Players Must Sign in for Game to Get Game Played

We are at roughly past the halfway point of the season and PTAHL Headquarters is sending out a friendly reminder to all teams and captains that all players must sign in before their game to received a game played for their stats.

This is important because seven regular season games played are required to be eligible for the playoffs and if there is no record of a player signing in for a particular game, then we cannot verify if they played in that particular game or not. A table will be set up in the lobby, or the scoresheet will be located in the main office (formerly the coffee shop) and will be straight ahead after entering Pro Tec Ponds.

Recently Completed Recaps:

Recently updated recaps:

October 11: Hockey Night 4-2 Green Brook Berets MotM: Vinny D'Orio

October 14: Pterodactyls 6-0 Archers MotM: Jeff "Mr." Leidner

October 14: Bulldogs 4-3 Biohazards MotM: George Aller, Joseph Ursino

October 21: Stingrays 4-3 Phantoms MotM: Mike "The Kid" Boscaino

October 25: Team ODIN 3-1 Green Brook Berets MotM: Al Marrone

October 28: Phantoms 3-2 Green Brook Berets (OT) MotM: Phil Meade

November 7: Rink Rats 5-4 Ooff! MotM: Eric Brozek

November 16: Vudoo 9-6 Rink Rats MotM: Tom "Godzilla" Godon, Ray "Ziesse's Peanut Butter Cup" Ziesse

November 18: Brewers 7-2 Pterodactyls MotM: Adam Sklar

November 18: Ooff! 3-2 Sewer Rats MotM: Benny Monasseri, Andrew Ruffino

November 18: Team ODIN 4-3 Stingrays (OT) MotM: Dan Seminara

November 19: Phantoms 3-2 Green Brook Bereets (OT) MotM: Alex Russell, Tony Bucci

November 20: Puck Pimps 6-4 Hooligans MotM: Tarek Bonna

November 25: Phantoms 5-5 Green Brook Berets MotM: Nick Bucci

November 25: Bulldogs 5-2 Storm MotM: David "The Burglar" Robberson, Joseph Ursino

November 26: Team ODIN 4-3 Stingrays (OT) MotM: Taka Okai

November 27: Ooff! 3-2 Biohazards: MotM: Chris Fagan, Dave Nguyen (fill-in goalie)

November 28: Archers 9-1 Vudoo MotM: Dan Seminara, Greg "The Chairman" Chierchie, Mike "The Dachshund" Malarowski

November 29: Flaming Dragon 5-3 Stingrays MotM: Steve "Ozzy" Osvold

December 2: Pterodactyls 4-1 Bulldogs MotM: Jeff Leidner

December 3: Storm 5-2 Biohazards MotM: Patrick Quinn

December 4: Sewer Rats 8-3 Puck Pimps MotM: Eric Vogt, Mat Laskowski

December 5: Ooff! 5-4 Vudoo MotM: Pete Peterson

Any stats corrections, email Brian Rappleyea at

Upcoming Games
Dec 12
Division II
Hooligans @ Vudoo
Dec 13
Division I
Hockey Night @ Green Brook Berets
Dec 14
Division II
Ooff! @ Storm
Dec 16
Division I
Phantoms @ Stingrays
Division II
Brewers @ Sewer Rats
Archers @ Bulldogs
Puck Pimps @ Pterodactyls
Dec 17
Division I
Team ODIN @ Green Brook Berets
Dec 18
Division II
Rink Rats @ Storm
Dec 19
Division II
Hooligans @ Brewers
Dec 20
Division I
Flaming Dragon @ Phantoms
Dec 21
Division II
Biohazards @ Sewer Rats
Dec 27
Division II
Rink Rats @ Bulldogs
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