New information for the 2018-2019 season.  Please take the time to read through the new Parent & Player Handbook which can be found on the Forms tab under Handouts.  

Please reach out if you have any questions or need further information. 
Columbine Boys Lacrosse Board

All 2018-19 players need to fill out the player intake form.

Filling out the form linked below will help us have a complete program roster and plan for various events and activities throughout the off-season and into the spring. Please make sure that every player has completed the form and pass on the link to anyone you know who is playing who may not have received the link. 

Thank you for taking the 5 minutes to fill this out!

Summer Information

Hello Rebels!


Thank you again for a terrific 2017-18 season. The enormous amount of success we earned at all levels would not have been possible with the support of our parents, friends, coaches, and the hard work of our thank you all! My keyword for this off-season is “streamline” as we work to try to improve and make things simpler for families and players as well as most cost-efficient. Some things that will hopefully help with that are plans to keep the majority of the required gear the same so returning players aren’t required to get a whole new set up, and we have some other things in the works to ensure we have a great experience, high-quality product on the field, and more at a cost that is manageable for all families. Much of our training will be done in-house, as opposed to outside trainers, to ensure lower costs as well as flexibility to have a schedule that works for our players. We will be rolling out a lifting program for our team that will be focused on long-term training beginning mid-June. This email is a little long but the hope is that it can serve as a guide to the summer.


2018-19 Outlook - While we graduated an awesome and talented 2018 class, we have more than enough talent and great kids ready to step up next and to keep this thing going. While we will continue our commitment developing skills, this offseason will see a heavier emphasis on the weight room. In order for our team to continue being successful, we need to be able to match the size, speed, and strength of other top programs...additionally, I know that athleticism and strength is also one of the main things college recruiters are looking for. I was lost in the weight room as an underclassman and was uncomfortable and nervous to get started like I am sure many current players are but it is important that we create a culture that is supportive of athletes at different levels so we can be elite players. I want to emphasize the competitive importance of our off-season strength programming, but even more so I want to emphasize how important it is for personal performance and injury prevention...There is so much research out there to support the link between weightlifting and injury prevention.


Strength Training - To kick off this commitment to the weight room, we are attempting to reduce costs and other logistics by working more closely with the football program who has had an enormous amount of success in large part to their strength program. I will be working with the football staff in running the Columbine Speed and Weights program. While I understand that summer is a crazy time, I want to emphasize the importance of us getting as many of our athletes OF ALL LEVELS to this training program as possible. Even if you may miss one or two, this is a great way for veteran athletes to join our captains and other players in preparing for next year or for athletes newer to weight training to get familiar with the weight room and build some good foundations for strength training. At $125 (all of which goes back into various school programs, not private training companies), it’s a great deal and ends up being about $8 per session(about 2 hours), which is a great deal considering many outside trainers are $10-15 per hour. Please see the attached information/registration flyer below and Coach Ortiz and I look forward to seeing a bunch of lacrosse players out there (on top of our 20+ lax/football guys already doing it!).



Lakewood Summer League - We are entering a “Rising” team into the Lakewood summer league coached mostly by Coach Hartman and me. This is a great opportunity for returning JV/L3 players to continue their growth as well as for incoming freshmen to get familiar with the program and their coaches. The schedule has not been finalized yet but games are every Tuesday (except July 3rd), with game start times being 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, or 7pm. The league kicks off on Tuesday June 5th (I will get the schedule out as soon as I have it). Below is the roster I have put together based on responses and communication I have received, but I know a few people who are doing it aren’t on this list...if you are not listed below and want to play, email me at


Elite Level

IATS  (International Aviation Training & Services)


Silver Level

Just for Paws

South Jeffco Sports Association

Tracey Chizlett, Brokers Guild Cherry Creek

 The Grossman Family in memory of Leo Goldburg 


Bronze Level

DocSpitz Performance Clilnic