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A Message From Coach DeFendis
The player is Number 1 at the Richmond County Baseball Club.
We are committed to any player that becomes a member of RCBC.  The goal is to see your son progress to the next level, whether it be on his high school baseball team or on a college roster.   A number of RCBC players even move on to the Pro level, including one who made his Major League debut in 2017, Zack Granite. 
RCBC offers a variety of ways to develop our players:
  • Our coaches establish a fine player-coach relationship along with a partnership with his family
  • The Richmond County Youth Complex, complete with 5 well manicured fields, 4 batting cages, 4 bullpens and a player-friendly clubhouse, allows our players the finest opportunity to develop their baseball skills
  • The RCYC Pressbox offers a convenient and comfortable place for college coaches and pro scouts to evaluate and recruit our players for the next level
  • Richmond County teams travel to tournaments at Perfect Game, Diamond Nation and the Marucci World Series, while competing at home at the very competitive RCBC tournaments
  • RCBC is proud of its pre-high school teams whose players have distinguished themselves in tournaments at the complex and in numerous other states!
  • RCBC coaches work tirelessly to fully prepare its young players for successful high school careers

RCBC is proud of its accomplishments since being formed in 2004.  Players in our organization have fun and develop their baseball skills.  Our coaches are dedicated!  Our players are number 1!

If you are interested in joining or finding out more about Richmond County Baseball, click on the attached link and enter your contact information.



Richmond County Baseball is committed to bringing quality professional instruction and advisement to baseball players of all ages. We boast the highest level of instruction for every aspect of the game, from basic skills such as hitting and pitching, to physical conditioning, vision training, and college and professional advisement. Richmond County Baseball offers the most experienced and credentialed staff.

Our mission at Richmond County Baseball is to provide committed athletes with a motivating and positive atmosphere to increase athletic confidence and capacity. Through participation in Richmond County Baseball programs, each athlete will develop the physical skills and mental edge they desire for success in sports and in life.



