• Good luck to all River Valley Teams!
  • Have a Fun 2018 Season!

Rule Clarification

If a game is approaching the time limit and the umpire declares "last inning", that inning will be the unlimited runs inning.  For example, Mustang plays 6 inning games but the ump declares the 5th inning as the last inning due to the time limit.  That 5th inning would now be the unlimited run inning.  THIS RULE WILL BE USED IN THE END-OF-SEASON TOURNAMENT, EXCPET FOR THE 3RD PLACE AND CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES WHERE THERE WILL BE NO TIME LIMIT.

2018 Bat Rules

Youth Baseball Bat rules for 2018 are as follows:

**Bat with USABat stamp on taper of the handle (new)  OR,

**Bat with USSSA BPF 1.15 stamp on taper of the handle

**There is no length/weight drop limit

**No barrel sizes larger than 2-5/8" are allowed

**If using a drop 3 (-3), it must be labeled with the BBCOR sticker

**If using a wood bat, there are no restrictions

2018 RV Game Rules per Division

For 2018 game rules, click on "forms"/"handouts" at the top of this website then click on desired division rules.

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