Boy's Team Store


Below is the link to the team store:


     Couple of things to note, the gray scrimmage t-shirt is what we would like you to purchase now for the season.  Anything else is optional.  The store will be "open" again at the beginning of March for tryouts, but understand that it takes until mid April to get anything you ordered, however you will have that option.  If you have financial issues regarding paying for the scrimmage t-shirt, please talk to myself or contact Mr. Levy and we will figure it out. 

     When you order, or your parents order, YOU NEED TO CHOOSE GROUP PICK UP OPTION, NOT DELIVERY!  You will be charged just to change this if you enter it incorrectly.  Please make sure your parents know this since most of them will be doing the ordering.


The store will be closed after January 27th, so you need to order by then.


Girls 2018 Season Calendar

2018 Girls Game & Scrimmage Schedule

Click here for the 2018 girl's schedule.  We will be adding games, tournaments and scrimmages.  The schedule is subject to change.


What is Mental Toughness and How to Develop It?

Open Mental Toughness:
One of the important attributes of all volleyball players is mental toughness. This article is required reading for all players.