The following RCBC players have gone on to play baseball at the collegiate level


RCBC Player High School College Drafted By MLB Team
Matt Abromowitz Staten Island Tech Adelphi University  
Matthew Albert Moore Catholic Mount St Vincent  
Alex Amadeo St Joseph By The Sea Wagner College  
Joseph Amato Monsignor Farrell Rockland Community College  
Taylor Bargiacchi Northern Highlands Dowling State  
Frank Baldini Old Bridge Ramapo College  
Ryan Bartley Tottenville Montclair State University  
Anthony Battaglia St Joseph By The Sea Wagner College  
Jamie Bavaro St Joseph By The Sea Desales University  
Nolan Becker Stuyvesant Yale Cinncinati Reds
Michael Bennett Monsignor Farrell Fairfield University  
John Michael Bini Xaverian Grove City College  
Seth Boyd Perth Amboy Wagner College  
Jimmy Brennan Suffern St Johns University Detroit Tigers
Eddie Brown St Joseph Metuchen Wagner College  
Anthony Carnacchio Archbishop Molloy Concordia  
Matt Cassello Monsignor Farrell Queens College  
Lee Cavico Bishop Arch Kean University  
Sam Cerbo Don Bosco University of Delaware  
Paul Ciacazzo St Peters Ramapo College  
Chris Ciancimimo Tottenville FDU Madison  
Michael Ciancio Moore Catholic College of Staten Island  
Nick Ciardello St Joseph Metuchen Holy Cross  
Andrew Cimmino St Joseph By The Sea Brookdale Junior College  
Chris Cirlincione Monroe Township Sienna University  
Alex Clemente Poly Prep Muhlenberg College  
Steven Collica Moore Catholic College of Staten Island  
Alfonce Comello Xaverian Brookdale Junior College  
Joe Conforti Monsignor Farrell Wagner College  
Shamus Connolly Xaverian Wagner College  
Andrew Cordero Moore Catholic Molloy College  
Vincent Criscuolo Moore Catholic College of Staten Island  
Michael Crocco Moore Catholic College of Staten Island  
Richard Curylo Monsignor Farrell Marist  
Rob Dadona Tottenville Seton Hall  
Nicholas Dedato New Dorp College of Staten Island  
Matt DePaolo CBA LaSalle University  
Michael DePaolo Monsignor Farrell LaSalle University  
Rick Devito St Joseph By The Sea Seton Hall  
Chris DiDomenico Moore Catholic FDU Madison  
Dan DiGeorgio Tottenville Rutgers University  
Nick Dileo Xavier St Johns University  
Harper di Liberto-Bell Beacon Clark University  
Frank Dimassi Moore Catholic Long Island University  
Greg Dorfman Midwood Delaware State University  
Frank Esposito Monsignor Farrell Seton Hall  
Christian Falcone St Joseph By The Sea Felician College  
Miles Feaster Lacey Township Montclair State University  
Vincent Ferrigno Marlboro Fairleigh Dickinson   
Micahel Fidanza St Joseph By The Sea Kean University  
Mike Flynn Monsignor Farrell Ramapo College  
Chucky Fontana Monsignor Farrell Molloy College  
JJ Franco Poly Prep Brown University NY Mets/Atlanta Braves
James Friel Poly Prep Trinity College  
Rosario Gaggi St Joseph By The Sea St Thomas Aquinas  
Vincent Garcia St Joseph By The Sea Pace University  
Vincent Garvey St Edmunds Molloy College  
Kevin Galyas St Joseph By The Sea FDU Madison  
Joe Gelso Monsignor Farrell St Josephs College  
Donald Geloso Monsignor Farrell Fitchburg State  
Chris Getz Moore Catholic St Thomas Aquinas  
Anthony Giakas Tottenville Rockland Community College  
John Giakas Tottenville Fairleigh Dickinson  
Michael Giaramita Staten Island Tech Wagner College  
Nick Gonchar St Joseph By The Sea Molloy College  
Zack Granite Tottenville Seton Hall Minnesota Twins
Morgan Gray Poly Prep Brown University  
Timothy Greig Xaverian Molloy College  
Jordan Gross Don Bosco Tulane University Boston Red Sox
Zach Gross Don Bosco Lafayette  
Marc Guglielmo Moore Catholic LIU Post  
Anthony Hajjar Xaverian Fairfield University  
Nick Hanrahan Tottenville Brookdale Junior College  
Liam Harding St. Peters Rider University  
Kevin Heller Poly Prep Amhurst University Boston Red Sox
Christopher Hess St Joseph By The Sea Kean University  
Ryan Hicks St Joseph By The Sea St Thomas Aquinas  
Sean Hille St Joseph Metuchen Montclair State University  
Craig Hughes Wall Township St Peters College  
Eric Kalman Xaverian George Washington University  
Tom Kane Tottenville Gloucester CC/Lynn University  
Anthony Kline Seton Hall Prep US Naval Academy  
Brandon Krol Scholars Academy Lynn University  
Steve Kuhn Tottenville Adelphi University  
