2012 Season

2012 started off with Die Hard taking first place out of ten teams in the Elgin Early out tourney with a record of 4-1.

Die Hard won the Arlington Heights Tuesday A league with a record of 9-1. Shockers came in 2nd and Ball Hawgs dame in 3rd.
Die Hard came in 2nd in playoffs going 2-1 behind Shockers.

Die Hard won the Arlington Heights Friday A league with a record of 10-0.
Die Hard won Arlington Heights Fri A League playoffs to go 12-0.

Die Hard won 2 out of 3 AH City tourneys held in the summer and came in 3rd in the other, going 2-2, 4-0, and 3-0.

Die Hard finished 5-7 in Tuesday including playoffs, 3rd place in league and playoffs: Shockers, Ballhawgs, Die Hard, Amish Mafia.

Die Hard finished 8-2 in 2nd due to tiebreaker with Siam and won playoffs over Siam to finish 10-2.

Summer Monday: 9-1 1st place league, 1-1 playoffs 4th place
Fall Monday: 1-9 last place, 0-1 playoffs

Summer Wed: 8-2, 2nd place league, 3-0 playoffs 1st place
Fall Wednesday: 7-3, 1st place league, 1-1 playoffs 2nd place

2011 Season

Results for 2011

Tuesdays Regular Season - 3rd place 4-4, Playoffs 1st place 3-0
Fridays Regular Season - 1st place 8-0, Playoffs 1st place 3-0

Monday Regular Season - 2nd place 5-3, Playoffs 2nd place 1-1
Wednesday Regular Season - 1st place 7-1, Playoffs 2nd place 2-1

City Tourney
Tue / Fri - 1st Place, 3rd Place
Mon / Wed - 2nd Place

Fall Results
Sundays Regular Season - 1st Place, 8-2, Playoffs 2nd Place 2-1
Mondays Regular Season - 3rd Place, Playoffs 1st Place
Tuesdays Regular Season - 1st Place 8-2, Playoffs 3rd Place 2-2
Wednesday Regular Season - 1st Place, Playoffs 3rd Place

2010 Summer Season

Summer 2010 regular season results:

Monday - 4-way tie for 2nd best record at 6-4. Went 1-1 in playoffs.
Wednesday - 1st place, 9-1 record. Won the playoffs at 3-0.
Friday - 1st place, 9-1 record. Won the playoffs at 3-0.

Fall results:

Monday - 2nd place, 8-2 record. 2nd in playoffs at 1-1.
Wednesday - 1st place, 8-0 record. 1st in playoffs at 4-1.
Friday - 1st place, 10-0. 1st in playoffs at 1-0.

Overall record - 63 - 11. 0.851%

2009 Summer / Fall Season Over

August 17, 2009
Die Hard finished the summer season. We finished at 5-15 in the Tuesday ISA league which was tied for last.

On Wed we finished tied for 2nd at 7-3 and came in second in the playoffs to go 9-4 overall.

On Friday we finished tied for 2nd at 6-4. We won the playoffs going 3-0 to finish at 9-4.

Overall we were 23 - 24 for the summer.

In the fall we won the Wednesday B league going 7-1. We came in second in the playoffs going 2-2.

On Friday we came in 3rd in the Friday A league at 4-4. We came in second in the playoffs going 1-1.

Overall regular season = 29 - 27
Overall playoff record = 8 - 5
Overall record = 37 - 32 = 0.536

2009 Elgin Early Out Champs !!

Die Hard takes 1st place out of 18 teams in the annual Elgin Early Out tourney held 4/17 & 4/18. We won both games 4/17 and then came back Saturday to take 3 in a row. Great team effort by all.

2008 Season Results

2008 Summer season is almost over. We played in three A leagues on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Tuesday we finished tied for 2nd at 12-8:
Rope Club 13-7 (1-3)
Die Hard 12-8
Amish Mafia 12-8 (1-3)
Wizards 10-10 (1-1)
Softball Junkies 9-11 (4-0)
Demolition 7-13 (1-1)
Brew Dogs 6-14 (4-0)

Playoffs finished 4th at 1-2

Wednesday we finished 4th out of 10 at 6-4
Playoffs next week

Friday we finished 3rd out of 6 at 6-4
Playoffs tomorrow

Regular season 24 - 16 (.600 W%)

2008 Season Started

We started the season with a tourney in Elgin on the weekend of 4/19. We finished up at 3-2 and came in 5th out of 16 teams. Not bad considering we had no practices before hand.

Die Hard/Razors is playing three A leagues at Melas Park. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

2007 Season

May 12, 2007
In 2007 Die Hard played three A leagues at Arlington Heights.

- We started out at 3-1 on Mondays but stunk up the joint for the rest of the season and finished 4-8, 5th place.
- Wednesdays we finished in second place at 7-5 and came in second in the playoffs.
- Fridays we fininshed at 9-3 to take first place. We came in second in the playoffs.

Overall summer record:
- 20 wins
- 16 losses

Fall Record:
Monday 6-6, 4th place (out of 7)
Wednesday 9-1, 1st place (out of 7)
Friday 7-5, 3rd place (out of 6)
Overall Record 22-12

2007 Record = 42-28, .600 Winning %

We played a tuneup tourney at Streawood on May 5th. Despite having only 9 guys for game 1 and losing another teammate to a bad injury we came in 2nd out of 7 teams. Game 1 we lost 11-7 to Assault. Game 2, 3, and 4 we won to force a game again vs Assault. We beat them 14-13 to force the "IF" game. We lost the championship 13-11. HR leaders for the day were Eric with 4, Larry with 3 and Dave T with 1.

