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Mission Statement

R.F.L. 8-Man Flag Football League was founded in 2000 by current league director, Troy Reed. The league is dedicated to working with both youth and adults together while playing the recreational sport of flag football. We believe that we can make an impact in the community by empowering individuals from all economic backgrounds and ages to work together as a team, persevere despite strong opponents, and develop strong social skills that promote good sportsmanship.

R.F.L.8 -Man Flag Football Anounces New Hall Of Fame Members

May 29, 2015 – 03:00 PM

2015 R.F.L.8-Man Hall of Fame Newest Members Announced:

Bobby Smith, Donnie Climer, Chavis Tillman, Richard Jamison, Tim Miller, Matt Miller, Marqus Grooms, Richard "Dick" Sizzle.

R.F.L. 8-Man Flag Football Field Layout Picture

R.F.L. 8-Man Flag Football Roster Form

R.F.L. 8-Man Flag Football Release Form

R.F.L. 8-Man Flag Football Minor Release Form

R.F.L. 8-Man Flag Football Code Of Conduct Form

R.F.L. 5-Man Flag Football Rules

R.F.L. 8-Man Flag Football Rules

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Grove City Roosters Our Place To Hang Out After Games


Stop in at Grove City Roosters each Thursday Night, Saturday Afternoon, and  Suday after the games and get 20% off your order by wearing your jersey or displaying your Team/League Id Card to have yourself recognized as a member of R.F.L.8-Man Flag Football League. Come be part of all the fun each Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
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Get 10% off your dine in purchase on non playing days or night. The food and atmosphere speak for itself.

Grove City Roosters
1650 Stringtown Road
Grove City, OH 43123

To View R.F.L.8-Man 8 on 8 Competitive Flag Football Rulebook Click Here