• Home of the 2013 Post 295 Sr. Legion Team
  • COACHES: Pete White, Mark Heckhaus, Gene Saxman & Pat Cole
  • PLAYERS: S.Ardoin, S. Bacchus, M Banks, S. D'Amato, C. Dorsey, J. Jan
  • PLAYERS: J. Lynch, J. Moeltner, B. Rourke, T. Seely, M. Shannon, S. Shin
  • PLAYERS: N. Siegel, W.Stachura, R.Teachum, C. Thatcher, E. Toombs, Q. Tran

Message from Coach Pete White . . . .

April 20, 2015

Due to lack of interest, no field, and no help for coach White, their will be no 295 baseball this season. Due to insurance and registration the decision had to be made by April 15th. No excuses just couldn't muster the things that made 295 the top program in Montgomery county. Rick Price and team set the standard for Legion in the County and I was in hopes of carrying on that fine tradition but it didn't work out. The loss of a team like this really makes one feel sad for the players. Great group over the last two years, the players and fans make it all worthwhile. Thanks to all those that gave their time for NO renumeration,Coach Saxman,Coach Cole and Team Mom's and scorers. You were all the best. Hope that Poolesville,NW,QO and SV have great spring seasons. See you around and be sure and say Hi. Take care  Coach White

Post 295 Looking for Dedicated Assistant Coaches!

March 27, 2015

Post 295 is looking for dedicated assistant coaches for the 2015 American Legion baseball program. We would hate to see 295 not able to play for lack of coaches. We need to know before April 1 (we have a deadline). If former 295 players can step up, we can save the program. Please contact Rick Price at 240-447-6948 or email at myrtlesgrove@yahoo.com.

Senior Legion Gaithersburg Post 295 Contact Information

May 4, 2014 – 05:00 PM

Call Coach Pete White with any questions.


(301) 949-3779


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End of Season Notice

July 17, 2014

Thank you to our hardworking coaches - Coach White, Coach Saxman and Coach Cole!  The players and parents appreciate all the time, effort, and dedication you put in this 2014 Summer!

Thank you to our players, who tirelessly came to practice and played their hearts out all summer long!