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Ridgeland High School

Baseball 2019


Grade             Name 


12th                  Gabe Ashley

12th                  Seth Pitts

12th                  Tyler Crawford

12th                  Ryan Frost

12th                  DJ Ball

12th                  Josh Whitefield

12th                  Timothy Hollister

12th                  Tanner Hill

12th                  Shawn Wilson Jr.


11th                  Terrance Roberts

11th                  Lane Johnson

11th                  Drew Meade

11th                 Braden Long

11th                  Damon Goins


10th                  Robert Jent

10th                  Chandler Goodwin

10th                  Nolan Hughley

10th                  Isaac Pitts


9th                    Bryan Kendrick

9th                    Chris Maddeaux

9th                    Dyllan Curtis

9th                    Jonathan Woodall

9th                    Jeb Broome

9th                    Jacob Klein

9th                    Jameson Vickory




The Ballpark at Ridgeland

Chattanooga Valley Middle School

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