• Three Levels of Play - Sr. Legion - Pony - U12
  • Joint team of players from Lakeside Lutheran , Luther Prep, and Wels Federation grade schools

Jefferson County Youth Baseball

2020 COVID -19 Guidelines


CONCESSION STANDS- Run as you see fit according to your local and county guidelines- Jefferson County Highly recommends for foodservice sneeze guards and other appropriate PPE (PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT)

PARK AND COMMUNITY BUILDINGS- Monitor according to your local and county guidelines



The safety guidelines listed below are proposed additional measures to be taken before, during, and after a youth baseball game.  All other key prevention strategies by the CDC and Wisconsin Department of Health will be strictly followed, to promote safe and healthy social distancing.


Parents and spectators have separate seating away for the backstop or dugout. Spectators will not be allowed around the area of the backstop or dugouts. Only Players, up to three coaches per team, and the umpire(s) are allowed on the field of play. Spectators are only permitted to view the game from the outfield.  This means the game may be viewed along the foul lines starting at the 1st/3rd base extending to the outfield and outfield area.


HAND AND EQUIPMENT SANITIZING BETWEEN INNINGS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  The exact method of disinfecting equipment will be up to the communities and should be provided at a team level when traveling.  Host communities will not be expected to provide disinfecting materials to visiting teams.

The dugout will be extended to behind the dugout to the backstop for both teams.  This is to allow rostered players and up to three coaches per team to practice social distancing throughout the game while their team is up to bat.  Players, coaches, or any combination thereof must maintain all social distancing guidelines throughout the game within the dugout and extended area as referenced above.  One suggested practice is to have players line up in their batting order behind the dugout/backstop with a social distance of 6 feet apart. Coaches/communities should consider providing visual markers every 6 feet on the ground for players.

Assistant coaches should be provided with a designated standing area (6 feet from players) when coaching the bases.

Please see the diagram on Page 3 for reference.


At the pregame meeting and throughout the game coaches and umpires will not be allowed to shake hands or have any physical contact with each other. All Parties must maintain social distancing guidelines.  No physical contact or touching is permitted.

Players and coaches are asked to refrain from high fives or any other physical gestures of celebration. All team personnel must always maintain social distancing.

After the game, players will be asked to forego the sportsmanship line at the end of the game.  Instead, we are asking for each team to line up on their respective foul line and “tip their cap” as a salute to the other team to promote sportsmanship.

All other current JCYB rules and regulations remain in place.


It is highly recommended that team personnel carry hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes with you to be used before, during, and after the games. Whenever appropriate, such as if/when you come in contact with the ball or any other players, coaches, or shared equipment(bases).

It is recommended that players are wear batting gloves as much as possible, especially when handling a bat.

Refrain from sharing equipment in general.  This includes but is not limited to bats, helmets, and catcher’s equipment. Equipment must be in the designated areas.  All necessary equipment should be walked in to prevent cross-contamination. It is suggested that each player has a designated area, away from the other players, for their personal equipment. 

Each team will provide their own balls to be used during the course of a game while their team is on defense.  Each team will also provide a means to disinfect and wipe down the ball when a ball re-enters play following a foul ball or home run.   Organizations are encouraged to communicate with spectators/fans/families to refrain from retrieving foul balls. The designated team representative from each respective team will retrieve foul balls and sanitize before returning to the competition.


Umpires will be asked to officiate the game from behind the pitcher’s mound while practicing social distancing with all fielders. This will limit the number of people around home plate and will still allow the umpire to call the game and the whole field.            THERE WILL NOT BE ANY ARGUING OF BALLS AND STRIKES.  With the moving of the home plate umpire to behind the pitcher, balls and strikes will not be up for discussion from any coach or spectator.  If the umpire’s pitch call is questioned, the umpire will give a team warning.  If a second instance occurs, the individual committing the violation will be ejected from the vicinity of the field.


It is highly encouraged that all players, coaches, and umpires have personal water bottles that are kept in their individual designated areas.  NO FOOD INCLUDING SUNFLOWER SEEDS AND GUM ALLOWED IN THE DESIGNATED DUGOUT AREAS.


If at any point any member of your organization or an event attendee does contract COVID-19 the League must be informed as a courtesy.  This is not to include the personal information of an individual but will be done to provide this information to other communities who may have been in contact during a game or event.  For example, a simple statement such as “a spectator for the Ixonia Pony Gray team has tested positive for COVID-19” will suffice.

2020 Registrations



10U ( PeeWee 13 player cap) New this year !! ( Closed !!!!   At the player  Limit )

12U ( Little League 13 player cap ( Closed !!!!  At player limit )

15U ( Pony 13 player cap )  ( Closed !!!!  At player limit )

18U ( Sr. Mustangs 15 player cap )

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