Bobby Lanigan Moore Catholic Adelphi University Minnesota Twins
Joseph LaTona Moore Catholic Rockland Community College  
Webber Lawrence Poly Prep New York University  
Nicholas LePre Monsignor Farrell Wagner College  
Matt Levy Tottenville Montclair State University  
Will Lonergan Moore Catholic Felician University  
Cameron Love Monsignor Farrell Rutgers University (verbal)  
Robert Maguire Xavier Sacred Heart University  
Sean Malamud Wagner Concordia  
Lou Mandia St Joseph By The Sea Ramapo College  
Louis Mandile Xaverian Pace University  
Matthew McCarthy Monsignor Farrell Ramapo College  
James McCool Xavier Lafayette  
James McDonough Berkeley Carroll Trinity College  
Dillon McNamara Moore Catholic Adelphi University NY Yankees
Anthony Mecca St Peters Mount St Vincent  
Ed Medina Xaverian St Johns University  
Thomas Medina Monsignor Farrell Queens College  
James Meindl Old Bridge Sienna University  
Nick Meola Xaverian Queens College  
Tom Midola Xaverian Pace University  
James Moran Xavier St Josephs College  
Christopher Morton Moore Catholic SUNY Alfred State  
Frank Muraca St Joseph By The Sea St Thomas Aquinas  
Angelo Navetta St Joseph By The Sea Molloy College  
Matt Nesensohn Monsignor Farrell Mount St Vincent  
Christopher Nierva Xaverian St Josephs College  
Jaden Ojeda Moore Catholic St Peters College  
Justin Olsen Westfield Rutgers University  
Tim O'Sullivan Don Bosco Quinnipiac  
Gary Otten Monsignor Farrell The College of New Jersey  
Jonathan Pappanicholas Xavier Fordham University  
Christopher Parrinello Tottenville Rockland Community College  
Stewart Park Xaverian MIT  
Andrew Passarelli Sparta Iona University  
Nick Pavia St Joseph By The Sea Wagner College  
Kevin Payne St Peters Wagner College  
Michael Perham St. Peters Mount St Vincent  
Sal Persico Tottenville Adelphi University  
Paul Piccolino Monsignor Farrell Pace University  
AJ Pirozzi Monsignor Farrell Wagner College  
Matt Ponsiglione  St Joseph By The Sea Seton Hall  
Anthony Prato  Poly Prep University of Connecticut  
Nick Pucciarelli Monsignor Farrell St Thomas Aquinas  
Michael Rapaglia St Joseph By The Sea Farleigh Dickinson   
Ryan Rechten West Essex Muhlenberg College  
Kevin Reed Tottenville St Josephs College  
David Rees Xavier Wagner College  
Steven Riveria Monsignor Farrell St Johns University  
Anthony Rupp Wagner Long Island University  
Keith Rush Milburn University of Pennsylvania  
Phil Russo St Joseph By The Sea Maritime College  
Dan Ryan Xaverian Fairfield University  
Joe Santigate St Joseph By The Sea Wheaton College  
Tyler Sciacca Monsignor Farrell Villanova Chicago Cubs
Nicholas Scala Moore Catholic SUNY Alfred State  
Michael Scarsella Wagner SUNY Sullivan  
Anthony Scotti Xaverian Seton Hall  
Joe Sessa Tottenville Iona University  
Thomas Sheridan New Dorp Stevens Institute of Technology  
Anthony Sigismondi Xaverian Pace University  
Allen Smieya Wagner College of Staten Island  
Gustavo Sosa Moore Catholic Rutgers University (verbal)  
Ben Stoopack Inst For Collaborative Ed Dickinson College  
Taylor Sutton Montclair Muhlenberg College  
Troy Sutton Newark Academy Rutgers University  
Joe Tagliarini St John Vianney Misericordia  
Greg Tauriello Tottenville Brookdale Junior College  
Nicholas Terzulli Xaverian Mount St Marys  
Nick Thorgersen Monsignor Farrell Rockland Community College  
Gerard Tingos Moore Catholic Long Island University  
Carlos Torres Perkiomen School Lehigh University  
Lukas Torres Barnegat Wagner College  
Sal Trancucci Staten Island Academy Roanoke College  
Joe Trezza Susan Wagner Long Island University  
Ralph Tufano St Joseph By The Sea Dowling State  
Steven Twohig Xaverian Fairleigh Dickinson   
Thomas Visciano Monsignor Farrell Seton Hall  
Chris Villa St Joseph By The Sea Seton Hall  
Vincent Vitacco Monsignor Farrell Rider University  
Liam Vogt St Joseph By The Sea Monmouth  
Kevin Walters Susan Wagner SUNY-Oneonta  
Henry Warner Seton Hall Prep Seton Hall  
Andrew Walsh Curtis Long Island University  
JR Weidmyer Monsignor Farrell Montclair State University  
Steve Withers St Joseph By The Sea Adelphi University  
Vincent Zappulla Monsignor Farrell Merrimack College  
Travis Zurita Poly Prep Maritime College  



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