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PMYC Basketball needs your help!

After 15 years, Jeanne Schanzenbach must step down as the Girls Basketball Commissioner.  She is moving to Virginia later this year.  Unfortunately, that's a bit too long of a commute!  Rob Spitz has been the Boys Basketball Commissioner for more than 25 years and is also looking to pass the reigns to the next generation.

UPDATE - Plans changed and Jeanne did not end up moving to Virginia.  HOWEVER, we still need help and would like to have a leadership change!

Jeanne & Rob will continue to be involved as much as possible with the behind-the-scenes organizing for registration and scheduling next season but won't be able to help at the gym.

We will hold an organizational meeting later this Spring.  Please consider volunteering.  There are many ways to contribute in a small way.  We will have a list of opportunities available and the road map to make the league happen.  Remember, PMYC is an all-volunteer organization.  PMYC Basketball is important for the children in the community.  We need to keep the lights on!