2006 Season

2006 had some good points and some disappointing ones too. We finished as follows:

Monday - 5-7 (3rd of 5)
Wednesday - 4-8 (3rd of 5)
Thursday - 4-8 (3rd of 4)

Monday - 3-4 (4th of 5)
Wednesday - 5-7 (4th of 5)
Friday - 10-2 (1st of 5)

Record vs A teams: Squeeze (3-1), Hitmen (2-1), Diamond Cutters (4-2), Rope Club (4-6), Throwin Leather (3-5), Shockers (2-7), Canadian Club (1-3), Scrap (1-4), Players Inc (1-5).

ISA C/D April at Melas: 0-2
ISA D at Melas (June): 3-2 (2nd place)
ISA C State at Melas (July): 1-2

Timmy's Kingsmen Tourney as Willow Creek team: 1st place

Slogan for 2007.........Let's Get Serious

2005 Fall League Record

October 20, 2007
Die Hard finished up in 3rd place on Monday at 6-4. We didn't fare well in the playoffs going 2-3. Our offense was out of sync and we didn't hit well as a team in the playoffs.

We finished up at 5-5 on Wednesday in the regular season. We went 0-3 in the playoffs losing 2 close games by a run each. We lost some of the focus and energy that we had earlier in the year.

Overall we went 19-13 in three regular season A leagues at Melas for 2005. We finished 2-7 in the playoffs at Melas for the year.

October 21, 2005
Buffalo Wild Wings has been generous in sponsoring us since 2007. Its a great place to eat and watch a game. Thanks to BWW for their continued support!

2005 Record

July 20, 2005
Die Hard finished 2nd in the summer ISA A league at Melas Park. Standings as follows:
1) Rope Club 9-3
2) Die Hard 8-4 (won tie-breaker over PI, 2-1)
3) Players Inc 8-4
4) Voodoo Lounge 7-5
5) Lightweights 3-9
6) Joe's on Weed Street 1-11

vs. Lightweights 3-0, vs. Joe's 2-0, vs. Players Inc 2-1, vs. Canadian Club 1-1, vs. Rope Club 0-2

Fall Ball Mondays
3rd Place of 6
vs. Shockers 3-0, vs. Throwin' Leather 2-0, vs. Bombers 1-1, vs. Round Third 1-1, Scrap 0-2

Fall Ball Wednesdays
2nd out of 6
vs. Creative Design 2-0, vs. Diamond Cutters 2-0, vs. Players Inc 1-1, vs. Wizards 0-2, vs. Rope Club 0-2

Die Hard participated in a tourney on 7/16. We lost to Primetime 18-8 in game 1. Game 2 we beat Throwing Leather 13-6 and then game 3 we lost to Hooded Frogs 16-6. It was disappointing but we played some tough teams. We finished 4th out of 6. Top hitters for the tourney: Tom "Soup" Campbell 4-4, Eric Ostberg 7-8, Joe Frieburger 5-7, Mike Gomez 6-10, Tim Pignato 5-9.

Yippee-ki-yay *********!!!

November 19, 2004
2004 was a successful season for Die Hard. We finished 12-0 in the Schaumburg summer league and then followed that up with a 11-0 record in the fall on Thursdays. Some of us played on Lionheart in the fall which went undefeated with a record of 10-0. Many of us played Friday nights in Arlington where we went 15-1.

We only played in two tourneys. We came in 2nd (3-2) at the ASA D NIT in Itasca and we went 0-2 in the ASA State Metro. If we are going to do better we'll need a bigger commitment to tourney ball.

Next year we will shoot for Arlington Heights on either Tue or Wed A league. Should be better competition and fun.

We'd like to thank our sponsor Damon's Grill located at 1140 East Higgins Road in Schaumburg. If you haven't gone there yet, do so. They have great food and an awesome atmosphere! Tell em' Die Hard sent you.

August 13, 2004
Die Hard played in the Chicago ASA D Metro last weekend and did not fare well. Game 1 we lost to Pla Ball by the score of 11-9. We showed no energy, no life and played like we were going through the motions. Game 2, we lost to Caps/Fury 15-10. Same story. No passion or energy and that came through in our defense and lack of timely hitting.

2nd Place at ASA Itasca Tourney

July 13, 2004
Die Hard participated in the Itasca ASA D NIT 7/10/04. Die Hard opened up play with a 13-12 loss to Chasing 11. Die Hard jumped ahead with a 7 run first inning but stopped hitting after that. Die Hard was ahead the whole game and failed to hold two leads to Chaisng 11 who won in the 8th inning. Next up Die Hard defeated CapsFury 7-2. In the next game DH defeated Stallions 16-1. Next up was Pla Ball and DH won 22-1. DH faced Buzz as the final two teams. DH was ahead 11-10 after batting in the 5th but ran out of gas and failed to hold the lead and lost 18-11. Overall it was a good tourney considering the disappointing 1st game loss. Special thanks to our buddies from Scrap that played with us in the tourney. They all played awesome.

Hitting leaders were:

Desi 10/17
Eric 11/19 HR
Brett 11/19
Rick 12/21 HR
Louey 10/18
Larry 9/17
Mike 11/21
Mags 11/22
Duane 7/17 HR
Bruce 8/20 HR
Steve 3/4

Schaumburg Summer Champions !

July 8, 2004
Die Hard completed an undefeated season by going 10-0 in the regular season on Wed at Schaumburg and then taking the playoffs by winning both games. Final record 12-0. Way to go guys!! Die Hard won a tough game over the Cougars 10-8 in round one of the playoffs. In the championship the Ice House Dogs were up a few runs most of the game. Then Die Hard came back with 6 in the 5th and 3 in the 6th to take a 13-12 lead going into the 7th. The visiting Die Hard put up a 13 run 7th including 9 with 2 outs to take the game by a score of 26-12.

Die Hard will be playing on Thursday in the fall league.